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    Simsy reacted to Millenniumram in Rams with and without Huddlestone starting   
    But we don’t need energy, we need someone with some bleeding composure that isn’t like a wild dog been let free. There’s Plenty of good midfielders in the championship, but none in Huddlestones role who are better than him
  2. Haha
    Simsy reacted to JuanFloEvraTheCocu'sNesta in Ipswich Town vs Derby County Match Thread   
    We need to win tonight. We should win tonight. For some reason I have a horrible feeling we wont win tonight.
  3. COYR
    Simsy reacted to Topram in Efe Ambrose - Signed on short term deal   
  4. COYR
    Simsy reacted to Curtains in Reg Harrison given freedom of the City.   
    Well done Reg last serving Derby County  FA Cup Winner. 
    Honoured  today at the Council House. 
  5. Like
    Simsy reacted to Millenniumram in Derby County v Hull City Match thread.   
    Bogle Keogh Tomori Cole
    King Holmes
    Waghorn Marriott Wilson
    Now that’s a proper team, not that weak ass poo we put out the other night. Hull are decent but nowt special, need the win him. Press as a team, be patient with our passing and FFS stop some crosses and we’ll be aight. For gods sake get Cole in as well, love Malone on the ball but he was slaughtered by hulls wingers last time we played them and I’ve seen nothing in his defensive abilities that suggests he’ll play better this time either.
  6. Clap
    Simsy reacted to Topram in Andy King - Signed on Loan   
    Bogle Keogh Tomori Malone/Cole
    King Mount
    Wilson Marriott Waghorn 
    good side that 
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    Simsy got a reaction from Wolfie in Will MM sanction a CB for Frank   
    We will be fine- Wisdom had a very good season before joining us as a CB-  it is us that decided to put him back as a right back.
    Also Evans can play CB.  It's not ideal i will admit that but Keogh never seems to be injured and if Tomori was to get injured which is a big IF then we would cope with either of these 2.
    Watch both get injured now I have said that then yes we are in 'poo street'
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    Simsy reacted to Smyth_18 in Kelle Roos   
    What did he do wrong here? What problem did it cause us?
    We was exposed on the right hand side and in the end he put in a good tackle.
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    Simsy reacted to David in DCFC Fans 10 Years Online, Thank You!   
    10 years, that’s a long time.
    29th January 2009, a date which is tattooed on my wrist was the start of something which has played a huge part in my life.
    Away from the football and the disagreements over Irish centre backs, manager sackings, FFP and ticket prices, this community has been there with amazing support, advice and puns, not just for myself but fellow fans.
    Over the years I’ve had many fans contact me privately to say thank you for creating this platform, each one a reminder of what we have become in a toxic social media world.
    I say we because this isn’t about me, I can put the code and guidelines in place but to steal a line from the Derby County marketing team, without you dcfcfans.uk is nothing.
    Thank you.
    I would also like to say a special thank you to a few people...
    Boycie (Paul), thank’s for the socket in my kitchen you installed.
    Thank you to the moderators, past and present, for giving up their spare to help keep you all inline and us online.
    It’s a thankless job at the best of times, but one that is hugely appreciated. With over 20,000 posts some months, I would never be able to have an afternoon nap without you.
    Thank you to Mel Morris, not just for the sausages, but for being so supportive of the forum and taking a genuine interest in the fans.
    From speaking to you over the years, seeing you online reading match threads at 1am on Sunday mornings, I know how much this club means to you. I really hope your tenure is rewarded with the Premier League football it deserves, would help boost advert revenue as well. Just saying.
    Finally, thank you to Grace our Supporters Liaison Officer who has chased players signatures this last week at late notice for a DCFCFANS 10 shirt I’ve had printed.
    I was given permission to frame and hang in the living room as long as I dust it, which I will, every day. Not everyday you’re going to have Frank Lampard and Ashley Cole at your club is it? Still all feels a little surreal.
    It’s been an incredible 10 years, here’s to the next 10 🍻....
  10. Clap
    Simsy reacted to Paul71 in League & FA Cup 18/19   
    I know. But had the referee not blown for an incorrect decision it would have been a corner.
    Surely common sense should prevail. No one was going to stop it going out for a corner. 
    If a drop ball is deemed to be the correct outcome why not allow it to be contested? 
