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    CWC1983 reacted to SchtivePesley in The Politics Thread 2019   
    Talking about social media manipulation, just been reading how Boris Johnson's tweets get thousands of retweets & likes within an hour. Yet when you check the accounts doing it it, many have no or very few followers, have never tweeted themselves, and appear to be brand new accounts with no avatar or profile info
    We have to ask ourselves who is paying for these bots and why?
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    CWC1983 reacted to Steve Buckley’s Dog in Bury FC.   
    If Bury go out of business do all their previous results, especially FA Cup finals, become null and void? 
    You have to feel for their fans, the hardcore support. We are ultimately all the same, even some Leeds fans, and just care far too much about our teams due to family and history and a sense of belonging. With all the money in the game it’s a scandal. 
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    CWC1983 got a reaction from Carl Sagan in Bury FC.   
    You are right, unless its their own club no one really cares. 
    I see the Accrington owner has called for better governance and financial management (in the belfast telegraph......) and there's now a call to look at parachute payments. 
    There is an easy solution but owners and fans dont want to comply. More worried about the latest 'signings' and doing anything possible to reach the EPL. 
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    CWC1983 reacted to Carl Sagan in Bury FC.   
    Surprised this thread's not bigger. Probably no one cares. Which is sad. For those who don't know Bury were indeed thrown out of the League Cup for not being able to fulfil that fixture, and have been told they'll be thrown out of the football league on Friday if things don't change.
    Odd Bolton don't seem under the same peril - yet.
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    CWC1983 reacted to GrimsbyRam in v Bristol City (H) Match Thread   
    Has he been tactically good so far though? He’s picked the wrong formation for the last two games running. He’s admitted as much by having to change it
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    CWC1983 reacted to RadioactiveWaste in v Bristol City (H) Match Thread   
    Perhaps Shinnie will get a chance soon.
    Cocu mentioned he certainly has some qualities, but needs to work with him and his team on what they want from him, but just perhaps, the robust unrefined midfielder to get stuck in is part of the learning about the championship that's needed as well. Or I could be talking mince. I'm not a football manager.
  7. Clap
    CWC1983 reacted to EraniosSocks in v Bristol City (H) Match Thread   
    My first game this evening in 5 years due to anxiety and mental health issues that I have posted about before. So thank you to all the fans in the lower west stand that made me feel so welcome just with a smile.
    anyways, the football. Reminded me about of macs style of play this evening, a bit methodical. But there was plus points, Beilik - Lowe - Marriott, all deserve a plus point. 
    Huddlestone and Dowell, annoying. Tom Lawrence kept drifting out of position, has he been told just to roam around the pitch ? He started joining max Lowe at one stage! 
    Oh well, roll on Saturday. Retain the ball and press. That’s what we need to do  
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    CWC1983 got a reaction from Alpha in v Bristol City (H) Match Thread   
    I honestly cant remember where he has controlled a game like a quarterback he's always compared to. 
    Always slowed the play down, albeit with grace and composure.
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    CWC1983 reacted to ariotofmyown in v Bristol City (H) Match Thread   
    There was that game a couple of years back where we got a free kick about 20 yards inside our half. All the outfield players lined up facing each other before Hudds ran towards our goal and it was passed back to him.  Meanwhile our winger sprinted down the right wing and Hudds played a beautiful long ball to him. He controlled it beautifully as he passed the goal line just inside the corner flag.
    Apart from that though, you are probably right.
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    CWC1983 reacted to atherstoneram in v Bristol City (H) Match Thread   
    And me,he will make a difference
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    CWC1983 reacted to RandomAccessMemory in Athletic UK   
    I couldn't help but notice his location on Twitter says Leeds. 😂
    Regarding The Athletic, having read a comment that was made a couple of years back by one of the founders I certainly won't ever be giving them any money.
    What a disgusting attitude!
    He apologised on Twitter for the 'tone' of his comments, but the way I see it is he'd already shown his true colours and intentions with the original comment.
    He said he's not rooting for newspapers to fail but give readers more choices, hmm yes, that's what being 'the last ones standing' means obviously. 🤔
    That apology was clearly just damage control, they probably had a lot of people unsubscribe that day or something. 🤷‍♀️ 😉
    Edit: Forgot to mention that earlier that very same day he also tweeted this
  12. Haha
    CWC1983 reacted to i-Ram in Attending Football Abroad   
    I have tried on a numerous times to get tickets from that club, but I don’t think they ever get to general sale. On each each occasion the ticket office operator was quite blunt saying Groningen. Rude. I just put the phone down.
  13. Haha
    CWC1983 reacted to 86 Schmokes & a Pancake in The Politics Thread 2019   
    How about Christians?
    Only kidding!
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    CWC1983 reacted to RadioactiveWaste in England Cricket summer 2019   
    So, a draw then.
    Entertaining test despite losing a lot to rain.
    Archer vs Smith is going to be the story of the series, hoping it continues for the last three in the right spirit.
