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  1. He came across really well apart from calling us Der-by. You’d have thought he’d know how to pronounce it! good to reminisce about those days - it was a great time to be a Der-by fan 😉
  2. I’d trust Nicho over anyone at the Daily Mail. There’s nothing in this. Mark my words. And in the highly unlikely event it happens, I won’t be going whilst those skanks are on the board. Absolute charlatans they are.
  3. IQ tests - a, partially at the very least, academic metric devised by academics for academics - loada balls isn’t it. There are lots of types of intelligence - practical, emotional, recall, etc. Most IQ tests assume a decent level of knowledge that it’s say most state-educated, non-academics just wouldn’t bother with. And to keep it on-topic - the abuse PC would’ve had in Turkey would make our little yelps look a bit toothless I’d have thought.
  4. Almost every transfer is about time, place and money so I don’t necessarily disagree with you but my point is that the recruitment team did manage to sign him
  5. Definitely - good shout. You missed a full stop at the end of you’re (see what I did there...) paragraph though.
  6. There’s a lot of good stuff on this thread. Genuinely interesting and insightful but feels a few months premature to me. He was never going to be able to assemble the squad he needs in one, reduced transfer window. Not necessarily disagreeing with any of the comments but give the bloke a chance eh. I understand slating the recruitment team but, and I know some will disagree, we have signed Wayne effing Rooney!! Let’s give em some credit lads.
  7. There’s nothing to disagree on - there isn’t a study on the planet that agrees that shouting at people positively motivates them. But we are superior 😉😉😂😂
  8. So because they're physically able then they're strong mentally too? And if they're not then they shouldn't do it? Can't agree. And like I said, in my analogy that you ignored - who, anyone, does their job better when shouted at.... Just doesn't work in terms of getting a better result. If you want theatre and general entertainment then fine but don't think boo'ing will help anyone perform because it won't. And eyes roll? Oh get over yourself - I put a wink and a smile on it mate. Just trying to have some gentle banter / sensible debate, that's all. No need.
  9. I’m not coming at you here but would you do your job better if a crowd stood behind you shouting at you when you weren’t doing it to their requirement...? Just saying.... I find booing your own players embarrassing. It’s counter-productive and definitely isn’t ‘support’. And I definitely take issue with doing anything because Europeans and especially Americans do it! 😉😂
  10. A players relationship with the fans has always struck me as fragile. The players have such a different perspective on the club and the games to the fans that it’s quite possible that they think differently in terms of credit, harshness, etc. It can’t be nice playing in front on 25k+ people knowing that a large section of em them is not a fan of yours. Obviously a strong-minded person can use that but just because they’re a good footballer doesn’t mean they’re able to handle that kind of thing. And if anyone says they should be able to handle if for £20k a week has no clue what stress, pressure and anxiety is all about.
  11. I used to dig at Lawrence quite a bit but he definitely has ability - it’s just a matter of getting it out of him. He is a game winner and could be a very good player. However, if he doesn’t start to turn it on more regularly then I do think people will run out of patience eventually. Jooz - I’ve slated him enough I think! Malone - needs a break.
  12. Giving him options? He crossed it out of play at least twice! Absolutely anywhere in-play would be been the best option! 😄 I agree regarding our passing game - against Bristol our passing was dreadful. Just didn't seem to have it - one of those days. 2nd half - not so sure I agree they sat back so of course we had lots of possession but we only broke them down with a wonder goal. Lowe had lots of time and space (on the right) so was able to get forward but I don't think he was very convincing for most of it but did get two good right-footed crosses in that I can remember so I'm prob being a tad harsh on him - he's obviously much better at LB so agreed on that one. I'm not digging at them really (other than Joz) - it was an off day - but there weren't many positives for me other than Bielik seemed to grow into the game the more it went on but Stimac'esque he ain't... yet at least.
  13. I (sort of) agree but when he's trying to cross, as he was repeatedly against Bristol, he was incapable of it.
  14. I wouldn't put Joz anywhere on the pitch, let alone right back. Such a shame Wisdom hasn't had his chance to make a stake for the place. Obvs Bogle suits us better (and is a better player all round) but still, I think Wisdom, with games, would be solid. Lowe does a half-decent job but he really isn't comfortable. His crossing with his right isn't awful (and ironically, MUCH better than Joz can with his stronger foot) but he's very left footed so makes passing outside difficult meaning he's easy to read. Not his fault at all but a factor. Hopefully Bogle will be fit after this weekend eh.
  15. What a great day out that was. I told the steward we were coming thru those fences, not over. He laughed... he wasn’t laughing when we stormed em - they ran off!
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