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  1. Some of the best posts on the forum I've read in the last few posts. it is taking a toll on most of us, life is difficult right now, like @Pearl Ram I had to shield, sometimes I'd like to discuss the challenges we have personally rather than wade through the politics, but it is what it is. A few months ago I suggested two threads , one for discussing our personal situations , challenges and one for the political aspects. I lashed out, wrongly tonight and I apologise, I dunno, just would like be able to discuss coronavirus at a personal level. Even the football is no fu
  2. Apologies if I've upset anyone. Au revior...
  3. read the rules and stop scoring political points, jesus.....you claim no political point scoring, you contradict yourself so often
  4. I know ive said it before, but worth repeating, the flu jab is not only available free to vulnerable people (as has been for a long time) its also available free this year to those who live with vulnerable people....
  5. And the immunisation program is the biggest ever undertaken so that will help the FLU figures surely.
  6. Some, but thats not what hes saying.
  7. What planet has this guy been on for the past few months? "The reality is that people have done everything they were asked to do" Out of touch or what.
  8. Paul71

    Ex Rams

    I thought this was a thread about former childrens TV giants Andi Peters and Chris Packham.... Oh well....imagine my disappointment.
  9. jeez, as @DarkFruitsRam7would say, get yourself a cubicle man.
  10. I thought boertien and Jackson were ok players, certainly wouldn't call them poor.
  11. was he a surprise ? 😆
  12. went in two pubs last night, the first, ok when we got there but we left when it became apparent no measures were being adhered to, standing allowed, people congregating, standing, chatting where you were supposed to queue to get your drinks. second pub spot on, great social distancing, people not allowed in unless a table available to sit at. it's not just the public who don't follow rules but business owners too, it's a shame for those really making an effort if they get shut down again because of those who don't care.
  13. Unbelievable. See he has removed it and issued an apology saying not his views, I don't ever get this especially when he has defended it before deleting it. I'm sure many of us have posted in anger and maybe regretted our tone, but to go and look for an image and post it like that isn't a knee jerk response it's a carefully thought out response. Nothing else I can add to what has already been said.
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