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  1. This should give everyone a idea of where to look I suspect the list is quite long. In 1988, he retired to run a pub, before establishing Eric Steele Coaching Services, which provided goalkeeping coaching to Manchester City, Leeds United, Derby County, and Barnsley, as well as working overseas in Australia,Switzerland, Norway, Germany and the United States. Steele was at Huddersfield Town as goalkeeping coach and left at the end of the 1997/98 season when he joined Derby County when they came calling again in 1998, and he spent four years coaching there before being appointed goalkeeping coach at Aston Villa in 2001. Steele left his post at Aston Villa in 2006. In 2006 Eric visited Australia, where he worked with junior and senior goalkeepers in Victoria and Perth. He worked with well-known coaches and helped improve Australian goalkeepers. In 2007, he became the new Manchester City goalkeeping coach, following the departure of Tim Flowers to Coventry City as assistant to Iain Dowie. Steele left his job at City on 27 June 2008 after being part of the backroom team under managers Stuart Pearce and Sven-Göran Eriksson. Mark Hughes, who had left Blackburn Rovers to take charge of Manchester City, brought with himKevin Hitchcock, replacing Steele as goalkeeping coach. Paul Ince soon appointed him as goalkeeping coach at Blackburn Rovers. However, just weeks after joining Blackburn, Steele attracted the attention of Manchester United, who had been in search of a new goalkeeping coach since Tony Coton had been forced to retire through injury. In preparation for Steele's departure, Blackburn signed Bobby Mimms fromWolverhampton Wanderers as their new goalkeeping coach. Manchester United confirmed the signing of Steele on 4 August.[1] Steele left United after David Moyes took over as manager in 2013.[2] On 30 September 2013, Steele returned to Derby County when he was appointed goalkeeping coach by the Championship club's newly installed manager, Steve McClaren, the former England team boss.[3] In July 2015, Steele was engaged by the Football Association to coach goalkeepers across their junior teams.
  2. The fee would be and was fairly standard for a forward who scored ten or more goals in the championship for his club moving to another championship team. I am not sure what you expect for that price you certainly are not going to get a top level ready made player.The reason he has played at the level he has is that he is not consistent.
  3. Would not say he is out of form just that he has s not getting the service.Would have put money on him scoring on Saturday when Waghorn was put in and mis controlled and also being on the end of the one Holmes put across the six yard box first half last night.
  4. Ok the image is not clear I agree ....but I was sitting in the lower tier to the right of that image has you look at it.......I am a qualified referee so when the incident took place I immediately said freekick ....when Winnall plays the ball Carson has one hand behind the ball ..six yard box line side...and one hand on top off it . This is the crucial part the hand on top has it puts the ball between if and the ground meaning in the rules he is in control has you can see in the rules below. The linesman did not flag but had a clear view and when the ref hesitated I saw him speak into his mic and then the ref acted. The FA LAWS OF THE GAME & FA RULES LAW 12: FOULS AND MISCONDUCT IFAB Laws of the Game 2018-19 Law 12 Fouls The goalkeeper has the same restrictions on handling the ball as any other player outside the penalty area. Inside their penalty area, the goalkeeper cannot be guilty of a handling offence incurring a direct free kick or any related sanction but can be guilty of handling offences that incur an indirect free kick. The goalkeeper is considered to be in control of the ball when: the ball is between the hands or between the hand and any surface (e.g. ground, own body) or by touching it with any part of the hands or arms except if the ball rebounds from the goalkeeper or the goalkeeper has made a save holding the ball in the outstretched open hand bouncing it on the ground or throwing it in the air A goalkeeper cannot be challenged by an opponent when in control of the ball with the hands. .
  5. Looking forward to a win today against delusional wendies who think they invented every chant and had it stolen along with this weird idea they are a big club......though they are only on par with their more realistic neighbours United in size and reputation.
  6. I would not say they are Bennett hàters they just have a different opinion on both the goal and the player and it is one I include myself in.If he had a record of influencing a game from the start then I would agree start him however in the numerous chances he has been given he has failed to do so. From the bench he has had far more impact coming on later in games when the opposition is tiring you could say zoon is similar in his brief appearances.
  7. Same team has started last night.. Bennett back on the bench he is poor when he starts and last nights goal was just pure luck.He was helping the ball on towards the back post in hope someone was coming in and was just fortunate it found the net. Hopefully Mount and Lawrence are fit enough to make the bench at least.
  8. Carson Ambrose Keogh Tomori. Cole Huddlestone Bird. Johnson Waghorn. Marriott. Wilson Subs Roos Bogle Holmes Nugent Lawson Malone Ambrose played right back in the world cup for a very good Nigeria so well worth a shot in this game and of course he is good in the the air in both boxes.
  9. Some of your points are quite relevant apart from the ones about Lawrence and Wisdom......this team is far better with Lawrence in it something that is quite clearly being demonstrated at the moment. Wisdom is playing injured he needs a operation but is prepared to play in pain because we are so short of right back cover. .
  10. Why not Leon Osman was
  11. Of course he is not relishing it at present no manager does when they are in a run like this even the great one's are grumpy in interviews when things are not going their way.He is working hard with his staff to turn it around trying different things no doubt taking advice from his previous managers....you have to give him time he is learning and to get better he will learn more in a slump like this than when things are going well. No he will not walk in his career he never backed out of anything and I do not see the faintest indication that he will do so now.
  12. Just listened too a interview with Ray Houghton it was about Fulham but what he said applies here. He said he had played in teams that are struggling for form and the only way out of it is to keep working hard in training.You then need a bit of luck a deflection or a own goal and suddenly the confidence comes back and you start finding your passes and you make the runs again. Went onto say you feel sorry for managers because on the training ground everything looks great then suddenly on match day you cannot transfer it onto pitch.The manager tries everything different players tactics, training methods all look good but it just does not happen. If you have good players eventually you get the break and then you are flying and you realise you are doing nothing different to when you were struggling.
  13. Not sure what people wanted really....calls for changes and to bring in some U23's and when he mixes it up immediately they question it. We had to do something Wilson needs a break, Bogle needs to work on his defensive ability so no problems with that. Not much we could do given resources available Bird has promise...good to see Lawson on the bench. The likes of Evans and Bennett need to show they can step in and be championship starters.
  14. From those stats there were certainly more goals for than against.
  15. If I was promoting just one U23 player too the first team squad at the moment it would be Mitchell-Lawson.Lightning quick and very direct always attacks his full back , also has a good football brain. Been impressed everyone I have seen him.
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