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  1. Mitrovic and Grabbon

    Those signings demonstrated ambition. Mitrovic has probably sealed the deal for Fulham. The signing of Jerome just felt flat and completely unambitious. Quite simply, we failed to capitalise on the position we were in. High hopes for Palmer though.
  2. Derby County vs Fulham

    On the subject of supporters, I was really surprised at the Fulham fans yesterday. They brought more than they usually do (rough guess at 2000), but they didnt break into song very often and, generally, were quite quiet. Not very impressive at all. As for the booing, I didnt notice any in the west stand. Just noticed the loud boos around the ground at half time and a few boos on the final whistle. I thought our fans were quite audible and supportive yesterday. Then again, I had had a few! I agree with Inverurie Ram. Booing doesnt help matters, it can bring the team down, make them nervous, apprehensive and reluctant to try anything different. Time for another Rhubarb wine!!
  3. Derby County vs Fulham

    The problem with that is that Johnson cant pass. He gives the ball away half of the time which puts us on the back foot. We have very few options in midfield which is a real worry.
  4. Will it be on?

    Wish i could Jagerbob. The ground should be mental, the position we are in. We really really need to up it!!
  5. Season tickets for next year, whose renewed

    4 season tickets to purchase for me......the wife and me plus 19 year old daughter and 17 year old son. It costs a lot, but worth it as it creates a terrific bond plus we love watching derby....the whole ritual....travelling down....a few pints and hopefully 3 points.. Just wish we could up the atmosphere at pride park!
  6. Will it be on?

    Looking forward to it. Will be having a few pints before the match. Lets get behind the lads. No moaning....just lots of encoragement and noise. It may just work!!
  7. Derby fallers

    So has anyone got a link?
  8. Derby County v Brentford F.C.

    That first train back to Matlock, after the match, is always crammed. It makes for a better matchday experience to have a few post match pints in the Brunswick and catch the later train. Ps......are you sure that there is a 17.25 train?. ....looks like its 17.53 to me.
  9. Derby County F.C. v Bristol City F.C.

    Let me pour you another
  10. Derby County F.C. v Bristol City F.C.

    Just got back from the match and sat down with a pint. Quite a frustrating match, though I think we played well in large chunks of the game....certainly deserved to win. Our main problems were in the final third.....we had the chances, but lacked the clinical finish. Also, how many times did we have the ball in wide promising positions only to put a poor ball in. Our crossing from the wings into the penalty area seems so random. We seem to bang it in there without looking where our players are, so promising attacks turn to crap. Our best players......Keogh, Davies, Wisdom and Huddlestone. Most frustrating player.....Russell......how can he be so good and so bad in the same match. He could be such a great player if he managed some degree of consistency. Referee.....poor. Some real crap decisions. i need to re watch the Jerome penalty appeal.....but it looked a definite to me. Lets hope the results go in our favour tomorrow
  11. Beer Thread

    Just about to indulge in a Jaipur X .......(10 %)......very very tasty
  12. best of luck.....
  13. strange....have you placed a bet. not sure if this will work...but worth a try
  14. have you tried going to the actual match bet and clicking on play

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