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  1. No matter what you say about johnson you cant argue the fact that with him we had more bite
  2. Performances have been there lately but scorelines havent shown that. Someone is going to get it and its going to be the red dogs! 4-0 Derby i have bet at 125/1! I will buy the thunderbirds shirt with the first goal scorer on the back if we win!
  3. Available on rams tv? I thought 3pm games on a saturday cant be shown in uk?
  4. I am not voting out because I always feel we need stability as opposed to sacking a manager when he only had half a transfer window. However I am concerned. The 4-2-3-1 has not worked all season. When we played the diamond or two up front we create so many more chances I just can not understand why we play one striker. I think itโ€™s obvious Martin is not prolific enough and if he is to play we need to have someone playing off him. The square pegs in round holes concern me. Bogle as a winger, Holmes in DM, Lawrence up top at times and Forsyth CB (ok we have no other natural choice but wisdom played a few seasons there and I think could do a job). I am worried we play youngsters when they are not good enough- I firmly believe in the loan system and if they are good enough they are old enough. Would love to start by changing the system as it has not worked all season. So come on Cocu show your class.
  5. Anything less than 15m would be an insult and poor business by us.
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