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  1. Sam Gallagher

    Sky sports saying Southampton are willing to send Gallagher out on loan with us Birmingham and surprise surprise Villa interested.
  2. Ryan Kent

    Ojo has gone to Fulham on loan so at least they aren't interested in Kent, who is much better player imo. Hopefully we can get him on loan before the window shuts, played really well against us for Barnsley last season.
  3. Jota

    Yet people want Martin back in??? Even with the same formation be looked worse when Martin came on and invited pressure. Time for him to go and get a young hungry striker in
  4. Jota

    How did those 2 games go again? He was dropped last night and the team played much better. Surely you can see that and I'm sure rowett did
  5. Jota

    And we will continue not playing to feet and moving the ball quickly, imo Martin will be sold if rowett can get £5m for him as he doesn't fit into his style of play. I would also sell Butterfield, Russell and shackell if given the chance as do not think they are good enough anymore, hopefully we have plenty or change before the window closes
  6. Jota

    Martin doesn't fit into Rowetts style of play as he just does not run. Doubt we will go back to 433 after last night's performance at 4231 n even if we did why would you put nugent and vydra on the wings. I thought Nugent vydra and weimann all played well last night due to their energy which Martin simply does have, change Russell for Lawrence and the front 4 is starting to look decent.
  7. Lost his pace and energy so we play Johnson n Butterfield instead???
  8. I have no idea why Butterfield is starting instead of Bryson. Huddlestone and Bryson in a 2 with Johnson or vydra as the attacking midfielder/ 10 would give us more energy in the middle imo
  9. Alan Nixon summer 2017

    Need more pace throughout the team, we looked really slow in all areas against wolves yesterday
  10. Summer Transfer Suggestion Thread

    Don't agree at all we have spent large amounts on Butterfield, vydra, camera, shackell 2nd time around, anya, and Blackman none of which have been a success so far. Under Clough we also brought through our own academy players of which Hughes and Hendrick are now in the prem. Plus Clough brought in many players who are still first choice for derby even though we have spent millions since there arrival. Martin, Russell, keogh, Bryson, fozzy we're all brought in and expensive additions have been unable to replace them. He also brought in Christie who has since been sold for a tidy profit. imo no expensive signings have been better than what we already had at the time.
  11. Summer Transfer Suggestion Thread

    Also a MUCH higher risk due to the MUCH Larger fees
  12. Summer Transfer Suggestion Thread

    If both performed for us how they have been doing for the past 2 seasons I am pretty sure they would be 1st choice not 4th. Just because someone plays in the lower leagues doesn't mean they can't shine in a better team, would probably Excel further with better players around them. N Nigel managed to create a good team whilst getting rid of Deadwood on a shoe string, like managing with your hands tied. My point was spending loads on players doesn't always mean success, just look at Huddersfield last year they had the same budget as Rotherham. Why arent we a club who Gamble's on lower league talent, rather than waiting and offering large fees a year later. Both players will probably be picked up cheaply by someone else and then sold to a club like us for £10m after 1 good season.
  13. Summer Transfer Suggestion Thread

    Now let's be realistic we could easily get Morris and maddison for around £1m each, both players have great records over the past 2 seasons and would relish the step up and would have a point to prove. These should be exactly the type of players we are looking at. Clough made up our best team for the last ten years by taking such players from lower leagues, whilst spending vast amount on so called premier league/ championship stars clearly has not worked.
  14. Summer Transfer Suggestion Thread

    Morris and maddison are the 2 best wingers in league 1 imo
  15. Summer Transfer Suggestion Thread

    How can you say Bryson doesn't compliment Huddlestone and johnson? he hasn't been given the opportunity to play in a 3 with them yet. I agree on Butterfield though and can't really see what he contributes. With the way Martin played last night do we need another striker?

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