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  1. No problem with var ruling on offsides or anything else for that matter, but those making the decision should have to make it within 30 seconds and without any slo mo. If you need slo mo or longer then its not an obvious error.
  2. Apparently Cameroon accusing fifa of racism. So if all else fails just play the race card. Should be kicked our of the tournament now and game awarded to England.
  3. Yeah yeah but frank had fun, on holiday..in June!!!!!! Nuff said. 😎
  4. Paul71


    They do get a yellow card for it so i suppose thats a deterrent.
  5. If the unthinkable happened and frank left to be replaced by Keane, i would seriously consider asking for my season ticket money back. The man should be nowhere near football.
  6. Its called.. I reported that it would be signed sealed by the end of the week and because it hasn't i need to make something else up.
  7. Your logic is sound. Bit like global warming. Bring it on, burn as much fossil fuels as possible, who wants to freeze to death. Titanic wouldn’t have sunk if we had got rid of all the ice. Its a bloomin nuisance.
  8. Agree, its the last straw for me
  9. And playing the keeper in the same colours will be carnage.
  10. Dunno, i saw he was a student and assumed he will probably end being a politician later in life.
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