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  1. RaichCarter

    If you could pick 2 ex-Rams

    Seth was a CDM and Bazokakakaka was a centre half (the slowest evs) not sure how that sorts full back...
  2. RaichCarter

    V QPR (A) Match Thread

    It's clearly the game plan bud. If we can't see a good option, go back and start again rather than risk giving the ball away. It really isn't complicated and it's clearly a tactical instruction rather than Keogh deciding that's what he's going to do. The number of fans around me moaning about it sends me mental - there are literally no decent passing options and he's being closed down so he plays it back. On the occasions he does then try a long ball it invariably fails (as long balls often do) and he gets a round of moans for that too. I'm not saying Keogh is perfect but this decision to play it back is not on him. Next time he's on the ball, have a good look at the options he has rather than just watching him with the ball - I'm not saying it's like that every time but I don't understand why people can't see that it's a FL instruction. I've been hammering BJ for his passing for ages but in the last two homes games he's been much better. He did a couple of excellent long passes against Norwich and again, the fans were on his back when actually most of his decisions were good. Credit where credit is due basically but admittedly ... a swallow doesn't make summer (trying to get some cliches in...)
  3. RaichCarter

    v Ipswich Town (H) Match Thread

    Absolutely! I started to kick-off at a bunch of twits moaning about Keogh but was with the Mrs so was told by her to STFU ("can you not kick-off when I'm here please" - that means it's ok when she's not there...? Women...). I'm not saying Keogh is perfect but he literally had no options to pass forward yet they were slating him. Unbelievable. These oafs just watch the ball and not the game - I was looking for his options and there were none other than punt it to their big centre halves. When we did get pressed and Carson lumped it (no choice) we lost possession - obviously. A number of other players made far more mistakes than Keogh yet nothing was said - it's just embarrassing to be honest. Lamps had a bit of a dig about the fans in his post-match interview and quite right too. Tomori - on the ball and his long range passing were exceptional but needs to be a little more... safe in terms of his defending. He took a bizarre position when they broke on our left and he was pretty much last man. Seemed an unnecessary risk - he only just pulled it off by falling into the guy. But he looks like a player to me - quick, strong, not great in the air (we didn't want a header in the first half?) but given his age, could be a star. Ipswich were well organised but let's be honest, we beat a fairly poor side. However, there were signs after we scored the first goal that this system could work. There were a few pressing moves where we did it as a unit and it worked really well but in the first half they weren't doing it as a unit so big spaces got left. If the players buy into it, it'll work 'cos winning the ball in midfield like that is always a great place to break from. Not sure how Lawrence got MoM either - wasn't awful but lost the ball quite a bit (which I sorta don't mind as he was trying to beat players). Tomori prob my MoM for the 70 yard pass - for style points alone, let alone it was to feet!
  4. RaichCarter

    This is starting to remind me of circa 1992

    But we had the DPFG/Carsley combo which was a great pairing. Those two to win it, give it Ace, score. That's how my rose-tinted specs remembers it and I won't be told otherwise! :)) When DPFG thought he could play football for a while, I remember Ace looking at the bench in a strop 'cos he'd ran off into a dead-end (as he often did) rather than give it Ace (my favourite flair player). Whilst I'm at it, I remember Tommy getting one on one with the keeper and just blazing it into the Ossy end so, so many times... awful finisher when given time. Always suffered with nerves bless him.
  5. RaichCarter

    Tom Huddlestone

    For me, he's one of our best players and I wouldn't sell. His game isn't about pace (luckiliy...) so I think he'll be playing when he's late 30's. Class player and I'd be gutted if he went. I really don't think he wants to go - he was delighted to come back here. He's earned his $$$$ so I think he'll be happy to stay.
  6. RaichCarter

    Todays Training Photo's

    I really hope not. I think he’s good enough to play in most systems and was the heartbeat of the side last year for me. But he hasn’t really featured that much in the pre-season games so either he’s a shoe-in (unlikely given that there was talk of giving everyone game time) or he’s on his way. That’d be a shame - I like the fella.

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