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  1. RIP Chester Bennington.

    Condolences to the family and friends of Linkin park lead singer Chester Bennington who died today Very sad news.
  2. Jon Toral

    Read on a google search that a fee has been agreed. Was on something called FL72. Am I to assume this is one of those sites that has a lot of scorn poured over it?
  3. Sandro Semedo

    Completely agree DEL. At 20 years old I would hope he'll be pushing for a starting berth. Perhaps not straight away as he'll need a bit of time to adjust to the pace and physicality. But even so the only way he gets that experience is game time. We've signed a lot of players with the idea of them going into the under 23 squad and don't recall many having broken through and established themselves in the first team. If any to be honest.
  4. Boxing Thread

    Couldn't agree with you more. Went to Manchester on numerous occasions to see Hatton, calzaghe amongst others and even though we were there to support the Brit fighters there was a real unpleasant feel to things every time. Culminated one event in a brawl in one of the exec boxes that some lass from atomic kitten hired for the night. Then another time a massive fight in the car park between manchester and liverpool lads. That ended up with several cars getting smashed up. The fights are a good night but its controlled violence which appeals to some unsavory folk. Lob in copious amounts of booze and a local lad getting beat in a match and the atmosphere can change in an instant.
  5. Tom Lawrence

    Now with the amount of times you dig Nick Blackman in the ribs you're either just trying to wind everyone up or you have a very unhealthy hatred of someone. If the former..... You've achieved your goal. If the latter.....then possibly you need to have a look at what is driving you to beat on this lad in such a way. But no matter what your agenda may be, personally I think its time you let go of the Nick Blackman topic for a bit. Now I've seen that you are an avid rams fans and quite prolific poster on this forum but its wearing a tad thin. Please understand its nothing personal against you, but enough now matey.
  6. Title contenders??

    With terry villa are gonna be very strong. We need a settled 11 that get off to a good start to get close to where we want to be. Think we need a bit more in attack including from the misfield and out wide to really give it a good go this time out. Plus most importantly we need to win most of, if not all, our home games.
  7. Tom Lawrence

    September? Lenient!
  8. Keogh

    Its very strange how all of the incidents that have blighted our side the last few years have been mostly laid at the doors of martin Keogh and even Ince. All due to in some part or other bad attitudes or not quite being good enough. Ince has just signed up for a premier league club, Martin was subject to a 9million deal last season and Keogh appears to be in demand again this window. The managers looking at these three must be mad. Not like any of them have won promotion at all or even the FA cup!
  9. Signed: Tom Huddlestone 2 year deal

    Remember him playing as a central defender against Crewe. They had a big centre forward who took Huddlestone to school that day. Dean Ashton. Classy player. Pity injury cut his career short. Think I recall murdo mcloed banging on about how Huddlestone was probably gonna end up as a defender. Proves what a A hole he was. That time was tough being a Rams fan. Those shiisters pillaged our club.
  10. Keogh

    Please understand Richard Keogh isn't one of the best centre halves I've seen in a Derby shirt. For me its just the way he has conducted himself and been a leader. Plus two time player of the year. Bobby Davison was never the best striker but he too has some form of legendary status. Of course Keogh doesn't come close to Big boy Roy, Colin Todd, Mark Wright just to name a few. But he has still carved a niche in the clubs history.
  11. Signed: Tom Huddlestone 2 year deal

    No denying George Thorne is the best midfielder in the league. Arguably the best player in the league. But his injuries are stacking up. No one can say that big Tom can't play. He can get on the ball and move it around quickly with precision.
  12. Keogh

    I dont care who's wages Wednesday can afford or if they were signing Claude Greengrass. So long as by the time this window is slammed shut we still pay Richard Keogh his wages and he is in the glorious black and white of Derby County. He has been the heart beat of this side and kept his performances, dignity and desire to be a leader at full speed despite constant manager changes and abuse from fans. Our captain and our leader and needs to stay a ram. Will go down as a club legend just for his commitment to the Rams alone.
  13. Jota

    Don't worry I already have!
  14. Tom Lawrence

    I'm off to work but I'd just like to say thank you to foxes fan for popping and saying hello. Also thank you for conducting yourself in a pleasant manner. All silly football rivalries aside I hope you have a great season and year you won the title was incredible and gives a tiny bit of hope to others that something completely unexpected and fantastic can happen to anyone at anytime. Personally I love it when Leicester forest and our beloved Rams are all in the same league as the match day atmosphere can be electric. When it happens again which I pray is soon, for 90mins I'll despise the Foxes but after the final whistle I'll make sure I look to see how you've gone on in your next match. All the best
  15. Jota

    Absolute brillant. Get one of him in gola trainers and I'm getting his name on my shirt

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