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  1. Cocu’s post game interview seems to have given some confirmation to previous insight. He's seems to like a 4-2-3-1 with a target man, both something Wags and Martin can play. Have a feeling that's going to be our main one this year with 4-3-3 as plan B. Interesting that he's already picked up on the change in role for Marriott to play as a number 10. With the players we've got a 4-2-3-1 would certainly suit the current squad.
  2. 4-2-3-1? Thorne and Hudds holding Whittaker Left, Bennett right and Martin/Marriott down the middle. Bateman RB and Lowe LB with Mcdonald at CB?
  3. Normally I'd agree about bringing old heads to the club. But we've lost alot of experience in the team this summer already, we may yet lose more: Nugent Cole Johnson Bryson (initially forgot him too 😫) We could possibly see Hudds/Davies go yet too. An older experienced CB would be good as long as there's a younger one brought it to be his understudy and eventually take over.
  4. Surely a perm at this point in his career for him? Couldn't hold a place at Everton but looked solid at WBA. Struggled for them playing as part of a back three but was excellent when a CB in a two. Would fit a 4-3-3 great for us.
  5. Loan with option to perm at £11 Mill I reckon. Helder Costa went to Leeds for £14 Mill, Cavaleiro always seemed to be in his shadow. Wolves don't need the money now but probably want the wages off the books for incomings with them having European football this year? (I think?).
  6. Running on guesswork here, but I doubt RamsTV would do an interview with Chrissy unless Cocu plans to keep him this season. Marriott/Waghorn/Martin(when fully fit) could be a pretty decent rotation this year.
  7. Tomori, Piazon and Ampandu all travelled with the pre season squad for Chelsea. Mason Mount, Clarke-Salter and van Ginkel not in the squad.
  8. Please god no, never thought we could get a bigger psycho than Keogh. Guess we could scare teams into submission?
  9. Loan midfielder and defender from Chelsea (Tomori and Ginkel would be the ideal) but they'll have other decent loans too. Promote Sibley to first team and one of the attacking youngsters (probably Mitchell-Lawson). Defense would then have two players for each position, maybe a decent defender from Europe. Midfield would have Thorne, Shinnie, Holmes, Ginkel, Sibley and Evans. Dont think we'll see Hudds this season. Maybe a younger energetic unknown to come in? Attackers are where the issues are. Martin, Waghorn, Marriott and Bennett all for one spot. Two of them used as wingers with Marriott number 9. Martin might be a decent option but can see us going for Sam Lammers if the budget is there. Lawrence and FloJo wingers plus maybe Narsingh or that type. 2 Loans + 3 Perms and a freebie. Anymore than that the squad will be far too big. Squad numbers to be trimmed on the attackers and one/two of the midfielders to leave.
  10. Lampard was our little summer fling. Pretty and a big name but was never going to be a long term option, just enjoy the moment situation. It's time to settle down into a long term relationship under Cocu. Might not be as big and famous as Frank but has the potential to be in the same thoughts as Jim Smith or Brian Clough. The academy is probably in the best shape its ever been and some smart Chelsea loans plus some European gems could finally see a competitive long term team put together. Mel will know this, and Cocu probably sees this as the best chance he'll get to build his reputation in the English leagues.
  11. Van Ginkel just makes sense really doesn't it? Short in midfield currently, good quality and Cocu knows his strengths. Tomori is the dream though, get him back we've got the ideal back line for the year.
  12. Redknapp? Mel's already close with him as has called on him for an older experienced head in the past, would surprise me to see him around just while Cocu gets his feet under the table.
  13. Just to hijack the thread somewhat, how would people feel about us selling someone like Bogle for example at the £15-20 Mill bracket to fund incomings for Cocu?
  14. Seen earlier they've cancelled a friendly with Peterborough with virtually no notice, annoyed their chairman a tad. Guess we know who no Peterborough players will be signing for this year.
  15. If reports are true on TalkSport that Cocu has gone back this morning, suggests we've already done all the PR stuff ready, and it's Lamps end that's holding up
  16. FloJo was behind the likes of Depay and Lozano at PSV, different situation completely here. The fact he was kept at PSV for 4 years suggests Cocu will see at least some use for him.
  17. Wasn't on a massive amount at PSV (500k I think?) that coupled with the fact he's out of work means he probably won't be anywhere near the kind of money Frank was on/offered. Even doubling his past wages would not break the bank. A 4 year contract for Cocu would likely work out cheaper than a 2 year for Frank. Spreading it over 4 years keeps it at a good level for FFP too.
  18. There was some speculation that as part of the 6-8 coaches Lampard was taking Wassall would be one. No direct link, just usual chatter around.
  19. Maybe there's more to Wassell leaving with Frank than we thought? Faber to take over the running of the academy and to link to the first team?
  20. Gotta say the forum and Mel's development of late has been miraculous. I'm not criticising Mel for his past decisions but there were certainly some that we questionable. But of late all the decisions seem to be in the right direction, the forum seems to be giving a real voice to the fans and Mel's willingness to communicate with the forum gives us hope that he actually sees what is said here. Props to @David as well. I'm yet to see any other forum (for Derby or otherwise) that has truly utilised technology to link the club to the fans. An example many clubs should seek to follow.
  21. From Mel Morris' point of view, no manager is guareenteed to get promotion. But I think I can say I'm in the majority when I say I'm far more excited at what Cocu will bring to the club, both in style and transfers as well as his work with the youngsters than I'd ever be with Hughton in charge. Excited fans are bums on seats, and money spent at the club, Mel has chosen the best direction for the club here.
  22. It's easy to say that we should go for someone with championship experience, but how many of those managers are available? Moore: uninspiring and has done nothing of note. Hardly call him experienced either. Hughton: best of the bunch, would probably demand a transfer kitty though, one promotion doesn't make him a great manager unfortunately. Monk: got Swansea up and since then seems to have dive bombed his career. Look at the promoted teams of the last few years, how many went up with 'experienced championship managers' (checked it myself, its about half had any championship experience whatsoever).
  23. Agree with your points, although I have my doubts over how much he'll be given to spend. Assuming he tries to sign 5/6 players based on our current squad: Van Ginkel would be a decent midfield shout, wouldn't cost much being a loan and brings the Lampard to Chelsea deal full circle. Narsingh: didn't light up the league with Swansea but was a very good player under Cocu, can see that being one of the first calls he makes. Free agent too. Jeffrey Bruma: CB signed for big money (£10 mill) by Wolfsburg, fell out of favour and signed for schalke on loan. Transfermarkt has him valued at £2.25 million, wouldn't imagine he'd break the bank. Good age too at 27. Bound to have some knowledge of lower level players back in Holland too. This mixed with the existing targets identified by the club we'll unlikely spend more than £15 mill. Probably £5 Mill of that coming from the Lampard deal. Very outside possibility too: Locadia at Brighton played under Cocu. We'd have to break our transfer record for him but he fell out of favour last season. New boss might like him but they're already making attacking big money signings this summer so he may be surplus.
  24. Gonna be honest I was expecting more cuckoo than Cocu. Massive props to Mel if he pulls this off, didn't think we could pull someone as big as Lampard again but he might have actually done it here.
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