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  1. Too cheap imo Was expecting him to leave as Rowett never really played him towards the end of the season but hoped he would at least go to a decent side Can the club at least cheer me up by annoyncing the sales of Butterfield and Blackman too ?? Good Luck Will ... but Watford
  2. Not Loving the run in
  3. and if by magic ...
  4. I'm sure Wisdom thought the same way about coming back to us - he just had more class (and Brains) to come out publically if anyone can start a "just giving" link for the taxi fare to take him to Norfolk i will be more than happy to donate
  5. So the current England under 21 captain is worth £5m Although i think Will is going this summer (due to Rowett not giving him much chance in the last 3 or 4 games and seemingly preferring Butterfield) but that fee is ridiculous and if we have turned down £7.2m for Ince we clearly don't need to accept it
  6. Going for about 9 then
  7. Chesterfield, Mansfield or Notts County away please
  8. joined Fester 3 year deal
  9. Big Daddy the wrestler's real name was Shirley Crabtree
  10. BBG was a Football Ground or PP is family and corporate
  11. never scored more than 11 and only got 18 in over 100 games for Reading, so think we are safe on that However what price the winner against us
  12. Better off forgotten
  13. Rotherham 2-2 Derby Vydra
  14. Derby 3-2 Wolves Nugent FRGS
  15. Wednesday 2-0 Derby