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  1. Amsterdam

    Waste of oxygen.
  2. Derby Snow - Game called off

    In sure he would appreciate your faith in him but I'm not sure even Mel has that much influence on the weather.
  3. If we reach the playoffs..

    The recall clause only applies in January if both clubs agreed when the loan was done, however if both clubs agree a loan can be cancelled at any point. I suppose if the club loaning a player wanted to save a bit of cash they might let him go back to his parent club.
  4. Derby Snow - Game called off

    Oh I have no doubt some people do make out they cannot travel when they could.
  5. Derby Snow - Game called off

    The EFL statement is a bit wishy washy. They state Derby made the right decision but have reminded derby of their responsibilities and say Cardiff have some valid points. This seems to be around communication to fans travelling to the game from what I can make out, as they accept the early kick off time made it more challenging. In that case if communication is to be improved then the only solution would have been to call the game off the night before based on the forecast. Then if it hadn't snowed people could really have kicked off. Why can people not accept that sometimes things happen which aren't ideal. The game was called off with 4 hours notice, maybe Cardiff should be reminded there is no need for fans to be at the ground 3 hours before kick off.
  6. Derby Snow - Game called off

    The problem Sunday was it was very different in different areas. On a larger scale no we don't cope like those countries that get it all the time, but imagine if the government said OK we will take steps to keep the roads etc moving, which would cost money and then we have 3 or 4 winters with nowt..people would then complain that taxes were not being spent wisely "why spend all that money on snow and ice clearance when we have had no snow" Another case if damned if you do....
  7. Rowett

    By a few...
  8. Rowett

    Still cheaper to renew early.
  9. Rowett

    I don't think so, he will believe in his ability. Haven't done mine yet but will be doing.
  10. Rowett

    Its a combination of things. Yes seeing some players go out and the style of play.
  11. Rowett

    People were calling for his head as early as September. There are posters on here who would like him to go. Of course they have their reasons and opinions which they are entitled to, but I just for once would like us to not sack a manager when we have a bad run, I do not think we will anyway.
  12. Rowett

    In all seriousness this is how I feel. For me we have changed manager to often, and the reason I defend rowett a lot is because I want stability. I believe, although obviously cannot prove it, that if we had stuck with managers recently we would have been promoted by now, and I include McLaren, clement and Clough in this. I don't know if rowett will succeed, I do think our football is better than many say, but it does concern me the age of our team. I just feel rather than calling for his head I'd rather give him a chance.
  13. I come in peace!!! Cancer has no colours

    Done, good luck hope goes well and hope little Isla gets the donations she needs.
  14. Derby Snow - Game called off

    The ideal situation might have been for Derby and Cardiff to approach the league and sky the day before and say 'in view if the forecast can we set the kick off time to 2pm, in order that a timely assessment of the conditions can be made in order to notify fans of both teams in a timely manner if the game is to go ahead or not'. Of course the league and sky would have replied 'cough'.

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