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  1. Oh that's fantastic to hear, I didn't realise we got so many points for being a Championship club. Thank you for clarifying that 🙂
  2. I could be totally wrong here but Isn't the Brentford model effectively impossible now anyway, because of the new transfer rules? Getting young cheap foreign players is now extremely difficult unless they play in a top league or internationally......which would usually inflate the price......which then P&S would potentially stop us from paying 😂 Does anyone know if Joz would have been eligible to come here if these rules had been in play when they signed?
  3. 😂 I wasn't saying "go get him" just thought it was another interesting choice seeing as we like Ex Pros with little experience. At least this one actually gets his team's to attack 😂 Also it's an interesting interview from the point of view of how players are treated now. The Managers had had to admit that they don't have the power they once had. Henry pretty much says the players have the power now and you have to put your own ego aside and even praise players when they don't deserve it. I imagine that philosophy is very unpopular on here as most of us us working class
  4. Anyone see this interview with Henry - https://youtu.be/VDt1bxznxKg Not saying we could get him, but would you want him? He seems to want attacking football played out from the back and talks about changing the mentality of players that pass sideways and back. Though he doesn't have much experience either. Just thought it would be an interesting choice if it were even possible.
  5. Yeah exactly, Mel buying the club made business sense with the trajectory everyone predicted. Ok everything that could go wrong for him pretty much has 😂. But like you say anyone buying us now would be taking a huge gamble, even if we stay up it's a gamble. I just can't see Alonso, the Americans or anyone else really getting serious untill we know what division we are in.
  6. Oh my apologies, I didn't realise he was out of contract. I was just using him as an example of us losing money against P&S and how I imagine that would stop us from being able to spend. I assume there other players with higher book values than current transfer value too. I guess tbh our track record is rather toss when spending money on players so maybe it's a positive that it's loans and frees 😂
  7. Good point 😂 but you would assume now no one would commit money untill they understand the financial implications of what league were in next year. Unless I guess they have so much money they don't care or think they could assist strip us ?
  8. Lol yes not saying I have a great understanding at all, but my thought was that our spending might be severely limited as in selling players with a higher book value than they are worth on the open market like Waghorn, we might take too much of a loss, and that might give us too much of a P&S loss to be resetting the squad or potentially put us over the loss limit. I understand we don't know the actual amounts so it's hard to guess
  9. It does feel like the squad needs a full reset. But with P&S in effect not sure how likely that is. Take Waghorn for example, to my understanding currently we would take a significant loss on him, as no one is paying the 5mil we paid, unsure if we would get 1mil on current form. Could we afford to eat that loss especially if we have to change our Amortization method?
  10. Can't see anything happening while relegation is a possibility. It would be silly to buy the club now when you could get it for less if we go down or still have it for the same price if we stay up. Can't imagine any business entity worth its salt would pay money when not knowing what league we will be in.
  11. Think he is trying to say that we are playing similar to under Cocu so may e it's more about this group of players than it is a manager. Without Bielik we look lost
  12. Very true, but who takes the blame for that. Usually that would be the manager. Either that or does there need to be a clear out and reset?
  13. Not sure why we all thought he would be that much different tactically to Cocu. I think his status as England's best scorer gives the impression he would have a team out to score goals and kill off games, but I'm sure I remember it being reported that he loved playing under Van Gaal and partially came to Derby to learn "the Dutch way" under Cocu. If you look at it that way and take away his own playing achievements, then to me it makes sense that we are playing like we did under Cocu?
  14. I think his distribution has been pretty good too especially the long balls. Yes he is prone to an error every now and then and maybe the odd absolute clanger lol but I definitely think he is a worthy Championship goalie
  15. Yeah that's something I have never understood unless it some sort of political play to make you look like a big boy back home? it's odd.
  16. I thought this as well. I did wonder if it was Mel trying to encourage the takeover to get done but saying "I'm out of money and putting no more in" if there is this legally binding agreement between the parties.
  17. You would imagine the stadium would be changed to a sponsors name that is connected in someway to the owners. One of the only ways to inject cash that can be spent on things like transfers, as far as I know?
  18. Cant seem to keep the ball on the floor and pass more than twice so get cybulski on and hoof it, might just get a head to it 😂 Dont think we are going to be able to pass through their aggressive and physical press
  19. I think it's another gypsy curse but this time organised by Steve Gibson 😂
  20. Are you happy that our current owner made his money from a game that people believe encourages child gambling and exploits children. Are you ok that the devices used to play his game involve exploiting children and poisoning the environment and worker suicides, the same devices your probably using to reply on here. Are you ok that Mel and the club is from a country that help start an illegal war that killed 150,000 people and some estimates say 1 million. There are plenty of skeletons in pretty much every countries closet. I don't agree with the UAEs outlook on many things including women
  21. So if it's a public holiday tomorrow and then Friday is the equivalent of a Sunday here. Then we are looking at next week at the earliest?
  22. Wow that's depressing isn't it. We finally start looking abroad, just as the rules tighten and being able to bring in foreign talent gets harder for clubs without many millions at its disposal. Those with the money can buy the guys with international caps. Just seems to protect the Prem clubs even more lol
  23. Do we know if we are even still in for him. I'mguessing he will hold out to see what offers he gets, if his season continues going well there is no guarantee we could afford him or he may choose a club in a better position than us. I remember people saying we were going to sign him a few days after the deadline but that never happened
  24. I think your right. The psychological effect of losing probably has a few players already talking to their agents about a move or what options they have. The longer this goes on the more prevalent that will become. When the players give up on staying up we are really in trouble and I think fresh blood needs injecting
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