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  1. I agree with b4. I enjoy listening to Ramage his passion really comes through. Eric may be more intellectual but bores the hell out of me.
  2. Are we that desperate that we want to start Chris martin? He hasn't been good for a while now.
  3. Ours are not great but there is a big difference between 30 and 39...
  4. What happens when both teams play at home 3pm Saturday? Surely in that case your friends go to Bramall lane?
  5. So Carson is pretty much giving up on his playing career. Will get a nice wage and is at the best team in the country but third choice goalkeeper! thought he may have a few playing years left yet.
  6. 1.5m! rather keep him on our bench for that price.
  7. I will try and be fair about him- His football style I would describe as counter attacking at best, but it can be effective. Expect solid defensive performances and perhaps an improvement on recent league finishes. (6 defensive players) However if you do get him in expect any flair players to not be as effective or sold. Like a lot of managers has no loyalty and finally he seems to get a lot of draws! (he benched the leagues top scorer in the play offs for us for 'tactical reasons'- let that sink in.) so positives: 1. Organised football and could get you higher in the league. 2. He wont be coming back here.
  8. Come on Frank- you know it makes sense to send him here.
  9. Stats from last season would say otherwise
  10. Just being honest mate. We have lost a lot of players and key players last season were loans. We need to replenish/improve on those players to be able to compete at the top end of the table. Will back the lads regardless though.
  11. Makes me wonder if we should go in for pantillimon
  12. When we get some players through the door I will be excited. For now I'm fearing mediocracy
  13. Darren moore odds on now. Wouldn't get the same buzz as cocu
  14. Fair point. Hopefully both can rediscover form from the 2014 season. Just can't see it. Wouldn't mind being wrong though!
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