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  1. I've got my tickets but asking for my nephew - wants and adult and two under 16's. If anyone has anything, anywhere please do let me know.
  2. Richard Jackson is really, really dull. I'd love to hear about Asanovic's view of it all and Martin Kuhl's - just for the fun of it to see if he admits to his bonkers parties...
  3. Top guy was Andy - properly shocked. He was suitably proud of Max and such a shame to go so young - 45 is nothing.
  4. Rhats the first time I’ve left a game early this season cos we were never a threat. I went on 84 minutes - I’d usually be embarrassed but fk that - we were awful. For me, Bryson took a lot of momentum out of the game with Hudds (I’m a fan) having an off night. This one is on the manager (again, I’m a fan). Didn’t change anything despite it clearly not working and the tactics of retain, retain, retain were just wrong. I expected changes in formation or personnel and half time and nothing... don’t get it. Our boys need to get their game together for Monday...
  5. Seth was a CDM and Bazokakakaka was a centre half (the slowest evs) not sure how that sorts full back...
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