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  1. I seriously cant see rowett going to Stoke. If he moves on it will be to a bigger club, not a premier league has been.
  2. Paul71

    Surprise departure ?

    We aren't skint.
  3. Paul71

    Wisdom position change?

    I think a position change always freshens things up.
  4. Personally think Clough did really well with his signings, all managers have failures, even Alex Ferguson, At least on the most part Cloughs failiures were mostly low risk, probably his worst value signing was Connor Sammon. Never did I feel like we had a bloated squad of expensive failures under clough and those that didnt succeed like Maguire were moved on with relative ease.
  5. Yeah but no but yeah but no. 😄🙂
  6. Youtube self help videos. Ok thanks for posting it, but get to the point, no need for a 10 minute video when a 30 second one will do.
  7. Paul71

    Players as dogs thread

    Thats unfair and disrespectful saying you cant tell the difference..... What's that poor dog ever done to you.😂
  8. Paul71

    Players as dogs thread

    Andre Wisdom.
  9. Paul71

    Players as dogs thread

    Keogh and Davies in the home game against Sunderland.
  10. But he didn't go out until after he was sacked
  11. Paul71

    Players as dogs thread

    Thats ridiculous. This is GT
  12. Paul71

    Proud to be British

    You are as racist as me apparently.😀
  13. Paul71

    Proud to be British

    The Queen... Who wants to live forever.
  14. Paul71

    Proud to be British

    Charles.. I just cant wait to be king.. From the lion king.

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