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  1. I keep reading that if he was consistent, he’d be playing in the premier league so get off his back. To me that’s nonsense, we can expect at least some consistently from our players. He’s supposed to be hitting his best years at his age but can anyone say he’s gotten better to when he first signed or is showing signs that he is going to improve? One of the reasons why so many loved the 13/14 and early part of the 14/15 season, is because our players were consistent and we knew what to expect from them every week, even players perceived to be inconsistent like Hendrick, were consistent back then. Players like Forsyth, Dawkins, Ward, Buxton, Russell, may not have been the most talented in the world, but we knew that they’d give their absolute all every darn week. I tell you one thing , there’s no way Clough Jr , Billy Davies or McClaren would have put up with players like Lawrence because they wanted players who played for the team. The reality is we will never get promoted with greedy players like Lawrence in his current form unless he adapts. How can a manager build a team when he doesn’t know what to expect from his player? He could have his rarer 7/10 days or his more frequent 4/10s. His poor form is affecting other players like Malone and getting them scapegoated because he provides no defensive support. It may seem harsh but that’s the reality. Someone needs to sit this lad down and tell him he’s never going to be Ronaldo so stop trying to become a cheap imitation, become your own player. He can start winning fans over and getting people off his back like myself by giving his absolute all every week, even when he doesn’t play well. His physical build is better than Ward’s, Russell’s and Ince’s yet they tried their best every week so he has no excuse. I guarantee people will get off his back if he starts grafting more, it will benefit his career in the long run.
  2. I don’t think he really wanted Rooney. To me it seemed like a move that the board told him that Rooney’s signing rather than Cocu having an active role in wanting him. It was mentioned how the board were desperate to get Rooney when Lampard was here. You can’t say no to a player like Rooney but I think he wanted other targets rather than deadline moves like Paterson. Could rooney’s move have scuppered moves for the players Cocu actually wanted like his 1st and 2nd choice targets?
  3. You can’t base a player based on looks because Ince had an arrogant look but grafted his socks off, but Lawrence certainly has an arrogant persona with is on field performances- he refuses to run back and defend when he loses the ball, he thinks he’s Ronaldo by trying to dribble past the whole team, he shoots from stupid angles when he should pass
  4. Demanding position as in intensity, defensive midfielders are indeed expected to screen, but it’s not a tiring position. There’s pretty much no difference between centre back and defensive midfielder intensity wise. Two of the best defensive midfielders ever- Busquets and Makelele, never broke a sweat because they were always in the right position . If you’re knackered playing in that position then you’re doing it wrong unless your team is a pressing maniac team like Klopp’s
  5. He may not be the most overrated player, but he’s definitely the most frustrating I’ve ever seen put on the Derby shirt because everyone keeps telling me what amazing ability he has, although I don’t know what they are seeing. Tom Ince was criticised for being ‘arrogant’, even though he worked his socks off. Maybe Tom Lawrence should be more humble and do the same thing? I feel sorry for whoever plays at left back.
  6. It will be baffling if he doesn’t start in midfield now. Defensive midfield isn’t exactly a demanding position so I don’t get the fitness argument- especially when you see who is currently playing there- Huddlestone
  7. He’s not a bad player but perhaps like Dowell- the wrong player at the wrong time. As @AdamRam pointed out at the time, it seems that the Rooney deal scuppered our chances with our other main targets.
  8. Daily Mail don’t get to get a lot wrong when it comes to smaller clubs- they click bait a lot or exaggerate rumours with bigger clubs in the premier league though
  9. The system is completely different to when Mancienne and Muamba were playing since Southgate took charge. It’s more likely Steven sessengon will get an England call up before Bogle imo. And I doubt steven sessengon will ever get an England first team call up either- Trent, Awb, Reece James, Max Aarons, Walker-Peters and Maitland Niles are all around the same age as Bogle so will be ahead in the pecking order because they’re all in the top league , and that’s ignoring the older players like trippier and walker who will be around the squad I imagine for another 4 years or so. In tournament football they only ever take 2 right backs maximum with the 23 squad limit
  10. He’s Started every league game this season... He wasn’t at the start of last season because Pellegrini wanted experience with Zabaleta before Fredericks took zabaleta’s place, like Bogle with Andre wisdom. He was injured for three months last season but was back in the team at the end of the last season including their win away v spurs 🤷‍♂️. You’re moving away from the original point, England have lots of right backs so it will be very hard-impossible for Bogle to get an England spot. Fredericks is the premier league playing under one of the best managers in European football who clearly rates him- yet is nowhere near the squad.
