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  1. If it wasn't for a gift you wouldn't have scored either. Let's see how convincing you are at our place!
  2. Don't think I have ever seen a Derby player give more on a pitch than Keogh. Every single game he would come off that pitch drenched in sweat. Those saying he could have stayed if he took a big wage cut need to answer why he should get a big wage cut and TL and MB don't! One rule for one.. Probably why Keogh didn't agree to it. From what we know he didn't even commit an unlawful act he was just unlucky to be the one who got the bad injury from it!
  3. What did Roos do wrong yesterday? Kept us in it first half.
  4. So if he’s played his last game for DC can he not come early??
  5. Think he means to the pub. So best to get off at westcombe park for that pub?
  6. I agree with @RiddingsRam Lawrence played very well.
  7. The last one couldn’t catch either but he is deemed as our best keeper since poom! Roos is a scapegoat
  8. I actually can’t believe fans are willing to boycott the club because a few individuals bought shame on us. It’s disgraceful what happened but I love DCFC that much I could not imagine turning my back on the club. Let the courts and club deal with the offenders. Let’s do our bit and show our passion for our club. anyone willing to turn their back on Derby can go as far as I am concerned.
  9. Good decision couldn’t give it tom after that video
  10. First home win today. End on a high after a low week.
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