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  1. How long have you been asking him to come down the pub? Oh hang on...
  2. So is he better or worse than Patrick Bamford?
  3. Not often in the know but apparently we're talking to Head & Shoulders to see if they'll cover Joe Hart's wages.🤐
  4. Exactly my first thought, however I also thought we should sign Simon Sluga on the basis of his surname 🤣
  5. What's this I'm hearing about us signing an idle ram?
  6. Don't think of it as a mess. Think of it as boho-chic.
  7. Or about five minutes before we realise the new dutch recruit has signed in the wrong place.
  8. If only you could bet on such things, @Owd miner would be smashing ten grand on it!
  9. Stuff it, we're in the posh seats to bring the tone down again 😂 Sorry @angieram
  10. Anybody notice on the first page it says parts of the East Stand are closed and on the confirmation page that the North Stand is closed despite it allowing me to buy tickets for the North Stand?
  11. What a very polite way of saying the people you normally sit near to are really beginning to get on your wick 🤣
  12. Ooh, out of the posh seats. Where you going to sit?
  13. I'm not sure about the idea that the kids will only be a success if they win promotion. Following that logic, you'd only be able to take satisfaction in one season out of the last 17 seasons and ironically that would have been watching a Billy Davies team. I think you can already justifiably call Cocu's approach a success. And here's why. In early December I think may of us were counting down the days until the transfer window opened and we could bring in four or five players to rejuvenate the squad. The rise and rise of Knight, the emergence of Bird and the introduction of Sibley alone has probably saved the club between 5 and 10 million pounds. I also think the emergence of Whittaker has saved us a couple of million if you consider we paid 2.5mil for FloJo. I'm convinced he's a coming force and once he's got a first goal, he'll fly. I'd also suggest that if we re-visited the value of the players named in the OP in 12 months time it will make Mel's 24mil investment in the academy look very shrewd.
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