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  1. Malone is a decent player, would much preferred him at left back than cole at Wembley, shame he got himself sent off unnecessarily. Good player but as yesterdays booking showed clearly got something wrong going on.
  2. No you are confusing Mason Mount with Mel Morris.
  3. 4 points from 2 games is good. I for one am hoping they stay up by 1 point relegating West Ham, and the Goal which keeps United up is the diviest dive for a penalty that you have ever seen.
  4. Paul71


    Even the non experts among us have been questioning how you can know the exact point the ball is released. For me when its that tight you have to allow the goal. VAR also cannot pick and choose, yesterday Man City should have had a penalty which was clear and obviously and error, yet the goal that was disallowed was far from clear and obvious.
  5. My views are if anyone suggests it will affect kids its a cop out for lazy parenting. Parents are responsible for what their kids do. We were sponsored by Pedigree a few years back and to the best of my knowledge there aren't loads of young adults blaming their alcoholism on that sponsorship deal. How do you feel about it? I presume you are including your own club when you mention the word immoral considering who your sponsors are ?
  6. Yes. He knows Lowe is going to have to play the right sided role for a little while and wants him to get used to it.
  7. In your opinion which i dont agree with
  8. I know its all about opinions, but for me he wasn't even the worst player today never mind in years.
  9. Bizarrely we were looking ok for the last 15 mins. 2 2 great result considering
  10. How far wide our next shot will be?😁
  11. Not the best penalty who cares though
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