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  1. Would love to be a fly on the walle
  2. On the contrary i think its coming home. Brexit was the best decision the country made and the right party runs the country. To top it off i still fit in a size 32! Not sure Derby will ever make it back though so based on that.. could be better!
  3. If I am honest I would happily cash in on buchannan. Congrats to him though
  4. My vote! Surprised he won it over bielik but it’s the right choice due to consistency and amount of games
  5. They are both unreliable if you ask me
  6. If this happened to be bang on any idea what we face sanction wise?
  7. We are staying up. Be happy this Terrible season has ended with a positive ending!
  8. I feel like I am actually well enough to go into work now
  9. Up for a bit of pre match encouragement. What time are we saying? 10.30?
  10. Derby would leave it until last game and survive by beating sheff w comfortably.
  11. A coach trains the team and sets them up. A manager has a bigger role in recruitment and man managing. Reading the book pride theree a few ex players like bryson who criticise his man managing. But yes his win percentage does speak volumes
  12. Always felt Mcclaren only had a Plan A and was happy to see him go both times. I felt some squads should have been getting top 2 and he perhaps underachieved with us. I see him as a fantastic coach but not so great of a manager. However i was looking yesterday at win percentages and he has a very impressive record - one of our top managers. So statistically for Derby he has been very good so i am now in two minds about a possibility of a MAC3 not sure how much involvement he is having with Rooney. Rooney always seems to shut down any suggestions of Mcclaren helping out.
  13. Its a good point. Odds in our favour to stay up. Hopefully a win saturday for some breathing space!
  14. I see society has made good progress by not discriminating people by the colour of their skin and long may it continue. However i can see by the 'loves' and your responses that it is still ok to discriminate someone for their hair colour? If it is wrong to make jokes about someone for their skin why is it not for their hair? Obviously i am saddened and offended from the reaction.
  15. Would you make the same joke about skin colour as you do hair?
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