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  1. it's a tough one. Considering some fans will be struggling to put food on the table I wouldn't blame them for thinking a business who are happy to continue paying their multi millionaire players while putting people on the bread line on furlough might look after their fans. I am not bothered one bit if I get a refund, the most important thing to me is being able to sit with my dad again at a football match. I am lucky , it won't really bother me financially so I'm happy to write it off, but wouldn't think bad of someone who doesn't have that privilege.
  2. Maybe hes the font of all knowledge
  3. Must admit I didn't know this, but I get what you mean, the extra i pay on electric etc i save more than in fuel and more important I guess the value of my time. I guess it depends where you draw the line on morals. My example would be if i claim it, do i need to? probably not and to be honest dont know if i could be bothered. But someone i know who is self employed, when his work stopped and it looked like there was no money from the govt he made an application to be a delivery driver, however as soon as the govt announced the 80% of profits his view was 'nah bin that off i'll take the govt money'. So if i do claim, morally for £6 a week compared with the sum the govt will pay out to my friend..... Now, i guess of course there is the argument that staying at home is safer and of course it is but i know this wasnt the driving decision behind the decision to take the govt money..... Not saying you are wrong btw, just giving an example, and im sure there are many more like this, so i guess im not going to think too bad if someone claims £24 a month when others who could perhaps find an alternative are claiming thousands. I am also not saying this is the typical approach by s/e people but i am sure he is not the only person with the same approach to this. He may well be right btw, his view that millions of others are getting paid to stay at home why shouldnt he....
  4. I moved us from sky to bt a couple of years back. yes you can pause rewind etc. initially I did do all the extra channels but don't bother now, I use now TV as and when and always deals. one thing that sky beats bt hands down is catch up tv, the ones on bt are just your standard players
  5. yeah probably not going to agree on that. to say someone deserves to be fighting for their life is appalling. obviously just my opinion.
  6. no idea. she should resign really. the labour party have booted her into touch which is good on them. even if you think it though don't make it public, brainless and a disgusting human being
  7. good old brenda https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/11346963/resident-sends-council-swearing-emoji-mistake/
  8. sorry to hear that, my wife's company are struggling, may not make it. very sad times. hope you sort something
  9. we were due to travel to Maldives for 25th anniversary at the end of the month. kuoni have rebooked for exactly 1 year later for same price 26th anniversary I guess
  10. yep and kudos to them. think she retains the position though.
  11. that's what I tell my wife when football is on.
  12. mayor of heanor should hopefully be resigning her position for hateful comments about boris
  13. wow just wow https://www.theguardian.com/society/2020/apr/07/derbyshire-mayor-apologises-for-saying-johnson-deserves-coronavirus
  14. Come on I think you are being unfair. They do have a Christmas Party to pay for you know. 🤣
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