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  1. I'd much rather them finish 3rd 25 points ahead of us in 6th then us beat em. funny as
  2. you wonder how Bielik will get back In the team
  3. maybe, but a good shout for a red for the following stamp
  4. I know what you mean, there has to be some punishment though in my opinion. I think Leicester did it for every other club since when they got away with it. Spent big, went into administration but got no points deduction and still went up. The company who built their stadium lost millions because of it. Its no fault of the fans, but no fault of all the businesses, which will include local business who end up getting 10p in the pound or whatever is agreed causing companies to fail and people to lose their jobs. So footballs fans for me having to start with a points deduction is s
  5. Average age of 11??? bloody hell i know mel wants to use the academy but thats madness
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