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  1. Did you read the twitter feed I posted on page 4 of this thread? It sets out the numbers without a political standpoint.
  2. For the amount of £ on the pitch, this must be the worst games of football I've seen in a long time. 2 managers playing it safe?
  3. And me, £5 down the swanny. Shrewsbury and Falkirk did me in.
  4. Falkirk, Dunfermline, Dundee and Shrewsbury. 5/1 I toyed with Sheffield Wed, but went with the Shrews instead.
  5. A thread about pre covid stats regarding child poverty. Its pretty grim reading.
  6. Cheers, I listened to Sound and Vision, a bbc podcast about the music behind movies and TV. Stephen Graham was this weeks guest and he raved about.
  7. Just watched episode 1 and 2 of Boardwalk Empire. Is it worth sticking with, its been a bit slow?
  8. Move Mckenna about, if Waghorn can bully him and move him out of the back 4 Lawrence and Joswiak can run in behind the space.
  9. They discussed it on Question time last night. 4 of the 5 panelists and all the members of the audience fully backed him and giving children free meals until the summer. My ex MP, Nicky Morgan, unbelievably turned it into a political point scoring exercise and wouldn't back the proposed motion. The stance people take just to align themselves with political sides makes me despair and frustrated.
  10. Also, it may have already been mentioned months ago so I apologise, but, Once upon a time in Iraq. On BBC iplayer. 5 part documentary on the story of Iraq told by interviews from Iraqi civilians, US journalists, US army, Isis activists. It starts from the 2nd Iraq war in 2013 through to the ISIS invasion in 2019. You tend to forget what actually happened over those 6 years, and the insight given by the interviews are fascinating. You end up feeling so sorry for the normal Iraqi people, they got shafted. Brilliant 5 episodes.
  11. Episode 2 of The Trump show, on BBC 2 tonight 9pm. Last week was about his first year in office. It was fascinating listening to the people who were in the front line at the time being interviewed retrospectively. Whitehouse staff, journalists, politicians. I think it moves onto year 2 tonight, Stormy Daniels etc.
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