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  1. International Sloth Day

  2. Mark Sampson

    I don't agree its racist, I think its an I'll judged joke. If Derbyshire had an outbreak of foot and mouth and you were meeting someone from London and they said don't bring foot and mouth with you in a joking way..what would your reaction be? Would you demand they are sacked?
  3. Organ Donation

    Just looked its wales not scotland. Families would still have the final say so lots would still not go through. I have never been in that position were ive had to say about a family member, and it would be so hard, especially someone young or a child, but the thought someone could live because of it makes me think I would agree, but i guess until you are in that position you never know. I know i once saw something on it and the most common reason for not were they think if you are on the donor register they might expedite your death or that doctors wouldnt try as hard to save you.
  4. Organ Donation

    dont they do that in scotland? sure they are looking at doing it in england.
  5. Organ Donation

    Thats really good to be on that list, i know not a lot are and often relies on family members being a match.
  6. Organ Donation

    It is very difficult, and I can understand people not wanting loved ones to be cut up or be cut up themselves. I think it would be a good poll to know how many people do carry donor cards, and their reasons for doing so or not. I think for people to do so sometimes takes something to push you to, a family member needing donation etc etc. A lot of us probably think Im young, it wont happen to me etc. Im typical of that group of people, never carried one, cant now, but having seen those waiting for organs now would say to people carry one. Another area the country is crying out for donors is blood, that can be done of course with little in the way of fears. I do think when it comes to any form of donation many of us perhaps intend to do it, the blood donation etc, but something comes up that stops us, often trivial, once again ive been guilty of that in the past myself, but i know when i was having 4 bags of blood pumped into me in an emergency blood transplant i was very grateful to those who do go and donate. It something i now really regret not doing more of, only given blood once, but really wish had done it more.
  7. FA, go get Pochettino now!

    Would you ban a german managing the england team? What about a frenchman, i mean they did invade us in 1066? Maybe we should have stopped Capello on the basis hes italian, i mean they sided with the germans and also the romans invaded almost everywhere so that rules them out. How about british managers going elsewhere, we invaded lots of places over the centuries.
  8. Organ Donation

    It is yes, i dont understand it myself buy i think grief makes you make decisions you wouldnt make normally. Its a shame people are dying though because of the lack of organ donations.
  9. Pitch Invader Banned

    Be interesting to see how that would be dealt with today. Certainly the idiot who kicked out at the Fulham player should have received a lengthy ban.
  10. Pitch Invader Banned

    Idiots is certainly the word I used all those times when for some reason a portion of fans decided to invade the pitch on the last game of the season regardless of league position we finished. Perhaps thoughtless would be better, certainly towards those fans who stayed in the stands waiting to see the lap of appreciation from the players. I know on a number of occasions we have given up on it and left because of this. I can understand maybe if we have achieved something, but when we have finished 14th or whatever its a bit embarrassing.
  11. Pitch Invader Banned

    Got to be better than rammies penalties at half time surely?
  12. Derby City Centre

    Nottingham city center is nice must admit.
  13. Derby County V Notts Forest

    Theo Robinson couldn't be interfering with play if he was 1 foot from the goaline with an open goal and the ball at his feet.
  14. Pitch Invader Banned

    I'm not disagreeing, I think those that do it at any point are idiots. Suppose banning them all is impossible, maybe do a few randoms as a warning.
  15. Pitch Invader Banned

    He did look like a massive tit in fairness.

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