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  1. Doesnt matter it will be another loss! Marshall Byrne MTW Clarke Buchanan Shinnie Holmes Sibley Rooney Jozwiak Jack
  2. How is Rooney getting slack? We massively improved when he joined and i actually think hes still doing ok. He showed moments of class today but admittedly at fault for goal 4. I think he needs to play AM though. Max Bird escapes criticism all the time! So overrated.
  3. Take the positives. Jozwiak looks great so does byrne. Marriott off the mark and first teamers to return. Result wasnt a fair one either. Still 44 games to go!
  4. Don't care it was years ago- don't care what Bournemouth fans say. Sign him up! Jozwiak and Ibe = Promotion. Ok maybe going a little OTT but don't piss on my fire please 🙂
  5. 3 goals from the wing in 90 games would be a huge dissapointment.
  6. In my eyes Rooneys main weakness is that he wants to be involved too much. Explaining this- he drops deeper all the time to try dictate play but with the strength we have anyway in the holidng areas I would like Rooney further forward. He is a goal scorer and by dropping deep we lose that threat with him. Get him in the 'No.10 role' and allow Bielik/Bird/Shinnie to do a job behind.
  7. Would like to have Max as our starting left back. Forsyth and Wisdom for rotation purposes with Bogle a regular on the right. With Max and Bogle as full backs we could do a lot worse!
  8. *tin hat on* I think he is average. Never hit double figures for goals and is not a stand out player by any means in the division. He's probably worse than Lawrence. Would be an OK signing but I would rather better if possible.
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