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  1. Because he isn’t getting any younger and isn’t getting any game time. And hasn’t really for some time.
  2. I’m not blaming Keogh at all. But many do. The stick that guy gets you’d think he’d leave. But I doubt he could earn as much elsewhere or even play for a club as good as Derby. An example of being comfortable. Martin should really be throwing a transfer request in. But I guess again that he’s comfortable. Be nice if Lawrence practiced something other than free kicks.
  3. Lawrence. Does he look comfortable prancing around not really earning his wage?. Someone mentioned Keogh being the highest paid player. He puts the effort in but is prone to mistakes and there’s a lot of fans want him gone. Now if he wasn’t at Derby where realistically would he move to?
  4. I’m not sure I follow you. Im not saying they lack effort, quality, experience, etc. Individually (apart from Lawrence). Collectively they do. It doesn’t matter if the highest paid player puts the effort in, if the loan signing doesn’t - for example. The squad overall lacks quality. And a leader who isn’t prone to errors which leads to half the supporters saying he should leave every other game.
  5. Where did I say that I wanted to avoid anything? Playing players out of position obviously doesn’t apply to all players, like the stupid comment about Martin playing on the wing (above). I gave an option at RB as someone said we were only playing Lowe there because we had nobody else. Yet we have Keogh who’s played there before and then we have cover at centre half. I’m not saying it should happen am I.
  6. A) a general statement, not singling anyone out. Clough put together a hungry squad. He wasn’t able to coach them to the best of their ability. McClaren was. To me we have a lot of passengers who aren’t good enough for Derby, or the level we wish to get to, on decent contracts. Win, lose or draw they’re better off at Derby than they would be dropping down. B) agreed. But that isn’t what Morris wants. Whether you agree or not, he wants to build something sustainable. Not risk losing it all for a season at the top table. C) I think we will invest heavily (within our means) in January. But maybe in order to get the number of signings in Cocu wants we have to ruthlessly get players out. The transfer windows are critical because of the time between them. Unfortunately the summer window was ahead of our appointment and we were left with options that wouldn’t have been our first.
  7. Yeah wouldn’t work in the normal workplace. But in football it’s different. Don’t like the coach and what you’re being asked to do, then look confused till he’s sacked. And repeat.
  8. Well yeah, it’s one step forward. Well done 🙄
  9. There are players in the squad who are definitely too comfortable. Good wage, good club and probably won’t get better if they left. What I’m getting at is they can easily down tools, help the manager out the door and then carry on with the next manager. I think he realises that promotion would damage the overall development of the club. To go up we need to invest money (we maybe don’t have). To stay up you need to spend more again and then it’s pot luck if you’re good enough to stay there. It would be better for the club, and Cocu, to build a real promotion push with an eye of staying in the Prem for years. Not just getting there for a parachute payment. Im not saying I’m right. Of course I’m not. But I like to think Cocu has more idea of what he’s doing that is perceived by a team sheet or result. I want to believe that in five years time were in the Prem to stay, with a style and a structure that’s sustainable. Not that we’ve had three managers (who are all bang average and have limited ideas).
  10. They’re both on loan. They will go back. Cocu had to sign someone but had next to no time to assess what he needed. Do you not think players are too comfortable sitting on a good wage?
  11. You mean Dowell who was very good at Forest and is six games in at a new environment. And Paterson who was exciting at Bristol and has yet to really feature for Derby?
  12. My thoughts re. Cocu and how his brain is working right now are; 1. He has no intention of promotion this season. Because if we did, the money and squad isn’t there to stay, equalling another miserable season. Most fans are way too impatient to look beyond the next result. 2. He wants the majority of the squad out. He’s trying to upset them by calling them out and replacing them with youth. 3. He’s using youth for the above but also trying to develop them to either generate money or first team players. 4. He’s intentionally playing players out of position to stress them and make them better. I suspect it’s a common tactic at Dutch clubs who have a ridiculous history of developing young players and making foreign players better. It’s almost a school of football. 5. He trusts Keogh and Huddlestone because they’re literally the only senior players we have with experience and a will to help others. Regardless of their ability they vocally help and encourage. Best of a bad bunch. 6. The players aren’t intelligent enough for him and until he replaces with better models we will look confused, because the players are actually confused. They’re also too comfortable on their wage and achieving nothing every season. 7. There’s an element of him exposing how bad the squad is to say to Mel ‘I need some funds in January’. 8. He’s making us look a bit less glam so we don’t get screwed in the transfer windows. He wants something better than Butterfield for £4m. 9. He plays some players out of position to improve them. Lowe has to use his right foot occasionally. Holmes may now be a little more defensively aware down his right hand side. 10. We may flirt with relegation but only till January. Rooney won’t accept a lack of effort. And new signings will arrive. That’s just my take on it. I do believe Cocu is quality and probably more old school than people are now used to or will to be patient with. Don’t be fooled by the Lampard Season. It wasn’t that great - it just had a twist in Leeds. The bounce papers over the fact that he too, played Bennett up front alone and kept Marriott on the bench at Wembley. And we also relied too heavily on players who were never in a million years going to be a long term addition to Derby County.
  13. Forgot about Hendrick. Was referring to Hughes. Bogle worth plenty now but hasn’t been sold. Correct, but getting promoted within our means. That’s not saying we won’t spend in Jan but as you’ve touched on, players have to attract the attention of clubs. More likely someone will note a youth player who’s getting into the England U19 squad than a player like Martin. Not promotes in twelve years. I’m sure we can continue to be patient and trust the manager. He’s not Paul Jewell.
  14. But we've not been promoted for twelve years. And we're not owned by an Arab with Gazillions to freely spend to get us back there. Instead we're owned by a businessman with Derby at heart, who's recruited a manager who will make some of our academy players recruit-able. We've made good money on one academy graduate in the twelve years since our disastrous Premier League season. Can you really see our academy players having more of a chance to play if we're promoted? especially when we have a large majority of supporters who would rather us play our 'experienced' players in a cup game. A cup game that every single other upper tier team uses to give their squad players an opportunity.
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