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  1. Simsy

    Ashley Cole

    Nope he’s out of contract in the summer
  2. Simsy

    Kelle Roos

    Credit to Roos another good game.
  3. Simsy

    A song for the Play-off Final

    Interesting... Anyone want to think of a song for the FA cup final?
  4. Simsy

    Craig Bryson

    Yes- They mentioned there was some offside action going off!
  5. Simsy

    Craig Bryson

    an absolute engine. Even though he was clearly shagged he refused to stop running.
  6. Simsy

    Snake City watch

    Shouldn’t have sacked rowett!
  7. Simsy

    Club 84 - Supporter’s Group

    Looks a bad start. No reply to all the questions since the opening post!
  8. He never was that good in my opinion. Never been able to claim a cross and never been able to distribute that well. Hes a good solid shot stopper though and he’s done his best but change will hopefully be good.
  9. Simsy


    I would sell him for 10m absolutely. we need the money to invest elsewhere so I am sure we can get a very good offer if burnley are genuinely interested.
  10. Simsy

    Change of formation needed!

    Change a formation because we lost to the league leaders? this formation has us up in 6th.
  11. Yeah Lowe isnt good enough but a lot of our younger players are not either. Hopefully all improve as they get older.
  12. Simsy

    18/19 January Transfer Suggestion Thread

    Do you think so? I actually think he's telling the truth.
  13. Simsy

    Ethan Ampadu

    Quite deep indeed- not quite as deep as some other chairman there though! come on Mel do you really love us? :P
  14. Simsy

    Little Duane

    Absolutely outstanding today. Certain starter Friday surely.
  15. Simsy

    18/19 January Transfer Suggestion Thread

    Just realised this too.

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