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  1. Beagle

    Mason Bennett

    Another of our U23's that is over hyped because we are desperate for the academy to give us a player for the first team and be a regular.Needs to move on for his own sake and make a career in leagues one and two.
  2. Beagle

    Marcus Maddison

    Not a problem Frank not being around as mentioned earlier in the thread there are many ways to talk to players now and not be in the same room. All the financial aspects of transfers are conducted by others apart from the manager.I think in one of the forums last year Rowett mentioned how the finance guy, forget his name right now,did nearly all the negotiations once the player was identified.
  3. Beagle

    Duane Holmes

    Have we ever had a player with a middle name like his though ? "Duane Octavious Holmes"
  4. Beagle

    Matej Vydra

    I would assume that Watford would have a sell on clause of some percentage which is the norm in nearly every transfer.So this has to be factored in to whatever price we would be prepared to sell at so if it is 10% then we are straight away down a mill on a 10 million deal.
  5. Beagle

    Official: It’s Frank, 3 year deal

    Mart Poom currently goalkeeping coach for Estonia national side Chris Jones was first team fitness coach had his role watered down a little when Conte came in and appointed his own fitness people.
  6. Beagle

    Fast paced, forwarding thinking and attractive football

    Timi Max has huge potential and the thought of learning off Frank must be making him and the rest of the young midfielders wishing pre season started tomorrow.
  7. Beagle

    Sponsors - Shirt, Stadium etc.

    No idea why people are moaning about the sponsor the club's owner made his money from people paying the play candy crush.
  8. Beagle

    Official: It’s Frank, 3 year deal

    Welcome Frank......now watch the money start rolling in from increased commercial revenue and a list of potential new investors popping up in the press.
  9. Beagle

    Giving players a clean slate

    Point still stands one competitive game is not enough to base a judgement
  10. Beagle

    Giving players a clean slate

    The problem is whoever is the manager will be they cannot see the players live in competitive action unlike former managers due to the window closing before the first game. He is going to have to base his judgement on videos and trusted contacts on who to keep and who to move on.He will certainly have transfers in mind for when he gets the job and what he requires from the players he has inherited. I would suggest he contacts @B4ev6is for recommendations on the current crop.
  11. Beagle

    If it’s Frank

    In todays world of all things premier league & champions league the championship is considered a lower league and like it or not we are a lower league club in their eyes.
  12. Beagle

    If it’s Frank

    Struggled at that level and was bombed out by him too I think
  13. Beagle

    If it’s Frank

    See Ed Dawes has started following Jody Morris on twitter
  14. Beagle

    Lampard too expensive?

    If we appoint Frank then all this talk of lack of cash may not be a issue,because if Mel is looking for investment as rumoured then someone high profile as Lampard is likely to make it more attractive.
  15. Beagle

    If it’s Frank

    I doubt the club would be concerned you would be replaced by some glory hunter and the club and and Frank would be hailed has geniuses for being so successful.

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