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    CWC1983 got a reaction from BaaLocks in Watchable telly   
    Also, it may have already been mentioned months ago so I apologise, but,
    Once upon a time in Iraq. 
    On BBC iplayer. 
    5 part documentary on the story of Iraq told by interviews from Iraqi civilians, US journalists, US army, Isis activists. 
    It starts from the 2nd Iraq war in 2013 through to the ISIS invasion in 2019.
    You tend to forget what actually happened over those 6 years, and the insight given by the interviews are fascinating.
    You end up feeling so sorry for the normal Iraqi people, they got shafted. 
    Brilliant 5 episodes. 
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    CWC1983 reacted to RoyMac5 in Marcus Rashford   
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    CWC1983 reacted to Gaspode in Live football thread.   
    Agreed - how these two can think they belong in any sort of elite league is beyond me. Very little quality from either side.....
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    CWC1983 got a reaction from hintonsboots in The Saturday Acca thread   
    Falkirk, Dunfermline, Dundee and Shrewsbury. 5/1
    I toyed with Sheffield Wed, but went with the Shrews instead. 
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    CWC1983 reacted to ariotofmyown in Marcus Rashford   
    Anyone on here near Mansfield and know where I could get some crack and some ladies?
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    CWC1983 reacted to Chester40 in Watchable telly   
    It gets slower..... much slower. 
    It oozes quality and attention to detail but by series 3 or 4 (I think) the snail-like pace finally got the better of me. Really wanted to love it but for me it was a bit style over substance. Some great actors and a really good era but I much prefer Peaky Blinders as a comparison of a interesting, fast moving period piece. 
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    CWC1983 reacted to Wolfie20 in Watchable telly   
    I gave up on it first time around after a couple of episodes but when it was repeated decided to give it a bit more of a chance. Well worth sticking with - you won't regret it.
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    CWC1983 reacted to Old Spalding Ram in Nottingham Forest v Derby County Matchday Thread   
    Ain’t it nice to have a goalkeeper!🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿
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    CWC1983 got a reaction from ariotofmyown in Watchable telly   
    Just watched episode 1 and 2 of Boardwalk Empire. 
    Is it worth sticking with, its been a bit slow?
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    CWC1983 reacted to JuanFloEvraTheCocu'sNesta in Nottingham Forest v Derby County Matchday Thread   
    Best half of football of the season so far. More of the same please. 
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    CWC1983 got a reaction from Kinder in Beer Thread   
    They look superb. 
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    CWC1983 reacted to Mostyn6 in Watchable telly   
    one of the best programmes ever IMO. Stick with it. Some of it is factual.
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    CWC1983 reacted to Van Rammeister in Nottingham Forest v Derby County Matchday Thread   
    Scott Minto doesn’t look well though.
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    CWC1983 reacted to AndyinLiverpool in Marcus Rashford   
    The concept of the 'undeserving poor' has been a trope of the ruling classes and their apologists for centuries. It's what has allowed them to force people into inhuman living conditions, working 18-hour shifts in mills with no safety procedures in the nineteenth century. The whole 'poor people spend money on fags and booze' is just the modern version of that.
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    CWC1983 reacted to JuanFloEvraTheCocu'sNesta in Marcus Rashford   
    Before we cut public services I'd rather see us cut the amount of money being poured in to companies (that are unable to provide the services they advertise) with links to Tories in the name of COVID, but parliament don't get the chance to vote on that so that wont happen will it?
    I know this post is straying in to politics and that's a big no-no these days, but the absolute brass neck on this government to say we cant help feed some kids but we can keep chucking money at companies (that they get to pick at their own discretion) with no accountability or oversight is absolutely disgusting.
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    CWC1983 got a reaction from ariotofmyown in Marcus Rashford   
    They discussed it on Question time last night.
    4 of the 5 panelists and all the members of the audience fully backed him and giving children free meals until the summer. 
    My ex MP, Nicky Morgan, unbelievably turned it into a political point scoring exercise and wouldn't back the proposed motion.  
     The stance people take just to align themselves with political sides makes me despair and frustrated. 
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    CWC1983 reacted to DarkFruitsRam7 in Marcus Rashford   
    This, a million times over. It pisses me off when people go on about parents’ responsibilities.
    This isn’t about the parents, it’s about the kids. Unless, instead of free school meals, we sent every child a letter to give to their parents, telling them to work harder?
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    CWC1983 reacted to Duracell in Marcus Rashford   
    As a teacher, I have discovered that now matter how much you believe that its a parent's responsibility to feed their child, that belief doesn't actually feed hungry children.
    I don't need to look at my data to know which kids are on FSM. You can tell by the way they eat their lunch.
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    CWC1983 reacted to ariotofmyown in Coronavirus   
    Haven't read much on this thread today, but most of the debate has tended to be lockdowns are a necessary evil vs lockdowns are not needed. Not much of the debate has been any left vs right and the thing most people seem to agree on is that Johnson and his friends have really messed it up. 
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    CWC1983 reacted to jimmyp in Coronavirus   
    You can never cancel the true meaning of Christmas.
    It will be incredibly tough for many people who have never had such hardship.
    Life for so many others pre Covid was already a fight to put food in their bellies and find shelter for their families.
    I think we would be best to remember the luxuries for what they are, a luxury, and remember that life itself along with family and friends are currently far more important. 
    And for those who struggle I would hope we as a Derby county community will extend our hands to help in any way we can. 
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    CWC1983 got a reaction from Monty in Next manager   
    Big Sam. 
    Can't knock his track record and he'd fancy it since I don't think a PL club would go for him. 
    Wages might be a stumbling block. 
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    CWC1983 reacted to G-Ram in Next manager   
    Big Sam. A good man manager & will get the best out the players, can grind out results, knows how to get out the division & a myth he plays rubbish football.
    He works with what he has & might play unattractive football to get results at first but his Bolton side were a good team. Given time he'd have started playing good stuff at west ham just did what he had to do to get them up & stay up. Some Clubs just have a downer on him because he doesn't instantly play good stuff
    Available for nothing, experienced & proven. Be a good appointment. Leave Rooney playing for a couple of years while he still can
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    CWC1983 got a reaction from G-Ram in Next manager   
    Big Sam. 
    Can't knock his track record and he'd fancy it since I don't think a PL club would go for him. 
    Wages might be a stumbling block. 
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    CWC1983 reacted to RadioactiveWaste in Huddersfield v Derby County Tuesday 20th October   
    Normal service has been resumed.
    Still, I predicted we'd win 2-1 so it's all gonna come good.
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    CWC1983 reacted to ThePrisoner in Huddersfield v Derby County Tuesday 20th October   
    Still think we’ll win. 
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