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  1. Not had a ticket for the past two seasons, so only watching on the tele and occasional home game. Not been this season. Don't get me wrong. Hughes was good for us and the play-off final season he pulled all the strings, but that was his neat passing. So really he's comparable to Huddlestone. As well as he's doing at Watford, he's not someone you look for on MOTD unless you're a Derby fan.
  2. Depends whether you're comparing Hughes to Adam Bolder exciting or Asanovic/Eranio/Kinkladze exciting. Good player, but hardly an electric turn of pace, mesmerising skill or even a sodding shot! If you think Hughes drawing in a foul because he didn't have pace to get away from anyone was exciting then you must be loving watching Huddlestone (who by the way has a better passing range than Hughes) run through treacle. Hughes is just the best player to come out of our academy - and definitely not exciting to watch on the whole.
  3. I'm with you. See my last post. I had the same dilemma and I'm now a Derby fan, not a supporter. All we need is one player who 'might' do something amazing (Kinkladze, Le Tissier) for me to want to return. No guarantees they would do something amazing, but I'd still looking forward to seeing if they did. Pass, Pass, Pass has just got stupidly boring and in the Championship you have to have Plans A-E to adapt to the many different styles. When you have Plan A alone you can almost guarantee that you won't be entertained even in the slightest.
  4. Four years ago I brought me and my son our first season tickets, around Feb time when we were in the top three - because I thought, what if we're promoted and my son will get to see all those amazing Premier League players. Exciting. We didn't go up, so I half-enjoyed a season next to a bloke who constantly moaned. In Feb I renewed but moved seats. The football got worse and I again found myself close by to a moron who had absolutely no idea about football and was wound up from the second minute. The moments where we were genuinely entertained (by either team playing) were rare and my lad wanted to go home at 70 mins every week. We didn't renew and I've since spent my time doing better things with my children. Do you know, even if we had one player who showed glimpses of skill and excited the crowd I'd have been happy. But we haven't had one of those players for many years (don't even think to tell me Hughes was exciting to watch). Football is almost dead now. Even if there are characters in the game they soon get washed out by FA and club rules, or they're so rich that they themselves find other interests outside of football that occupy their minds. Sad to say it, but football is purely a results business now. The only entertainment you will find is at Man City, Barca, etc. But you can't just change your team can you - you can choose whether you waste money watching 11 players go through the motions though.
  5. If these ex-Chelsea stars come in and get us promoted then we'll all forget the 'I thought we were developing youth' comments. Get into the Prem and we're a billion times better off. Getting out of the Championship is getting harder and harder each year - lets just get promoted by hook or by crook and then we can then write long term plan.
  6. 80% of Irish players are Championship or below.
  7. He would have been a free transfer 20 years ago, and the same now.
  8. Just reading about Callum Wilson. Dion Dublin says he's worth £50m. An astonishing fee that. But, I've found that if you divide the current fee by 10, its relative to fees paid twenty years ago. Neymar = £19.8m Coutinho = £13m Van Dijk = £7.5 Lawrence £700k I feel better for that 🤣
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