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  1. Lawrence is one of the most frustrating players I have watched. Mainly because he has the talent but appears to lack the decision making side of things. Obviously still quite young and can improve but some weeks I think I would happily cash in other weeks I see him as quite important. Hopefully he can kick on and show his ability.
  2. Outstanding ?? Didn't make a save I wouldn't expect and his kicking was poor.
  3. There is still a possibility we get promoted this season...
  4. He hasn't even played and you want him gone already?
  5. just as many as Lawrence has for England...
  6. But Chris Martin is on a lot...
  7. I like the fact our chairman is passionate for the club. Despite his mistakes I would rather someone who has the clubs interest at heart as opposed to someone who has no connection and most likely is looking to make money.
  8. The obsession with youth has hurt us. Is Bird ready? Will Bennett make it at this level? Is Holmes good enough to be a starter each week? Is Bogle going to stop making costly mistakes? in an ideal world I would like to have seen all the above loaned out as I think the answer for all those is no. seems like plenty of derby fans are desperate to have a break through player when reality is they just currently are not good enough for a play off challenging side.
  9. Now looking like best case scenario
  10. When I seen the line up I was expecting a defeat now I am fearing 4 or 5
  11. Sheffield United and Brighton come to mind- both sides took a few seasons to get to the performance levels they are at now. Sheff united more recently of course. This obsession with instant success is one of the worst parts of the game for me. The amount of clubs constantly sacking managers. I am sure there are plenty of examples where managers have been poor but in the long run turned it all around.
  12. another silly post. Lets be honest we lost to a side who are similar level to us away from home. We are having a bad spell but we are still in contention for a top 6 something I didn't expect for this season. Sacking the manager for instant success is not the answer- lets try have some stability for once.
  13. Better to be optimistic than pessimistic- being an optimist means you are a cheerful character to be around and that's infectious. Being pessimistic that too many fans are these days, also is infectious- which only has a negative impact. Think we all need to be more a of a realist. Derby County new manager new style of play 7th in the table. We are not underachieving with that in my opinion as before lampard I was expected a mid table season with the ageing squad and style of play.
  14. We are lucky to have Keogh
  15. Nope. Chris Martin isn't in high demand for a reason. He was at his very best for us but time to look forward not back.
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