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    bimmerman got a reaction from r_wilcockson in Crowd-funding to keep us playing?   
    Set up a crowdfunder with some form of i.d. so people know it'll go to the club. It can't hurt,like you say,if everyone did what they could afford it would help somewhere along the line
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    bimmerman reacted to CBRammette in A Supporters Trust   
    I just feel we need to do something not sleepwalk to oblivion
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    bimmerman reacted to Red Ram in Mel Morris interview on Radio Derby 1pm   
    This was the part of the interview that made the least sense of all though. It's a real pity neither Nicholson or Dawes challenged him on it or at least asked him to elaborate.
    If Mel was prepared to let the club go for nothing as long as the debt was paid off, how does it benefit a potential purchaser to wait for us to go into Administration? The purchase price was already zero and as per Keiran Maguire's analysis, the excellent summary here https://www.football365.com/news/Derby-county-administration-failure-opinion, and the Peter Marples facebook post, most of the debt will still have to paid off in full even after coming out of Administration (i.e. the debts to HMRC and to MSD etc).
    So, a prospective purchaser who decides to wait it out will, due to the interest continuing to acrue on the loans, just increase the amount of debt they're going to inherit as it will just keep rising. Add to that the obvious point that going into Administration virtually guarantees relegation to League One due to the 12 points deduction and it means that any new owner would be buying a club with an even less sustainable business model than we already have (much lower TV money, lower attendances, less sponsorship income etc). Just from a purely business perspective, why would a prospective owner decide to do that? And from a football point of view, they'd have already demonstrated that they didn't have the interests of the club at heart anyway.
    Mel's optimism that going into Administration will magically unlock the transfer of the club to new owners who have been waiting in the wings just seems unfounded to me. I hope I'm proven entirely wrong...
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    bimmerman reacted to Icomeinpeace in Derby County Administration (with the slight possibility of Liquidation still there)   
    Purely speculation but MSD are the wild card in all this - what if they call in the loan? You'd think given his MO that Mel banked on and made assurance to MSD about the riches that would come with promotion with the ground then being used as collateral...  what if they think they can make more money selling or developing the site and therefore call it in, would Mel cover it? 
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    bimmerman reacted to tomsdubs in Views From the Outside 21/22   
    He literally got lied to by the club and kept getting fit again but not played. Didn't find out until Rowett told him towards the end they would owe a fee so didn't play him. I don't blame him for being aggrieved to be honest.
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    bimmerman reacted to RoyMac5 in Views From the Outside 21/22   
    Might have more of an idea of what Mel is like than any of us?
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    bimmerman reacted to RoyMac5 in Views From the Outside 21/22   
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    bimmerman reacted to JG400 in Views From the Outside 21/22   
    As ever great coverage from The Benjamin Bloom Football Channel  
    This guy deserves a ton more subscribers than he gets 
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    bimmerman reacted to AutoWindscreens in A Supporters Trust   
    That is pretty shortsighted. If Ramstrust became the vehicle then everyone would become members of Ramstrust, not just the current small group, and you could vote in a professional leadership! The name of the vehicle doesn't matter. What matters is that it includes provision for fan membership and voting for a professional management team.
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    bimmerman reacted to Rev in A Supporters Trust   
    I'd prefer a football club we could sustain in League One with a £15m revenue, than one we can't a league above with £30m coming through the door.
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    bimmerman reacted to RadioactiveWaste in Mel Morris interview on Radio Derby 1pm   
    Lets not forget, we are in administration because Mel stopped paying the bills. No other reason. His public explanation is he did that because he can't be rid of the club until he's stopped paying bills because no one will buy it in it's current state.
    Whatever the reasons, the blame all goes to Mel in the end.
    Now, Mel Morris is still a rich man. The bills did not stop being paid because Mel is insovlvant.
    If the entry into adminsitration is the only way to get new ownership in, it really does not say a lot for your stewardship does it.
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    bimmerman reacted to Norman in Mel Morris interview on Radio Derby 1pm   
    Oh duck no. He stays there. 
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    bimmerman reacted to Ramfan1958 in Mel Morris interview on Radio Derby 1pm   
    I feel sorry for Mel he's spent a fortune trying to get Derby promoted.
    He's a Derby fan he did the bounce with the fans.
    I could never sing get out of our club like fans did yesterday .
    Short memories south stand get of  his back .
    We all make mistakes in life and buisness .
    I may be one of a few but in my eyes he's one of our own. 
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    bimmerman reacted to Icomeinpeace in Mel Morris interview on Radio Derby 1pm   
    Bless you and thanks - agree I always enjoy a good Derby game myself - joy was unrestrained yesterday though with Hughton's style of play not holding the team back and we're only 9 points off the play-offs !!! Many think Cooper is a good choice as the new manager which looks pretty much a done deal. Best of luck I wouldn't wish your current plight on any club, even you!!! COYReds     
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    bimmerman reacted to jono in Mel Morris interview on Radio Derby 1pm   
    It’s a post mortem .. I am not really interested and the past 
    what happens next is the most critical thing
    I seems reasonably certain on the basis of this that we will get -4 for the FFP and -12 for the admin (if it happens) so -16 If I understood it all 
    After that it rather depends what other suspended or yet to be found “crimes” that the EFL want to stick on us and if they will come all at once or we get hit again next season. 
