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  1. B4 has a point. I don't know what i can or can't take in. People around me always have flasks in colder months, why are they allowed but a bottle of pop isn't? There are half hearted searches of bags, but flares are set off now and then. I doubt its because it may be used as a weapon, afterall they wouldn't stop you buying a bottle of pop from a vending machine and drinking it in the stands.
  2. Because it wont cause as much chaos then. They do it on purpose
  3. Dunno, even more chaos around PP. People will be leaving even earlier now.
  4. Better than stubbing it on a car as you cross the 52 on foot
  5. Spot on, its a gesture of course, but how about boycotting altogether until these sites tighten their controls on who is allowed to post what.
  6. Suppose he lasted longer than he did at Forest
  7. BREAKING NEWS: Footage of the original project planning meeting for the A52 improvement project shown:
  8. Look how excited he is, just imagine how excited he will be if he ever loses his virginity.
  9. Almost on a par with massa's dad celebrating winning the title when he didn't
  10. Paul71


    Hope so. Love to see Burton back in the championship.
  11. Its been hanging over him since before he bought the club. They should have told him to get his affairs in order before allowing him to do so.
  12. Even if it did was it deliberate? I havent seen the other angle, but having seen the one shown on TV nothing about it told me it would be deliberate even if it did glance off his hand.
  13. You have to be in the right place. Cant remember if it was citys 2nd or 3rd goal, took a terrible deflection to go in, otherwise think the keeper would have got it. Luck involved with that too.
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