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  1. Hope he recovers quick, big Leeds fan too 😊
  2. Leeds united formed 1919. Ppg: 1.919. Leeds united top. The stars have aligned 😘
  3. Always thought it strange with these new stadiums, that no home end, kop, was designed in to the build. Seems a basic to me. Only spurs have done this.
  4. wages 60% (max) of turnover. Job done 😄
  5. Should be players paying the bl**dy agents fee not the club.
  6. If wages were fixed at 60% of whatever the income is then parachute payments could be scrapped. On relegation from the prem a teams wages would plummet automatically to be within 60% of the new reduced turnover. Much fairer for all club in the championship.
  7. I agree but the rules state different. I've put before, 60% of turnover to wages limit that's it. Turnover should be any money coming in, rich owner, so what.
  8. Just guessing really but that must be it. At 80m Derby made a 12m profit. At 41m they would have made another massive loss of 27m so over the 3 years way over the limit. Just can't think of anything else.
  9. Efl got someone in to value the ground. That must have shown the massive over valuation so now it effects that 3 year period.
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