    None of this matters at all unless administrators keep us running and new owners step in. Until then it’s all fog and speculation 
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    bimmerman reacted to Icomeinpeace in Mel Morris interview on Radio Derby 1pm   
    I wouldn't begin to know how it could be settled as these things are a quagmire... that's now the job of the administrator, who once appointed will have 8 weeks to put a plan together. The things you mention could all be on the table, the problem is they might not be.. Cocu et al could say no we want paying asap, HMRC might not agree and your other creditors could also play hardball. I'm a very glass half full kind of bloke and I hope this can be sorted for you guys - but its a very very precarious position to be in... It's like dominoes and all it takes is a few not to fall and you're screwed...  
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    bimmerman reacted to Eddie in Mel Morris interview on Radio Derby 1pm   
    I would settle for league 2, rather than just read about Derby County in the history books.
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    bimmerman reacted to Icomeinpeace in Mel Morris interview on Radio Derby 1pm   
    As a Forest fan I have no axe to grind here and as I've said I feeling genuinely appalled at what's happened to your club but can I just say that I and I suspect many external observers will find your attitude incredibly generous almost to point of disbelief. I mean of course he wanted success everyone does, but the way he's gone about it is surely unforgiveable. He has knowingly and willingly sold/mortgaged almost every bit of your club. He has recklessly played fast and loose with regulations and guidelines, not just of the EFL but of the  HMRC. These regulations aren't  new and cannot be described as anti-Derby - instead he has at every turn it seems taken decisions that would/will have dire consequences for the whole DCFC institution; the club, the players business the length and breadth of the city.... 
    As for what happens now, well the the administrators are in control. Any legal actions being taken by creditors will stop so you can't go in to compulsory liquidation (moratorium). The administrator will put a plan together and must submit that proposals to all creditors within 8 weeks of the administration starting.

    The administrators role is to act in the interests of eh people who are owed money by Derby, not in not Derby's interests, and if they  believe that the club is not a viable entity going forward then the administrators can/will liquidate the company.
    Given the info Mel just implied re some of the outstanding issues, I hate to say it but liquation is really not out of the question at all. Sorry guys
    re buyers- the thing to consider is that as DCFC doesn't own the stadium of the training ground either I believe, the club's only assets are the players - so not much. Plus your debt is around £37 Million as its 26 Million to HMRC, 6 Million in transfer fees and 5 Million roughly to Cocu and his staff. So any new buyer is looking at buying a club and paying off those debts, when they only get the players for it .... and you'll probably be in League 21 after a +20 points deduction .... seriously guys, good luck.
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    bimmerman reacted to IslandExile in Mel Morris interview on Radio Derby 1pm   
    Those slamming Mel should pause for a moment to think about his intentions.
    I do not - for a minute - think he's intended to run the club down.
    He has spent millions, not to run the club into debt, but to chase the dream. We all supported that chase.
    Even though he's managed things badly, which he admits, I do believe that he genuinely thinks the only way he can get new owners in is to put the club into administration.
    I'm very far from happy about that, actually been crying about it, but I think it's sincere on his part.
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    bimmerman reacted to angieram in Mel Morris interview on Radio Derby 1pm   
    On the contrary, I want to hear what he has to say. Then I can make my own mind up about it before it is twisted, misinterpreted,  slanted either way to suit people's agendas before posting on here.
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    bimmerman reacted to BobbyTheReadingFan in Notice to appoint administrators   
    Hey All,
    I heard this news earlier. I don't know much about the history of how you got to this stage but I know that it's due to mismanagement and really poor conduct by owners. I also heard Rooney earlier say he heard about the Administration when watching TV. 
    I was gutted to hear this latest update. I like Derby - although that's not really the point at the minute...
    I think the point that I wanted to make is that every single football fan really needs to take notice here. It could be there club next. It doesn't matter if they're your biggest rivals, you hate the club, etc.. it's more than that. I'm sick of seeing rich owners come in, playing at being a chairman, making poor decisions or taking risks and then putting the whole club in jeopardy. I'm also sick of the rest of the footballing world just ignore it and almost watch on with mild interest to see what happens. We're all football fans first and foremost and clubs like yours and others have been around well over a hundred years and form a huge part of the community. 
    It's the fans that really suffer here. Not to mention the staff, those in back office roles, canteen staff, cleaners, car park attendants, maintainance people, etc... 
    Anyway, I hope that there is some better news for you soon although I realise things look bleak. I know you're going to try to negotiate on the points deduction, either way hopefully there's some clarity and closure on that so you at least know where you stand and can focus on football. 
    Great result today as well (at least that's one positive!) 
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    bimmerman reacted to Coneheadjohn in so if RONNEY walks.....   
    Make Rammie manager with Eweie as assistant for a laugh.
    Or vice versa
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    bimmerman reacted to Icomeinpeace in Derby County Administration (with the slight possibility of Liquidation still there)   
    As a Forest fan I feel for you guys, it's not your fault but you find your club utterly screwed by someone who has seemingly gone insane while in charge. We had a vaguely similar issue when Nigel Doherty, a lifelong fan bought us, pumped in over 100 million and made bad decision after bad decision, football's a hard hard game to get involved in but from outside it does look like MM has completely lost the plot.
    You can't blame the EFL, on the face of it Mel had all the right credentials to be a fit and proper owner and while there look to be many points at which he should have been stopped from what he was doing you have to assume that no one thought he was actually doing what he was doing and seemingly submitting at best vague accounts, at worst downright fraudulent. COVID didn't help anyone but its not to blame either.  
    A 12 point deduction is bad but worse looks like its coming and you have to think you can't stay up. I wish you luck in the first division. 
  25. Haha
    bimmerman reacted to atherstoneram in Notice to appoint administrators   
    I think we should have a complete change and go back to Pink for the home strip
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