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  1. My mate at work is a villa season ticket holder he says stanmore is where many of the villa fans parked last year.He said it was fine then but they were playing a London club and they intend parking there the same again this time.
  2. Thought a good idea would be for people to give others who have not been before....tips on where to park and how to then get to the ground. Personally I am travelling down on the Sunday and staying over near St Alban's/Hemel Hempstead with few hours in St Alban's. Then getting the train in from Denham.
  3. Do not forget this is all part of the EFL,FA,UEFA and FIFA conspiracy against Leeds who would have filled Wembley at least three times over.
  4. No matter how it was handled there will always be winners and losers in the general sale.I agree there are better ways of allocating the order of preference and tickets per person though. We are not the only team moaning about Wembley and the EFL Sunderland had the same issue for the checkatrade final and again now.In fact Newport issued this explanation too their fans, Tickets are only available as they are released block-by-block by Wembley and the EFL. Supporters will not therefore be able to select preferred seats when buying in person at the Ticket Office. Ticketswill be sold in order, seat-by-seat, row-by-row and block-by-block as they become available
  5. What they are doing is not allowed by E bay and is illegal contact e bay and they will stop the auction and report them to the police. Have been involved in similar at work where a item of ours went online we made sure we won the auction then got the contact details.The seller and the person that supplied it both got prosecuted.......contact the club too they most likely know about it already.
  6. No Resale Of Tickets – It is an offence under Section 166 of the Criminal Justice and Public Order Act 1994, for any unauthorised person to sell tickets.
  7. Just for info just been on villas website they still have 578 tickets available if my maths is right.
  8. Does not really make much difference if you log in on time me and my mate logged in both at the same time a minute before the 10am start.You are randomly allocated a position in the queue I got 379 he got 4100 I was in and off the site in less than five minutes tickets done he was there for about a hour.
  9. I see the tickets for the other two play off final games are cheaper and there are more categories.... so the higher up the league structure you are the more you pay. League 1 Cat 1 - £80 Adults, £60 Young Adult, £40 Concession Cat 2 - £62 Adults, £46.50 Young Adult, £31 Concession Cat 3 - £56 Adults, £42 Young Adult, £28 Concession Cat 4 - £52 Adults, £39 Young Adult, £26 Concession Cat 5 - £40 Adults, £30 Young Adult, £20 Concession Cat 6 - £30 Adults, £22.50 Young Adult, £15 Concession League 2 Category 1 - £60 Adults, £45 Ages 17-21, £30 Ages - 65 and over, 16 and under Category 2 - £48 Adults, £36 Ages 17-21, £24 Ages - 65 and over, 16 and under Category 3 - £44 Adults, £33 Ages 17-21, £22 Ages - 65 and over, 16 and under Category 4 - £38 Adults, £28.50 Ages 17-21, £19 Ages - 65 and over, 16 and under Category 5 - £32 Adults, £24 Ages 17-21, £16 Ages - 65 and over, 16 and under Category 6 - £26 Adults, £19.50 Ages 17-21, £13 Ages - 65 and over, 16 and under
  10. Will be parking at Denham the same has I always do for Wembley then 12.55 train to Wembley stadium station. Have parked there loads of times five minutes of the M25 parking is £4.50, all day, four stops to Wembley £8 refurn. Trains mainly start at Bandury and though it can get a little busier with a team from Birmingham you are normally away quickly after and back on the M1.
  11. My mate spoke to someone from the club whilst he was out and about this morning.He said the order of sale in regards too blocks becoming available and number of seats in those blocks on sale at that point is strictly controlled by Wembley Stadium. The club is not at fault and must follow those rules.
  12. You will be very lonely General sale is no different online and phone only.
  13. Go on here enter your level then your block and it will show you http://www.wembleystadium.com/plan-your-visit/stadium-guide/view-from-your-seat
  14. 214 was the only one selectable for me early on too
  15. Got two in 214 row c but I was 379 in the queue at 10 o clock only took 3 minutes to get on the site and all done 2 minutes later.
  16. See according to the sun in breaking news Frank will be Chelsea manager this summer........getting a little boring now.
  17. If we turn up having worked out how to negate Leeds we are capable of blowing Leeds away.We have more and better flair players they have Hernandez and a better team structure. We have not shown three times we can counter them but Saturday we limited the chances that is a building block question now is can we put more on top.
  18. Been saying all day on all radio stations that Graham Potter from Swansea is the one they are very keen on and the bookies had him at 6/4 followed by Phil Neville at 4/1 and Lee Johnson at 9/2.This is the first time Frank has been mentioned I am afraid the press will not rest till they have both Frank and Stevie Gerrard in the prem.
  19. People need to get realistic about our young plays both at U23 and U18 level few if any will make championship or above regulars. Justin Walker mentioned it in his interview after the U18 game that they will find a level they are comfortable at not all will make it at this club. If you get one or two each season you are doing well and if they become regulars you are very lucky. For all this lets play our younger players crowds will soon drop off and disgruntlement will rise if we are losing games and not playing entertaining football it is the modern football supporter I am afraid. Perfect example today at Brighton Houghton has done a great job but they now have delusions they are a bigger club than they are.
  20. No need for the lino too flag has they are all in contact by mic he obviously did not say anything immediately.Only when the Leeds players pressured the ref to go over did he say he thought Bogle committed the first offence. However he could not have been fully convinced of it has he did not immediately call the refs attention to it.No matter what he said Pawson has the final say and made the decision.
  21. If we use Marriott correctly he could terrorise Leeds centre halves he would have done yesterday if we had not persisted and n playing long high balls when he came on. First ten minutes we were doing it and got nuge in then we stopped.
  22. Holmes had been a doubt up to kick off and was running out of steam so was best to protect him from further injury. Lawrence was cramp according to Frank's interview.
  23. Ref and his assistants had a poor game plenty for the assessor to get his teeth are into.A penalty would have been soft but I think var would have given it has there was no clear error. Both the were red a headbutt on any part of the body is a straight red and so is the forearm by Huddlestone. Leeds got their tactics right making us play long knowing they would win the majority of balls up to nuge then picking up the following ball, also the man marking of mount something they did to grealish too. What was disappointing was we continued to do this when Marriott came on when balls down the side of the centre halves was what he needed. You cannot argue they deserved the win has a team they are greater than their parts. If we find a man utd or a Chelsea performance we can still win this but I cannot see us doing so....hopefully I am wrong.
  24. Missed it was on my way into work straight after the game.
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