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  1. An fa cup match abandoned due to racist abuse today https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/50111754
  2. To be fair we did build todays team on a shoestring, not like the millions we spent in 13/14 when we consistently outplayed teams. Oh errr.
  3. No way should Cocu be going. But we need to sort out the desire in the team. Total lack of today.
  4. No way to rowett..Someone else just saw the score though
  5. Hope the boos are not from our fans for Bennett
  6. Give him a break. He found a tenner today, poor lad is devastated cause it wasn't a twenty.
  7. Should have stuck to my original plan for today
  8. Hang on how long after giving advantage are you allowed to pull it back
  9. Aaahh the old mark crossley approach to goal keeping
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