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  1. But they have the right to seek legal action against the EFL for not imposing those sanctions retrospectively from what the news suggested previously.
  2. The worrying thing for me is, if we're appealing and it's taking such a long time, no-one is going to want to sign for us because they don't know which league we'll be in next season. Why has it taken over 2 years to get to this position?
  3. I've read it that the £100k is the agreed sanction, pending our resubmission of our accounts; but both Derby and Wycome have the right to appeal the decision. If Wycome win their appeal then a points deduction could be applied retrospectively which would then see us relegated, but for now, this is the only action to be taken.
  4. https://www.efl.com/news/2021/june/-Derby-county/ Looks like a £100k fine and no points deduction! I'd say that's a win!
  5. https://www.google.com/amp/s/thisisfutbol.com/2021/04/blogs/championship/Derby-county/Derby-county-kieran-maguire-takeover/amp/ not sure on the reliability of this and not sure if someone else has already posted it, but seems the two people who are mentioned have about £3bn to play with. One of them formerly part owned Inter Milan and DC United (Rooney's former club) which is interesting.
  6. I think I've figured it out! Simon Jordan said that he's heard it from a very very very very good source that Alonso is the real deal and has loads of money backing him so maybe he personally knows one of the financial backers? Simon Jordan once bought a car from the Sultan of Brunei who we know has an invested interest in football owning the only professional football club in Brunei (Duli Pengiran Muda Mahkota Football Club). His Grandson (Faiq Bolkiah) used to play for Leicester City so he has an affinity with the East Midlands. Maybe he wants to invest in a British team in the East Midlands? Maybe that's Simon Jordan's source?😎
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