  11. Cheers
    Simsy reacted to Paul71 in League & FA Cup 18/19   
    Its a matter of opinion, but my view is why should one team progress in the same competition because technology was in place but another doesnt progress because it was absent.
    I would agree it it was present in the Premier League but not the Championship. But for example if they do have in the PL and pick and choose games, what if the last game of the season Man City are awarded a VAR penalty, score and win, but Man Utd have a similar incident that should have been a penalty but because VAR wasnt present they only draw the game and lose the PL by one point.
    I accept it could happen with no VAR present if the Ref makes a mistakes but if we are using technology to improve the decision making it should be used to benefit all teams not just a select few.
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    Simsy reacted to cosmic in Kelle Roos   
    I saw those two weird ‘late’ dives as Roos warming himself up and releasing a bit of tension. He’d not been given a lot to do, so took it as opportunity to sharpen his reactions and get into the game a bit.
    Regardless, he was ready to make that cracking low save when he was called upon in the last few minutes.
  13. Clap
    Simsy reacted to Ghost of Clough in Kelle Roos   
    They were the sort of doves you make when you know it’s going wide, but you dive for the sake of it anyway. 
    Let’s judge him on the saves he does make, and the goals he’s conceded. So far, so good in my opinion. 
  14. Roll Eyes
    Simsy reacted to Anag Ram in Kelle Roos   
    Kelle Roos is nowhere near as good as Carson. 
    Carson has had a run of games in which he has underperformed but his skills are far superior.
    I was hugely alarmed when Roos made two dives yesterday about a second after the ball passed the goal. He is out of his depth.
    I congratulate him on the save from the free kick but we will need better if we are to make a promotion push.
  15. Haha
    Simsy reacted to Steve How Hard? in Accrington - A Proper Club   
    I once got charged with indecent exposure but escaped a fine due to a lack of evidence............
    It was an extremely cold day that day.😳
  16. Haha
    Simsy reacted to Millenniumram in Kelle Roos   
    Martyn Waghorn has as many goals in the fa cup this month as Martin in 2 years in all competitions 
  17. Clap
    Simsy reacted to McLovin in Kelle Roos   
    When have I been anti Carson before? I’m simply identifying a weakness in his game, or do you want me to lie and say Carson is the best goalkeeper ever? Carson has made saves like that from further distances. When in positions like that to what Roos faced though he is too slow to dive. Roos is far more agile. Carson and Roos bring different things. In a team that sits back like under Rowett, I’d prefer CArson but in a passing team I prefer goalkeepers in the mould of Lee Grant or Roos.
  18. Clap
    Simsy reacted to McLovin in Kelle Roos   
    Carson wouldn’t have saved that free kick in my view. What a save by Roos. That’s what Roos brings over CArson, he’s a lot more agile whereas it would have taken Carson longer to dive.
  19. Clap
    Simsy reacted to REDCAR in Accrington Stanley vs Derby County FA Cup 4th Round Matchday Thread   
    Got two to fetch in the morning... buzzin
  20. Clap
    Simsy reacted to Steve How Hard? in Promotion my arse   
    I sincerely hope both Frank and Ashley are behind him.
  21. Haha
    Simsy reacted to Carnero in 19/20 Season Ticket Information   
    Or she's just reached 65?
  22. Clap
    Simsy reacted to StevenageRam in Playoff final   
    Never have and never will watch that again
  23. Like
    Simsy reacted to 86 points in Keogh's Derby promotion crusade   
    Keogh's a absolute legend. Always going to have a few folk knocking him but in all honesty, I couldn't care less for their opinions. The man would run through walls for the club and that's more than good enough for me. 
  24. COYR
    Simsy reacted to Carl Sagan in Keogh's Derby promotion crusade   
    A good article from the skipper in the DET:
    "I know where this club should be, I know how big the club is and I stand by what I said when I signed - this club deserves to be in the Premier League and I won't stop giving everything I've got to try to make that happen.
    "I like where we are. I like where we are as a group, I like the quality and the mix of young and experienced players, and the manager and the coaching staff that we've got."
  25. Roll Eyes
    Simsy reacted to B4ev6is in Ashley Cole is a Ram   
    I am not convinced by ashley cole on 15k a week could been spemt else were.

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