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  1. wingfieldram

    EU Nations league

    I was just checking out what channel the England game was on, only to find that its exclusive to Sky. Is this the first time that this has happened?. Absolute disgrace.
  2. wingfieldram

    The Preview Show | Reading v Derby

    Good show. enjoyed that
  3. wingfieldram

    v Wolves (H) Match Thread

    Speaking of Johnson.......I thought he looked good when he came on.
  4. wingfieldram

    v Mansfield Town (A) Match Thread

    Does anyone know if you are able to print these tickets.....I know you can normally, but cant seem to see the option on this occasion. Only just got back off of holiday and cant travel down to Pride Park tomorrow to collect.
  5. wingfieldram

    Marcus Maddison

    That still annoys me. Was it 1.5m that he went for?.
  6. wingfieldram

    Peak District

    i Sorry, i was thinking back to the 80s with the Chinese. The lady wife remembers it....wasn't it a veggie restaurant at one point. Firs Parade is an eyesore. What concerns me, in Matlock , is the new housing developments being built on the A6.....ugly as hell!!
  7. wingfieldram

    Peak District

    I cant remember a Vietnamese on Firs Parade....thought it was a Chinese.....as was Mr Lees
  8. wingfieldram

    Derby V Fulham: POS First Leg in a Nutshell

    I like the numbered bullet style
  9. wingfieldram

    ST Money Back & “the bet”....

    I was going to take this bet when we were in second place, when odds for Derby not to go up would have been at their best. Having spent £1500 on season tickets I was contemplating placing £1000 on the bet, but I dithered and dithered and Derbys form collapsed, therefore diminishing the odds (I imagine). Kicking myself now for my prolonged dithering.
  10. wingfieldram


    Stop it!!....you are getting me all stiff!
  11. wingfieldram

    Will Hughes Article

    Admittedly, I have had a few beers tonight.....but reading that article has made me feel really sad. I loved watching Will play for Derby. It was a joy and worth the admission fee alone. I cant quite forgive Gary for dismissing such a unique talent. I question his judgment for that reason alone.
  12. wingfieldram

    Derby County Football Club vs Middlesbrough

    He actually said the "team needed a pat on the back". He actually used the wrong term. I took it that he was suggesting that the team was in a bad place at the moment and basically needed support and a big hug from the fans. He certainly wasnt suggesting that they should get a pat on the back for yesterdays performance. Thats how I read it , anyway.
  13. wingfieldram

    Derby County Football Club vs Middlesbrough

    Just about to weep into my beer!!!!
  14. wingfieldram

    Your all time classic tracks

    He was on 6 music recently. From what I recall, he took a massive break from music after his brother and mother died in the late 1980s. This tragedy affected his creativity and drive. There was a documentary called The Inertia Variations, all about him, released last year. I also heard (what I think was) his return to singing last year...again on 6 music. His voice sounded just as good
  15. wingfieldram

    Derby County: Delivering on the vision

    Good blog Feisty. I enjoyed reading it.

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