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    CWC1983 reacted to BaaLocks in The Politics Thread 2019   
    This is really sad, and the biggest worry for me is that the 'it won't happen here' brigade blithely sweep it under the carpet as a bit of a pub scuffle. As I've said for a while, there are a lot of angry and stupid people who are ready to mobilise if only someone a little less ridiculous than Farage or Yaxley Lennon chooses to come forward. For this reason, I fear Rees Mogg more than any of them - my concern is he is playing a long game, let BoJo take the flak for Brexit and then come in once we have descended into crisis and impose his view of the future. I don't say he is a fascist but I do say many will take plenty from what he says and he will turn a blind eye to the odd journalist getting a thump / put in hospital / worse for what he believes in.
    In conclusion, I don't say it's the rise of the black shirts but I do say it's the risk of more divisive and discriminatory politics than anyone on here has seen in their lifetime (and I include the wicked witch of Grantham in that - and, no, I'm not referring to any posters on this board with that reference).
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    CWC1983 reacted to G STAR RAM in Gary Rowett on Quest   
    Silly post.
    Under what circumstances is your striker scoring goals classed as rescuing your team?
  17. Clap
    CWC1983 reacted to Anag Ram in If Kieran Dowell is the answer, what is the question?   
    If you had an owl and called him Kieran, how would he be known?
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    CWC1983 reacted to JoetheRam in ticket prices   
    Don't pay it if you're not happy with it.
    I used to go to 35 games + per season, but that was when it cost me £20 or less to get in. 
    Not gone regularly since Mac 1, not because of the quality (watching a shoestring Nigel Clough team away from home with a left back as the sole striker builds character), solely because £30 and more is too expensive to justify to myself.
    And this is someone who lives less than 10 miles from the ground, has no kids, an average paying job and is free most Saturday's (but not enough to get a Season Ticket).
    The club runs as a business unfortunately and I don't expect them to be morally ashamed of the prices they charge, but as a business they should probably be (and probably are) looking at the prices they charge and wondering where the missing 5,000 fans are. Whether or not they want to address that is up to them.
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    CWC1983 reacted to Van Cone De Head in My Lads op.   
    Having a great time no major dramas,this makes me really happy.
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    CWC1983 reacted to bimmerman in ticket prices   
    I'm a prime example of this floating support being priced out
    Been a rams fan since I was a kid, always will be 
    But I live 4 hours away. Don't pay for fuel due to business fuel card, but at the risk of sounding tight, can go and view 2/3 exeter or Plymouth games for the price of 1 of the cheaper Derby tickets. It's still professional football at a decent level
    When they used to do demand based ticketing I made it to about 10-15games but now its not really worth investing all that time when I can just buy it on now TV for 9 quid and bang the heating on, which is a shame. If they went back to demand pricing, I'd definitely make more of an effort
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    CWC1983 reacted to Jourdan in ticket prices   
    Maybe you are right and attendances in September and October and beyond will be higher, and maybe you are right that there is more than pricing at play.
    But with Wembley, we have seen that we have the potential to attract much larger numbers. We could have sold 40,000 tickets for Wembley by all accounts.
    We have roughly 23,000 season ticket holders, so if we say 3,000 fans on average come on a game by game basis, that’s 3,000 out of a potential 17,000 fans through the gate. Less than 20%.
    Our average attendance last year was around 27,000. Surely we are not doing enough to make Championship football attractive to our wider audience if we are regularly unable to sell 5-6,000 tickets and fill the ground?
    Take myself, I usually only go to games in August and during the Christmas period because I work outside of the UK.
    There are three home games in August. I’ve been to one and in theory I’ll be here, so I could go to all three. But it’ll cost me close to £100 to go to all three. I am someone who would go to matches at every opportunity, but pricing matters.
    Take WBA at home as an example. It is a minimum of £33 for the cheapest seat in the ground. It’s also on Sky. So immediately it’s already in my best interests to pay £5 for a six pack of beer and watch the game at my brother’s house, saving £28. Thousands of people will have the same idea.
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    CWC1983 reacted to TibshelfRam in ticket prices   
    I thin that @Jourdan and yourself are both pretty much right. It is down to money, of course, but maybe not entirely so.
    I doubt we'd ever get the 38,000+ fans who got/wanted Wembley tickets to come to every home game. For a variety of reasons - I know fans from all over the country, if not the world, who came to the Wembley game because of what it was. They wouldn't come to each home game.
    I also know plenty of family of fans who only really wanted to come because of the magnitude of the fixture. They probably wouldn't come to each home game.
    Of the fans who came to Wembley who could feasibly come to each home game or would want to, I'd suggest that money is the biggest contributing factor, you're quite right. Not necessarily as a straight consequence of the cost (but I accept that the ticket prices probably are too high) but more because of financial priorities - spending £30 to watch Derby could be the price of a meal out or a day with the kids.
