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  1. Another signing to be announced tomorrow, apparently.. V
  2. OK chaps, getting bored with this now. Come on Mel, announce Gareth Bale then we know you're serious...
  3. Anya has joined the squad in Florida... https://www.derbytelegraph.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/ikechi-anya-joins-up-Derby-3070099
  4. I don't think many are surprised that he's gone - we all knew that would happen sooner or later. Its the manner in which it was done that rankles - with me anyway.
  5. For me, anyway Lampard & Morris have lost all credibility. Whilst I didn't expect that of them, the fact that Chelsea and Abramovich are treating us like poo is to be expected. Lampard's total silence speaks volumes for me. I sure he has a PR agency pulling his strings who have told him to keep his mouth shut because they know the fallout from this would damage his squeaky clean image. For everyone's sake I wish he would just leave now - I for one have had enough of this charade and I suspect most other people have too. I certainly don't want him and his team here next season.
  6. Hi all, Let me tell you something... I've been watching the Rams since 1959 - I have huge affection for the club but football has ceased to interest me. The total lack of respect within the game has now reached the tipping point as far as I'm concerned. The Newcastle saga with Mac, the Stoke saga with Rowett and now this. Chelsea have no respect for anyone but themselves and Frank doesn't either. His silence says it all for me. No, I'm not talking about loyalty, these days, loyalty depends solely on the size of the paycheck. I'm talking about respect, pure and simple. Chelsea doesn't respect us, Frank's silence shows that he doesn't respect us and the media - I can't think of words to describe the media frenzy over this. Frank has lost all credibility and should walk out now, or Mel should sack him. Bill
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