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  1. I'm not sure tom knew that asking the question would involve him having to pay the 1m loan fee
  2. If your going to do a post about leaving the forum can you at least put it in the right section this is for Derby County talk not your personal gripes! Or are you just looking for attention?
  3. Chris "god" Martin didn't have a great record before he came to Derby. Just saying ....
  4. Totally agree its time for change before more clubs end up like Wigan and more so Bury. However, the EFL don't care about fans or our individual opinions. As David said we need to come together as a collective, make clubs realise fans are not happy and more so get the Media involved to help bring change. In my opinion the first place to start would be a petition calling for the immediate resignation of Rick Parry and the restructure of the EFL with an independent chairman and board of directors. If this is refused the petition should call for a breakaway league (Premier League 2).
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