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  1. Doesn’t seem like Rooney really rates Lawrence, waggy n to a lesser extent Sibley. Hence why we seem to be looking for a winger with this lad and nml. Would definitely prefer Success although both offer the pace and power which the above 3 lack
  2. More pace and power, can play up top or on the wing. Hopefully this one goes through
  3. But I thought Gordon was the best player since sliced bread? It seems the same people who are saying this and wanting more money/ devastated that he’s leaving. Are also saying he wouldn’t improve the worst attack in the league? ive never seen anything of the lad, but he can’t be that good if he people who have seen him play are saying he wouldn’t improve us. I thought he was the real deal, when I was thinking of a loan back option. If he’s miles off then it’s obviously a non starter
  4. If he’s better than we have why not? Everyone raves about our academy, and want players like jhi to get a chance. Yet aren’t interested in loaning special players like delap and Gordon back to help improve our team? Just look what Delap did to our under 23s the other week. With the position we are currently in, I think it’s an obvious option to try and improve our team at little cost. If he is that good, he will surely be able to improve the lowest scoring attack in the league.
  5. If he’s as good as people are saying he is, he will surely be better than what we already have. ( even better next season) If that’s the case, why wouldn’t we attempt to loan back as well as take the money? I don’t remember anyone moaning about Mount, Wilson or Tomori blocking our academy path? Obviously because they were an improvement on what we had. If this lad is special, as everyone ( including Rooney) seems to think, he may be able to make a difference to a team who are the lowest scorers in the league. I don’t see any other realistic options of us being able to improve o
  6. Hopefully we can get him back on loan, possibly the rest of this season and next. As would surely be better for his development, rather than not being involved at Liverpool.
  7. Who’s Barry the ram? Sorry I don’t do social media. I was simply passing on what I heard, as thought that was the idea on here? Although I won’t bother again as not worth the hassle
  8. Like I said just repeating, n we will just have to wait n see if it’s true I suppose
  9. 5 years, although rarely post as not itk or anything. Just thought I would put what he said on here. If this does happen I reckon those 3 x signings would be good for us, especially as loans/ frees.
  10. I’m just repeating what he’s told my lad, n don’t see any reason why he would make it up
  11. Haven’t got a link, but my lads mates with Max Bird ( went school together) says we are simply awaiting for the embargo to be lifted and then have 3 x signings already lined up: jones on loan, Niasse on a free and Ince on loan.
  12. Haven’t seen Marshall come for anything since signing for us. Really don’t think there’s much between them. Think fans overate Marshall and underate Roos due to his Wembley mistake. Roos seems confident at the minute and has done well when called upon. Would think it’s his shirt to lose at the minute
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