    Equally, I would wager that for a lot of people, its the time commitment. There's absolutely nowhere I'd rather be on a Saturday afternoon than watching the Rams. Would I still be able to say that in 5 years when I've got kids and I've spent all week at work? Probably, but it might not be a priority. For a lot of fans, giving up every weekend is too much of a commitment, financial or time wise. Take me for example, on Saturday I spent the whole day revolving around the match - early train, in town with mates for 7/8 pints, then the match, then a couple more followed by the train home. Even my Mrs is competing for my time, but when I have kids, will I be able to do that? Probably not.
    So, it is fair to say that prices probably are the biggest contributing factor but it certainly isn't entirely that.
    I accept that its market forces. But prices are too steep, no doubt about that. And that isn't an indictment on Mel or Derby, more English football as a whole. It certainly doesn't help pull in a crowd. Something needs to be done about it right at the very top.
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    CWC1983 reacted to Jourdan in ticket prices   
    The club sold 38,000 tickets for Wembley and there were thousands of people left without tickets.
    By contrast, only 27,000 were there for Swansea at home.
    So clearly we have a lot of floating support that we are struggling to get through the turnstiles.
    And I would imagine it all comes down to pricing.
    What worries me about the pricing is where is our ceiling.
    If we can charge £30+ for Swansea at home in the Championship, it’s frightening to think what the club will the club charge if we get back to the Premier League.
    Will Bournemouth at home be £40 a ticket? Liverpool at home £50 a ticket? Where does it end?
    My best friend is a university lecturer and for his old seat in the East Stand, it is £600 for a season ticket and he felt that was high, and threads like this one appear on the forum on a regular basis criticising ticket prices.
    So clearly the club is not doing something right.
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    CWC1983 reacted to TibshelfRam in Scottish Football - what's the point?   
    Its a valid point that the SPL has been dominated by the Old Firm for too long and makes the competition a little dull. But the cumulative sizes of those two clubs in comparison with the rest of the league is so disproportionate that it is likely to always be thus. The support bases that the Glasgow clubs have compared to that of even the next 3 biggest clubs (Aberdeen, Hibs and Hearts) is extraordinary. Even the Edinburgh clubs struggle to attract more than 15-20,000 fans per game whereas Celtic have 60,000 most weeks and Rangers pushing 50,000. In a league with little resource, that really does make a huge difference.
    The game, in all countries and all divisions is dominated by money now. It is just a case of it being to a varying degree of how much money we're talking about. But it makes it nigh on impossible for "lesser" smaller clubs to compete with the larger, more financially cash rich clubs. When Aberdeen last won the league it was a much more level playing field - but the same was also true in England in those days - the English top flight was much more readily shared around in the 70s and 80s. We are just as much a victim of this as Scotland - the top 6 pretty much have a monopoly on the title making it virtually impossible for other clubs to compete. We have a once in a blue moon story like Leicester that has bucked the trend - but ordinarily this is not the case. When you look at the clubs who have won the English top flight since 1984/85, it has pretty much been either: the biggest clubs in the country (Man Utd, Liverpool, Arsenal, Leeds, Everton) or the clubs with the most money at that time (Blackburn, Chelsea, Man City) and many of those clubs overlap both categories.
    When saying that since 1984/85 we've had 9 winners compared to the SPL's 2 - its not a fair comparison. I think that we've been just as limited in how its been shared around - the only difference is that there is far more money in England than there is in Scotland thereby meaning that a higher percentage of clubs have access to large budgets. I'd say that in our system, with the number of teams we've got and the % difference in monetary terms between the English top flight and the SPL, their having two winners and us having had nine in a 35 year period in fairly even. Espeically when you consider that many of those teams have only won it once or twice (Everton x2, Liverpool x2, Leeds x1, Blackburn x1 - all over 20 years ago - and Leicester x1) and the league title has actually only ever been dominated by 4 teams (Man Utd, Arsenal, Chelsea and Man City) in that period.
    Additionally, compared to a number of other major leagues in Europe, the SPL is probably no more top 2 heavy than many others. Spain is pretty much dominated by the Classico sides and has been (with a couple of exceptions) for decades. Juventus have cleaned up Serie A for the last decade, the big 3 dominate just as much in Holland (Ajax, PSV, Feyenoord barely giving anybody else a look in) with the same in Portugal (Porto, Benfica, Sporting). Meanwhile, the Bundesliga is not exactly a level playing field when you consider Bayern, and to a lesser extent, Dortmund's dominance.
    In that regard, the SPL, whilst being probably the most unbalanced of those leagues and having had the longest 2 team stranglehold, does not actually compare all that badly. Modern football lends itself to a small percentage of teams at the top dominating and the rest scrabbling around to be the 'best of the rest'. Jeremy Corbyn's 'for the many, not the few' slogan would have a field day.
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    CWC1983 got a reaction from RadioactiveWaste in Scottish Football - what's the point?   
    The cups are the opportunities. Theyve been shared around quite a bit over the last 10 years. 
    As for Aberdeen, its dissapointing. It doesnt help that UEFA are running their competitions more and more favouring clubs from big countries. 
    Burnley and Wolves have both been seeded since round 1, thus getting easier routes to the league stages. Why should they be seeded? Theyve no history in any European competition for what, 60 years minimum.
    Again, all about the £.   
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