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  1. Anyone ITK recommend a pre-match boozer? The Rockstone looks alright but wondered what others?
  2. Also..The Rockstone looks like a decent boozer for a pint beforehand.
  3. Tickets only 12 quid by the looks of it. What's not to like? 😊
  4. Are you bothered if the sponsorship transfers on the fronts are a bit tired looking?
  5. Thanks for the advice with this! Got there at 11:30 and my boy got selfies and autographs galore. Despite the result he came home a very happy boy. 😎
  6. Ah OK - thanks for the heads up. I can see my afternoon being pretty miserable if that happens. 🤔 He's already convinced he's getting a selfie with Frankie. 🙄
  7. I'd love one of these if they became available to buy. Great work.
  8. Igor

    Bands FC

    They have an exhibition in Nottingham beginning in December.
  9. Morning all Quick random question - Any idea what time players get to the ground on home games? It's my lads birthday at the weekend and he wants to get some autographs or one of them there selfies apparently. 😩
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