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  1. No doubt they made some bad decisions in that game yesterday, the boro goal that was disallowed, never a foul on the swansea defender, the other way round if anything. The penalty never a penalty either, but what seems more concerning to me is that the ref appears to have changed his mind after being approached by the swansea players. I think warnock is going to get a fine though especially for his comments about Steve Coopers dad. Of course it was tongue in cheek, sort of but you cant say stuff like that, not these days.
  2. It will only delay the inevitable if they don't
  3. Shame most of the Derby squad booked it off too
  4. Yeah, and only people over 18 can have so forces parents to take responsibility for what their kids post. Honestly doesn't bother me but i do understand why people will see it as in infringement on privacy. It would be useful for sites like this, if you ban someone what can you do to stop them rejoining in a different name? An ID system would prevent it. The only issue is if it's a country by country system what happens with overseas members. Difficult one.
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