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  1. I think if we go down its probably fair to seay we've seen the last of bielik too 😔
  2. You say this but right now Bradley Johnson is in a different league to the rammal we've currently got, he's exactly what we're missing, at least he's got a bit of fight and determination in him, given the choice id take him back, i also would of kept huddlestone too
  3. Worrying that Rooney says the players gave it everything, if that's everything then im even more concerned
  4. Becuase he's England's record goal scorer don't you know 🙄
  5. Why would the players perform? Youve got Rooney coming out before the game saying he's not bothered about the performance, its hardly motivation is it
  6. Someone remind me why roos was dropped again?
  7. Dust ourselves down and go again... obviously
  8. People can't complain about the penalty decision, that hasn't cost us the game, we were in a position to win the game, its our inability to defend thats cost us, not refereeing decisions
  9. Not sure if its been mentioned before but.. I saw a post on twitter someone questioning whether there's something about the club that stifles players, he mentioned keiran dowell, and im sure there's been other players in recent times that have had success before and after being at Derby but unable to produce their best here, just wondered about other possible examples and what the reason could be?
  10. Similar to the cocu situation, an international break and the ideal opportunity to do something about it while we have a couple of weeks without games.. I can't see that someone else coming in could possibly be worse that what we have now
  11. Hey come on now, Rooney's doing a good job!
  12. Unfortunately the budget we have is more than likely nigel clough-esque, if were lucky
  13. Im still confused about the "are poles a good idea" one.. when i read the title i thought it was something to do with jozwiak and bielik
  14. No matter what mel has done before and how committed he has been previously, there's no denying the fact that he is responsible for the position we are in now, you can't blame anyone but Mel for the financial mess that we are in, Mel has made the decisions, by all means blame the players/managers for not achieving the aim which was promotion, but they're not responsible for the horrendous financial decisions that have been made
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