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  1. Jeremy wants to roll out the red carpet mind.
  2. Is it because he knows our promotion chances are rover for another year?
  3. Is he sick? He looks a bit wuff.
  4. Hopefully shutter few of the moaners up.
  5. Does it need to be a dark room? I wouldn't do that, far too many negatives.
  6. Must be because he hasn't written an open letter confirming no interest in Chelsea whatsoever.
  7. Why single bryson out? He was far from our worst player today.
  8. One thing you can never say about bryson is that he is lazy
  9. I think that's ridiculous saying they should be banned. Personally id have them castrated and forced to eat them.
  10. Haven't got a clue what Chelsea will do. The fact Sarri is still in a job makes me think roman is losing interest. It won't be Lampard not yet. It will be at some point.
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