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  1. Long term reservations, what are they? I'd say 'long term' is exactly the part that gets me excited about Cocu. IF he achieves what hes planning we will have the best academy setup around and will have a clear 'ethos' for any manager to following. It'll be brilliant.
  2. Really not getting all the love for Thorne. Good player but that's about it. Doesn't warrant all this talk.
  3. A more crazy late suggestion. Ravel Morrison on-loan. He's a complete idiot, but him and Rooney together could be fun.
  4. Cocu might be running out of patience. Players are poor and the investment hasn't happened yet. Plus nobody will buy Lawrence. Underneath all of that it sounds like he is piecing his project together, but is it really worth it (for him)? He must be wondering.
  5. They've not selected any game. It's poo.
  6. I thought it was on the BBC. Its shocking how little free football there is to watch in this country. Its a domestic cup. FFS.
  7. Can see a weakened team. Certainly no Bird, Knight, Lowe based on the number of games in five days.
  8. Bird was fantastic last night, loved watching him and Knight. Bird was so composed and passing was neat. Knight really does remind me of a young Roy Keane at Forest.
  9. No the aim has to be promotion still. Of course it does. But its quite clear we're going to 'attempt' to make good use of the academy. Either by developing long term first team players or by selling them for good money, enabling us to dip into the transfer market when needed without it affecting us financially. That's Mel's business head working overtime. Its ambitious really. There's models for success in Holland where it works, but they've been doing it for years. To do it in four years is a challenge, but one I think we need to embrace. I mean I even wonder if we might see better performances now if the atmosphere wasn't so negative. Edit. We're also a far more attractive club in a good area compared to Brentford.
  10. I hate how some fans are more obsessed with instant promotion (at any cost) over long term thinking. Cocu might not guarantee it or even be the man who sees it out. But should he leave Derby I want us to find another man with the same ideas to have another go. We seem to be living through a time where Derby fans literally want everything at once; Promotion of youth, spending big on players, financial security and amazing football. Pick two. Mine is Promotion of youth and financial security. Looks like most of you would choose, spending big and amazing football. We've been there, done that, yet here we still are.
  11. I bet in reality he says very little at all. I’d love to know who’s idea Rosenoir and Rooney was. It’s a factor if Cocu isn’t totally on board with all this input from ‘coaches’. And another reason he needs time to decide what is and isn’t working off the pitch.
  12. Makes you wonder is Rosenior is pretending to know the ins and outs of every team. Surely he’s more of a hindrance than help. I don’t even understand where his vast knowledge of this championship comes from. Surely Rooney knows just as much. You could be right. Too many cooks!
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