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  1. Mikel Beck. I wasn’t angry with TBE... I was very disappointed.
  2. Sorry, you’re quite right. This working from home is making me dim. My favourite player prob. Just loved his flair. Even his strops were somehow endearing. Rose tinted or what! 😂😂
  3. £875k From Napoli I think. During my time I’d say Eranio. Signed one free from AC Milan. Stimac, Chris Powell and Lee Carsly also bargains.
  4. So the magic answer is...? Edited to add : For the players and managers the symptoms are likely to be similar to a cold. Everyone's going to get it anyway.
  5. Mate, the point you're missing is that the other teams below them may have played, for example, Man City, Liverpool and an in-form Everton. Whereas Bournemouth played Norwich, Brighton and Everton early in the season where they weren't in form so had an 'advantage'. There are so many factors and GD is one of many bud. Like I said, it is what it is. Of course it's wrong but the points position is equally distorted as GD. I suspect they'll prob play behind doors for what it's worth.
  6. But who says they have or haven't had a harder run of games? What is a harder run of games 'cos it's not just down to the team you're playing - it's their form, their injuries, etc. And the same applies to points as it does to GD so no difference on that score me 'owd. It is what is it at this stage of the season. Of course it's fairer to have the season played out to smooth out those factors but this is where they're at today so if today is the end of the season then they're down on performance to date. And I don't like Bournemouth 😄
  7. Is it unfair? GD is a factor in league position so if they went down because of it then tough 'cos thems the rules. If that argument about GD is valid then you could say the same about points. i.e. someone else could 'easily' get out of that position by losing less 🙂
  8. Too many crosses come in full stop for me - prob Bogles worse attribute for me.
  9. Ah so he IS a great defender Cos the stats say so...? 😉 But how many crosses does he let in...? Come on, I’m not slating the guy but a great defender he ain’t.
  10. Lowe can’t defend as a full back, let alone CDM. I’m exaggerating a little but you know what I mean Eranio could’ve played anywhere and looked class.
  11. But it’s not club policy. We see Roos flapping, not not coming off his line... I could not care less about the stats as, for a goalkeeper in particular, they don’t tell a tenth of the story. He’s very poor on crosses and takes totally unnecessary risks when playing it off the deck. I hate to say it but those are the facts. I sincerely hope that if he gets another chance he’s improved Cos he’s a decent shot stopper and seems fine apart from those two massive issues I’ve mentioned.
  12. To be fair, I think quite a few of us ‘boo’ boys have commented on it. His silly punch did lead to a great attack tho! FWIW just because I don’t rate Roos doesn’t mean I rate Hamer. I just think he’s less dodgy on crosses. Also he made some very good long passes against Blackburn.
  13. I’m the same. My Mrs goes mad about me eating with the ‘wrong’ hand but I can do either. Obvs I do it ‘wrong’ in the posher restaurants just to wind her up. Shinnie and Sibs both played good passes with their right foot against Blackburn. And Bird I think.
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