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  1. interesting view, funny how none of the tabloids seem to mention it, perhaps not bleak enough for them
  2. not worth it, I'll probably just get a warning.
  3. fair point, so on that basis I assume any political subject raised by anyone is ok, so if I create a thread on anti-semitism because its very relevant today, it's ok and won't be deleted ?
  4. I found them funny at the time, I probably wouldn't now. Boys in blue was half decent, or so I recall.
  5. Derby and Derbyshire all Tier 2 from Saturday according to DET
  6. you lot have obviously got some private joke going on, be nice if you could cher it with the rest of us...
  7. hes enjoying listening to what Booby Davison has to say.
  8. nice to see the sky commentary did their homework on the rearrange snowgate game...
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