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  1. I agree. Spoilt a bit with Lampard in that he was very likeable. Whoever we get next there will be a divide of opinion as to whether they're liked or not.
  2. Neither were suggestions. I said he will Interview Campbell purely off the back of a good season for him and he's of similar stature to Lampard (but not as clever). I said off the list I'm looking at I'd pick Moyes. The list is pretty poo.
  3. Surely Mel has enjoyed working with a young manager, far more than he would the older generation. For that reason I think he'll opt for a similar appointment. 100% he'll interview Sol Campbell. However, off the list I'm reading I'd go for Moyes. Most will say no, but he'd make us solid.
  4. Anyone saying Lampard isn't ready for Chelsea need to remember that for at least one season at least he'll be fine. Transfer embargo and no expectations. He'll make good and bad decisions, and short of them falling out of the top ten he won't even be questioned. If he'd stayed he had the pressure of either winning at Wembley or going up automatically - anything less would be a failure. I'm not convinced by him, although I do think over time he will achieve something. The big problem now is Mel has to somehow keep the 'feel good' factor around the club. And I half think he's had enough time to surprise us all. Fingers crossed.
  5. Terry just announced he's signed a new contract at Villa. Lampard to announce he's signed a new contract next. But for who. Please be for us!
  6. Said it last week, and I'm sticking with it. John Terry. Where better to start his managerial career than the club who's just given his former colleagues a chance. A club they now know so well and can pass on all the Pro's/Con's (as opposed to him taking over a club he has no information on). Terry developed under the same management as Lampard, and whilst he might be different, surely their ideas are very similar. Like him or loathe him, he will be less of a risk than anyone else. And Lampard will want to leave the club in what he considers to be safe hands. Retain Given. Lampard will have Cech. Derby's stock will remain high and we will continue to attract players.
  7. Chelsea will want Morris more than they want Lampard. But Lampard is the face. Terry to role in IF Lampard and Morris leave.
  8. John Terry to take over. Logical choice. Background information from Frank and Jody, and now has a promotion on his CV. Was looking at taking over at Boro, so must be looking for a suitable opportunity.
  9. If Lampard goes, we should definitely stick the recently retired ex-brilliant player. On the condition that the ex-player had a good football brain. If nothing else it promotes the club. Its either that or we go ugly, appoint Warnock and go up.
  10. I don't understand why we can't make up our own chant. Like a good one. The bounce is great, the words a bit crap. We shouldn't be obsessed with Forest.
  11. I'd like to think Lampard knows his way around the prem and what's required a bit more than Billy Davies - Plus he has something to prove (even if we go up) whilst Clough definitely rated himself as 'Brian Clough #2'.
  12. Not had a ticket for the past two seasons, so only watching on the tele and occasional home game. Not been this season. Don't get me wrong. Hughes was good for us and the play-off final season he pulled all the strings, but that was his neat passing. So really he's comparable to Huddlestone. As well as he's doing at Watford, he's not someone you look for on MOTD unless you're a Derby fan.
  13. Depends whether you're comparing Hughes to Adam Bolder exciting or Asanovic/Eranio/Kinkladze exciting. Good player, but hardly an electric turn of pace, mesmerising skill or even a sodding shot! If you think Hughes drawing in a foul because he didn't have pace to get away from anyone was exciting then you must be loving watching Huddlestone (who by the way has a better passing range than Hughes) run through treacle. Hughes is just the best player to come out of our academy - and definitely not exciting to watch on the whole.
  14. I'm with you. See my last post. I had the same dilemma and I'm now a Derby fan, not a supporter. All we need is one player who 'might' do something amazing (Kinkladze, Le Tissier) for me to want to return. No guarantees they would do something amazing, but I'd still looking forward to seeing if they did. Pass, Pass, Pass has just got stupidly boring and in the Championship you have to have Plans A-E to adapt to the many different styles. When you have Plan A alone you can almost guarantee that you won't be entertained even in the slightest.
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