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  1. They didnt drop much after the signings. They have dropped much more overnight....i suspect the bookies have got wind of some covid news in the huddersfield camp. I took a punt on backing Derby on Skybet when the odds were 5, suspecting the lay odds might drop once the Huddersfield players had their covid tests. The lay odds on Derby are now 2.74, which means I will get a good profit on my back bet.
  2. Your liability is tied up as soon as you place the lay bet, so you need a sufficient balance
  3. yes, thats just about it. By laying a bet you are saying that an outcome will not happen...i.e Derby wont get relegated. You can do this on the exchanges (Betfair, Smarkets, Matchbook, Betdaq). It can be a risky strategy because of the liability you have to pay out, should your lay bet fail.
  4. Betfair exchange are offering odds of 2.7 for Derby to get relegated. Alternatively you can lay them at odds of 4 (with liability, should that bet fail).
  5. Not really a celeb, but ive seen seen Geoff Hoon at Pride Park on many occasions.
  6. somebody like Brentford will sign him for a million and sell him on for 20 million a couple of years later. We could have done with Timi this year....DCFC were very shortsighted in letting him go.
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