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  1. I'm not arguing with you, Mostyn. Lionel Messi was just an example. If it doesn't work for you then I'm sorry. The game is dominated by greed. End of.
  2. You miss the point entirely.... but never mind. The point remains that the game is dominated by greed. Like I said he could certainly afford to play for nothing for the rest of his career. Whether he would or could is I agree, doubtful.
  3. I became disillusioned with the professional game almost 20 years ago now. For me it was spoilt by greed and the increasing financial domination of the so-called big six. I follow the Rams now out of habit more than anything else. The best example I can give you of why I became disillusioned is a recent one. It can be defined by two words. Lionel Messi. Cries crocodile tears at a press conference because his current club can't afford to pay him 50 squillion euros a year to add to his already vast fortune which must be bigger than a third world debt. He he really wanted to play then he could afford to do so for nothing for the rest of his career. I had a DCFC season ticket from the early sixties in the days of Tim Ward up to 2006 when I retired. I stopped buying a ST then and never had one since, being unable to justify the silly amount it now costs. Other team - well I've watched Belper Town for a long time now and have a Concessionary Season Ticket for the princely sum of £65 a year, full price being is a bit more. For that I get a friendly club where they seemingly know everyone by their first name, a really good standard of football, a pleasant social club and some of the best match food available anywhere at VERY cheap prices. If Belper are playing too far away for me to travel, I go the Matlock Town, Alfreton Town, Heanor Town or Mickleover Sports. I enjoy my football now far more then I ever did when I was watching the Rams, especially latterly. Bill
  4. Well Burton Albion, I think. He was certainly on their bench in coaching capacity on Tuesday night last when a Burton Albion XI (mainly youth players) played Belper Town in a friendly. At half-time he opened Belper's new 4G training facility too. I might have been wrong but I'm sure I saw Eric Steele in the crowd too... Bill (Season ticket holder at Belper Town...)
  5. Bill Curry

    Jack Parry.

    The name probably only means something to Rams fans of my vintage. He was the Rams captain when I first started going to the BBG around 1961 and played what was then called wing-half (No 4) having started out as inside forward (No.8). He was that very unusual species - a one club man and I'm sorry to se him suffering from that dreadful scourge of dementia. He was the epitome of the Rams in that era - solid and unspectacular just like his team mates Geoff Barrowcliffe, Ray Young, Tony Conwell et al. Very sad situation for him and his family. https://www.derbytelegraph.co.uk/news/nostalgia/battling-ex-Derby-county-star-5607389 One of the greatest characters and finest players in Derby County’s history celebrates his 90th birthday later this month, in a care home where he suffers from dementia. Former striker Jack Parry can remember many of his ex-teammates from the 1950s - but often cannnot recognise his own son. Adored by his family and Rams fans fortunate enough to have seen him play, Jack began his Derby County career in the days of Raich Carter and Billy Steel. A measure of his longevity as a player was that he ended it when Kevin Hector was starring. By then he had amassed 517 first-team appearances – only one of them as a substitute – and had broken the club record for League appearances and scored 110 goals. Jack was a one-club man who gave the Rams 20 years’ loyal years. Over 500 games, half of them slogging through the ankle-deep mud of the Baseball Ground, is testament to that. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Bill
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