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  1. Team for Wednesday? Marshall Byrne Wisdom Clarke Buchanan Bird Knight Shinnie Jozwiak Waghorn Hector-Ingram
  2. Does anyone else get the feeling that we’re just not quite as fit as most over squads? I genuinely believe that the quality we have matches most others in this league but for 2 years (maybe Cocu’s style) we just aren’t quite up to speed. I watch Leeds today and like them or loath them (probably the latter) their speed of play is light years ahead of us - in part the quality of some of their players, but equally they simply seem fitter than us?
  3. My point was not to start another debate about Martin’s contribution to Derby - that is clear. It was more a questioning of the view that all would have been ok if he was still our main man - yes I think we’d have been slightly better with him than has been the case (couldn’t be much worse I hear you say). Clearly as many have said failure to sign a quality CF was our biggest mistake, not the departure of Martin.
  4. I am a man of few words - my greatest work goes largely unnoticed!
  5. That’s my point - not so much a criticism of Martin, who was a great servant for Derby - partly a positive reflection on Wisdom and Clarke who I thought had a good game - but also a belief that I’d take Diedhiou over Martin any day of the week.
  6. Whilst accepting our current forwards are woefully inadequate doesn’t yesterday’s performance by Martin, where Wisdom and Clarke had him in their back pockets, only serve to confirm that the decision not to offer him a long / lucrative new contract was the right one - and that he wouldn’t have been the answer to our problems?
  7. Derby = Wolves; similar size, similar fan base, similar history, similar appeal to investors - more meaningful comparison. Not the say the same success will be achieved however.
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