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  1. Stockyram92

    Favourite Derby shirts

  2. Stockyram92

    Why do you have faith in Rowett?

    you're right talk is cheap.. and rowett is full of it.. after listening to Gary pre season and what we were apparently going to do this season we should all know that by now
  3. Stockyram92

    Why do you have faith in Rowett?

    What would you rather talk about? Our stunning performance against Burton? 😍
  4. Stockyram92

    Why do you have faith in Rowett?

    I personally dont.. but for all those that have so much faith in rowett.. would you have the same level of faith if he wasn't and ex derby player? Can't help but think it's purely a sentimental thing? His tactics surely cant be found so inspiring?
  5. Stockyram92

    Do we really want to go up this year???

    I don't post very often but been reading the forum for a long time Whilst there's nothing id love more than to see us promoted I just can't see it happening. I'm sure nobody on here wants to see us fail. But at the minute it's hard to see anything else. I'm not a wrist slasher or a blind faither.. I'm realistic and as gr would say.. "the reality is". we're just not good enough. I don't like to say it but I think the Boro game will be a reality check for a lot of people. They've given us no reason to believe we can win this game.. or any of the last 4 for that matter. All these people saying we can beat Boro and still do this.. what are you actually basing that on? And I'm talking on our current form/performances. Not on November/Decembers performances before you say it

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