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  1. Maikel Kieftenbeld - Never signed.

    Butterfield, Bryson and winnal confirmed but nothing on ssn or bbc on this one yet???
  2. Maikel Kieftenbeld - Never signed.

    Cracking player, but is this instead or in addition to Davis ?
  3. Craig Bryson - signed for Cardiff season long loan

    Apologies read that all wrong whilst watching ssn πŸ‘
  4. Craig Bryson - signed for Cardiff season long loan

    Are you his voice? I was simply saying Bryson made a difference at sheff utd, but I will await a reply from the person in question to answer themselves!!!
  5. Craig Bryson - signed for Cardiff season long loan

    You Obviously wasn't at sheff utd then, best player by a mile when he came on, provided much needed energy.
  6. Sam Winnall & Jacob Butterfield - loan swap confirmed

    Bit harsh, he's a decent player to bring on if we are chasing a game in the closing stages, pops up with a few goals
  7. Sam Winnall & Jacob Butterfield - loan swap confirmed

    But Bent is injured and Martin doesn't look interested
  8. David Davis

    Harry still trying to get song, hopefully that means we can add Davis. But it's hardly exciting stuff, where's the top replacement for ince and Hughes that gr spoke of? Or is Lawrence meant to do it all???βœŠπŸ’¦πŸ’¦πŸ’¦
  9. Rams summer 2017 transfer deadline day thread

    Surely we will be trying to get players out, hopefully we manage to get rid of enough Deadwood to enable a couple new signings. I would be looking for lower league value, maddison n Morris would both be an upgrade on Russell imo. We need more of an attacking threat
  10. Summer Transfer Suggestion Thread

    What just signed a Polish cm from psg maybe this would free up Yacob, would add some much needed steal to us
  11. Jon Toral - signed for Hull City

    Mate Butterfield is shocking
  12. Sky sports saying Southampton are willing to send Gallagher out on loan with us Birmingham and surprise surprise Villa interested.
  13. Ryan Kent - Signed for SC Freiburg on loan

    Ojo has gone to Fulham on loan so at least they aren't interested in Kent, who is much better player imo. Hopefully we can get him on loan before the window shuts, played really well against us for Barnsley last season.
  14. Jota - Signed for Birmingham City

    Yet people want Martin back in??? Even with the same formation be looked worse when Martin came on and invited pressure. Time for him to go and get a young hungry striker in
  15. Jota - Signed for Birmingham City

    How did those 2 games go again? He was dropped last night and the team played much better. Surely you can see that and I'm sure rowett did

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