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  1. Paul71

    Karen Carney and trolls

    I don't know. I know VPN or proxies claim you become anonymous once you use them but I don't believe it. But you are right. I can't imagine it being allowed here so why do other platforms get away with it.
  2. Paul71

    Most embarrassing moment.....

    Ha, when i was at infants school..i was at lunch and felt ill. Told the female teacher on our table who was known for being strict. Said was ill, she was having none of it made me eat my salad containing beetroot. Was still protesting i was ill, she made me continue eating and sit there. Then i threw up beetroot coloured puke on the table. Did said teacher apologise for her actions? No she proceeded to rollock me for being sick at the table.
  3. Paul71

    Karen Carney and trolls

    Well yes everything is everyone elses fault usually. To be honest its a shame we dont have an Australia we can send these types to. Clearly serving no useful purpose to society. Be better shot of them somewhere else. I loved that story a few years back where a boxer tracked down someone who had abused him online and paid him a visit. Don't think the troll was quite as brave then
  4. Paul71

    Karen Carney and trolls

    Well rape and murder these days seems to get someone about 10 years so yeah why not.
  5. Paul71

    Most embarrassing moment.....

    I dont know. Whos to say its not everyone else thats colour blind and im not 🙂
  6. Paul71

    Sleep Talking

    ,My wife is a nightmare. Its a common thing that when asleep if you walk into the room she will sit up and scream then fall straight back to sleep. She screams in her sleep a lot, and often giggles in her sleep too. She also isnt very good after a drink, especially in strange places. Last year on holiday first night, we have had a few and im woke by her pulling at the curtains and the patio doors. I said what are you doing, she replies like im an idiot, trying to open the door, so i say what do you want to open the door for, she replies i want to go to the toilet, i just sigh and point her in the direction of the 'proper' toilet. Thankfully we have never had any 'accidents' that we know of.
  7. Paul71

    Most embarrassing moment.....

    Maybe 15 years ago when i worked for someone else i had to go to our offices in colchester. So it meant an early start. Im rubbish with colours as im colour blind, and in fairness i actually didnt realise anything was wrong until i got home. But i had a suit on with different coloured trousers to the jacket, and also to make it worse odd shoes.
  8. Paul71

    Wembley won't be sold

    Spot on, you know all the suits at the FA would have spent half of it on plush hotels and expenses while they had 'workshops' to determine what to actually do with it.
  9. Paul71

    Karen Carney and trolls

    Im with ronnie, its not an 'off the cuff' remark in jest. I think when someone posts something like this it should be considered serious. I know in reality its probably not and probably some saddo who sits in his back room playing x box and surfing the internet all day but even so the hurt they can cause by such posts they should be tracked down and punished for it.
  10. Paul71

    5 day fifa rule

    To be fair to the current england crop you dont often see injuries and then them turning out for their club the following week. Ryan Giggs is an example of someone who used to always be injured for friendlies and then still turn out for club.
  11. Paul71

    Karen Carney and trolls

    Anyone threatening such things online should be traced and locked up for aslong as if they had actually committed the crime.
  12. Paul71

    Sleep Talking

    in what manner?
  13. Paul71

    Tom Lawrence - Fan criticism

    Phew. I was getting bored in the international break, thank god we got another player bashing thread.
  14. Paul71

    5 day fifa rule

    Didn't realise this was a thing. Congrats to Northern Ireland for invoking it for kyle lafferty missing the call up due to injury.
  15. Paul71

    Nations League - Spain v England

    I have a cunning plan.. For those worried about our players getting injured in internationals i think lets hope we get relegated a couple of tiers..that should solve that problem.

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