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  1. There's a few in Billy Davies' side not so much I didn't rate but I thought were probably past their best when we signed them but I was a bit wrong - Matt Oakley, Mark Edworthy, Johnno, Big Dave, Paul Peschisolido, even the legend Stevie Howard were all entering or into their 30's. On that note one player who does fit this topic - I took a while to warm to Bywater as a keeper, in fact I've generally been pretty harsh on our keepers since Mart Poom. I thought the same age wise with Darren Bent about him being past it and he was good for at least a season. Moral of the story is stop being so age
  2. Love the reporting on this one. Several outlets saying he was injured in a car accident. Accident is an interesting way of describing what actually happened that night. No ill feelings towards Keogh from me he's got a family to feed, he won't have many years left and gave his all on the pitch. Another mistake from those at the top of DCFC
  3. Not entirely unrelated to this thread I get the principles behind FFP but the reality we are seeing this season with the exception maybe of Barnsley having a cracking season is a league that is in danger of becoming a closed loop from the Premier League which is fuelled by the parachute payments, same/similar clubs yo-yoing between the two, the increase in punishments to clubs in our league making them too afraid to dare to dream of anything other than staying in the league. The 3 coming down next season all have obvious claims of bouncing back, Brentford/Bournemouth/Swansea depending on
  4. From reading some of the stuff on Kieran Maguire's (Price Of Football Podcast) Twitter it sounds like we've tried to be creative and move the losses on a couple of years from when they've occurred by the way we've done the accounts which may or may not be breaking the rules I don't understand that part. Either way looks to me like Mel's taken a leaf out of Leicester and QPR's books and decided he'd spend whatever and get promoted and then we'd be pretty much exempt from any punishment much like Leicester and to a lesser extent QPR were. Is this pretty much what Reading have done this year
  5. Regardless of his ability at this level you've got to look at his injury record - since he made 46 and 44 league appearances in consecutive seasons ending in the 2014-15 season he's played in 12, 3, 31, 13, 22 and then 20 games. I'd rather see him go now, wish him well and remember the good times from those two seasons where he was at his best than see him scapegoated for more mistakes. We wouldn't have got many takers for Forsyth but for me we dropped the ball letting Malone go to Millwall on loan as he is a good LB in this division who still has plenty to offer at both ends of the pitch. I'm
  6. I think in the circumstances the fans celebrating wasn't so bad plenty of clubs fans have celebrated survival on the pitch down the recent years who in theory are 'too big' to be celebrating such an achievement including Brum and the Red Dogs. The celebrations yesterday from the fans are a drop in the ocean compared to what would have happened were there fans in the ground given the fact we were playing Wednesday who would have had their own fans goading us on about being relegated for most of the game, in fact I suspect it could have turned very nasty at the end. The players celebrations were
  7. Alijosa Asanovic was probably my favourite player the first season I started following us but lots of favourites from the most successful side in my lifetime under TBE - Eranio, Baiano, Wanchope, Sturridge, Poom the list is endless and enviable when looking at what we have now ☹️ I still have videos (yes videos not DVDs) of those seasons when we nearly got into europe and some of the football we played was ridiculously good, one particular game where we thrashed Arsenal always sticks with me. My favourite recent player and would make my top 5 probably more for effort than ability was Johnny R
  8. Technically true today but lots of things over the course of the season have kept us up, not least Andre Wisdom's late goal against Wycombe given that they remarkably were the team who finished 1 place below us.
  9. I think getting the takeover sorted is more important than the managerial situation, we've gone through stages this season where for whatever reason the players haven't been paid, there was minimal investment in a poor side from last season and then next to nothing in the loan market when we really were desperate in January. Won't matter who is in charge next season if Mel Morris is still here imo.
  10. Relief nothing else. Relief that the players finally found some character and bottle in the second half. Relief that 1 point - yes 1 point from the last 21 available was enough to keep us up.
  11. Some bottle from Waggy for the penalty fair play
  12. Feel for Darren Moore who was a legend when he played for us but we needed this today. A bit of fight in that 2nd half that's all we wanted, crikey they make us sweat.
  13. Why when we were looking to offload a LB did we let Malone go?
  14. This won't happen Wednesday were a point behind Rotherham heading into today so GD is irrelevant for them they need to win to have any chance of finishing above us so will protect the 1-0.
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