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  1. Vienna

    Our fans

    Nope, no bounce and don’t know whether Lampard will turn out to be a good manager or not, but surely if we’ve learnt nothing else over the past few years one thing we should understand is that constantly changing the manager leads only to failure
  2. Vienna

    Our fans

    You miss my point - absolutely accept we were very poor today, outclassed with not one player deserving of credit but if you don’t turn up (having spent good money to do so) and support the team why, out of genuine interest, do you bother? not blaming fans for the performance - that sits 100% with the players and the manager, but why do fans turn up if ONLY to criticise virtually from the start?
  3. Do we have the worst fans in England? Select a player and destroy as soon as possible - yes today Evans was poor, but the morons around me today seemed intent on destroying any confidence he may have started with, as previously with Butterfield, Johnson, Keogh to name but a few. Likewise let’s change our manager again - that will help, not!! For f***’s sake support the team or go and support Forest. P.S we were rubbish today!!
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