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  1. You are joking, right? Roos is awful with his feet! He dwells on the ball, indecisive and just poo. Hamer came out well for a few and overall, doesn’t scare the bejesus out of me as Roos does! Done better with their goal? One-on-one with an experienced striker like Fletcher....? Wow. He cannot be blamed for that in any way.
  2. I was lucky enough to meet TBE a few times - a proper bloke. He understood the fans, the players, tactics - all of it. The signings were so exciting - from class like Eranio to flair like Wanchope. What a time to be a Rams fan! I missed out on the glory years but his era was just a great ride. He was by far the most likeable manager we’ve had in my years and proved me wrong as I was hugely underwhelmed by his appointment. A proper bloke due massive respect. RIP TBE.
  3. Watched it on RamsTV - Dowell offers nothing and I mean nothing. That lad needs to go back - he might be decent but he isn’t for us. whole team lacked energy. It’s as if we’re waiting for something... 🤔
  4. Not shooting the messenger here but none of that will happen. We/they might get a suspended sentence of some sort because if they did actually come down that heavy on them then football, as an investment vehicle, would be done for in this country as no-one would take the risk.
  5. Yep. When you listen to him you feel there’s a strategy and a calm, long term view. Then at the game you’re ‘eh?’ but the reality is we don’t know a great deal about what really goes on. I loved the way Cocu talked about it all and I hope we give him time. We might all disagree with formations, selections, etc at times but let’s be honest, he’s seen it all. He’s done it all. We know f all. We judge from miles away without knowing the overall vision, form, contracts, etc. You could argue that’s our right (to moan) but still... He clearly believes in what he says. As Nigel did (whatever you say about our Nige, he was loyal). Let’s give this guy, with all his pedigree, a chance. I think Mel will.
  6. Agree with that except the bit about Shearer. He looked good in any side playing any system. Remember his 30 yard thunderbolts and hold up play. He had more about his game than fox in the box. The others were absolute class tho. Rush in particular was vastly under rated.
  7. I’m with ya. He’s a decent player. Not great but does most things well most of the time whereas most of our lot are very, very inconsistent. We’re capable of moments of very good stuff and then unable to pass 3 yards. Just seems our ‘thing’.
  8. You've nailed it there youth! First 20 minutes was ridiculously scrappy. I was hoping someone, anyone, would just put a foot on it and calm stuff down but oh no... we either passed it backwards because their was no movement, or didn't even look and still passed it backwards or just petered out because we had no-one to hold the ball up for us (Martin). I find RD quite irritating these days. Way, way too much Burton, etc coverage. I'm about as interested in them as I am in Cowdenbeath and listening to NC 'errrrrmmmmm' just makes me want to smash the radio. I don't mind him as a bloke or a manager but that constant 'errmmmm' is as irritating as that rising inflection as if being asked a question that some people still do.
  9. Not sure I get the dig at Wisdom - he was solid and put some decent crosses in. Malone was by far the most negative in terms of passing backwards. And no improvement in goal? Are you kidding me?! Roos caused at least two of the three goals Vs Fulham so you’re wrong on that one. Hammertime made some decent saves I felt and looked much more solid. Yep, he flapped at a couple but it was much more convincing flapping than Roos! 😂 I can’t argue with changing the formation tho - PC explained why but it feels a bit odd to change a winning formation. I think resting players must have been part of his thinking Cos it was a bit bizarre to change and the players definitely struggled with it but obvs part of that is the change in personnel.
  10. Well that’s the Marriott discussion put to bed... 😂 Positives were.... erm... Wisdom looked ok. Holmes worked hard. Erm. The fog didn’t come down too much. poor game. Poor tactics tbh.
  11. Davies was marking Mitrovic... but It was Roos fault. Keepers ball all day long. I’d drop Davies for Evans so we’ve got 2 centre halves that can pass properly. Davies isn’t a bad defender but a ball-player he ain’t.
  12. Obviously that counts against him but he is a quality player. And comes across, generally, as a decent fella. He’s always divided opinion but Cocu loves him.
  13. Fozzy and Bielik is growing on me. Hudds a bit. Lawro a bit. Bogle is a grafter. Shiniesta will be a fave I reckon. And I hope Rooney turns out to be a full on legend. We will see!
  14. Absolutely no disrespect to previous signings at all and time will tell whether Rooney has the impact those players had but his record is better than any of our previous signings - fact.
  15. Lovely place. Or am I missing an ‘in’ joke?
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