  11. Played in 15 premier league games last season. Reason he didn’t play as much was because he was injured 🤷‍♂️He’s Started every game so far this season
  12. You say we shouldn’t fear them but would they fear us? I don’t think any top international side would fear another. Germany may not be the force they were but they are still a top side- they won the confederations cup with pretty much a young b side. Their struggles at the World Cup was because they played players who were old and past their best, since their Loew has got rid of many of them. As @Jourdan said, international football is so tight that no top team can really be so arrogant to think they’re better than other top teams, anything can happen in a knock out tie, all it takes is a red card to occur at any moment then the game would swing. And you mentioned Netherlands and Spain, both whom battered us if we look at the statistics so it’s pretty arrogant to dismiss them.They had 53 shots between them in the games we have recently played against them, poor finishing let them down whereas England were very clinical. We beat Spain in Seville, but that was due to a lot of help from the referee and due to clinical finishing- Spain should have had at least one penalty and Pickford should have been sent off. It would be silly to write those teams off. I wouldn’t say we have a particularly stronger squad than Portugal either, Portugal’s bench the other day was ridiculous with the likes of Joao felix, Ruben Neves, Joao Cancelo, Joao Moutinho, Diogo Jota. Squads don’t really matter in international tournaments anyway in such a small format in contrast to a long season where squads would matter more. I think every top international side can say they have good squads though.
  13. Fredericks plays week in, week out in the premier league under a top quality manager. Of course it’s unlikely he will get an England call up but any English player who plays week in week out in the premier league will be in with a shot, especially if that club is in good form. And steven sessengon is already in the England u21 squad unlike Bogle. I wouldn’t say it’s controversial by that token to suggest he’s currently ahead in the pecking order
  14. Yep, currently we have Trent, Trippier, AWB, Walker at right back, then the ones just below that like Max Aarons, Reece James, Steven sessengon, Ryan fredericks. Maitland Niles and Walker-Peters are starting most weeks for Arsenal and spurs respectively too. Lots of options for now and the future
  15. I disagree on that point but agree on the rest. Kimmich pocketed Sadio Mane pretty easily at Anfield for example whereas in the return leg when Kimmich was suspended, Mane ripped Bayern apart. it’s just what you prefer. The way England want to play, Trent and Trippier should be the right backs in the squad in my opinion because they are brilliant going forward. Walker and Awb may be physically stronger, but are a lot worse going forward. I’d play this sort of team Pickford Trent Gomez Maguire Chilwell Henderson Winks Maddison Sterling Kane Rashford A lot has been made of a lack of quality in midfield , but that midfield would be good, could perhaps change Winks’ and Henderson’s positions. The intensity of Henderson, Winks’ quality on the ball to keep it moving and the killer pass ability of Maddison.
  16. Easy to say in hindsight but we probably didn’t need to play 3 centre backs in that game . 3 centre backs against an aging Mandzukic was overkill and ironically cost us in the end because Walker kept losing his position, like for the Croatia two goals. I appreciate it would have been difficult to leave a formation that got us to the semis, but Maguire and Stones on their own should have been enough to deal with Mandzukic’s physicality. I’d have played Loftus cheek instead of Alli too, he’s more of an orthodox centre midfielder than Alli who likes to arrive late in the box, it would have been hard to drop Lingard because he was covering so much distance. Rashford and Loftus Cheek for Walker and Alli probably would have been enough to win that match. As you say, there’s no way Vrjsalko would have attacked as much from right back, if he had to deal with Rashford on that side.
  17. He’s certainly up there, I personally think Kimmich is a bit better because he’s better defensively and his crossing is more consistent, although he’s been playing more in midfield lately. Trent’s crossing when he’s on form is wonderful but on other occasions he tends to overhit it a lot and can be targeted by really quick wingers. Klopp sometimes leaves him out in important games and prefers to play Gomez there for more solidity. But I agree with you on the point that Trent should be the starting right back, he’s the best England currently has.
  18. I think you may be overestimating the quality of the England squad in comparison to other nations. We certainly have a good squad but loads of other countries can say that too. Portugal’s bench for example is ridiculous- yesterday they had, Joao Felix , Joao Cancelo, Joao Mourinho, Diogo Jota, Renato Sanches and Ruben Neves all on the bench. My worry for this England squad is how easy the group is in comparison to some of the other top international sides. How often have we seen England stroll through the group qualifiers then struggle in the main tournament because it’s a step above what they had been playing against? We are quite fortunate we haven’t really got awkward teams in this group. Germany and Netherlands are in the same group, Portugal, Ukraine and Serbia are in the same group, Spain have Romania and Sweden in their group, France have Turkey and Iceland in their group, Belgium have Russia in their group. Whilst some of those teams listed may not be the best of their best, they are certainly in the second tier of teams-horrible and difficult to play against and they make things awkward. My dark horses for Euro 2020 if they qualify are Turkey. They are a really, really talented team, perhaps the best they’ve had since their Euro 2008 team and we all know when Turkey fans get going and get behind their nation, it’s really, really tough to beat them as France found out.
  19. Sexydadbod


    I wish EA would come out and just admit to this. Anyone who has played the game knows it exists and has done for many years. Everyone who goes on their forums and mentions handicap, scripting or momentum are banned straight away, no second chances. Seems like a dictatorship on there where censorship is major, if it’s didn't exist they wouldn’t ban everyone who even mention the words. Would rather an enjoyable football game where the person best wins rather than the game deciding who gets to win. Maybe I should get back into Pes, I haven’t played it since 2006. I much preferred playing that on the ps2 than Fifa.
  20. They’ve never admitted they’ve been institutionally racist though, they’ve just brushed it under the carpet then are now trying to be PC and to act like the good guys. It’s not genuine, it’s false and caused because they have to, not because they want to. As someone who is BAME, Positive discrimination isn’t the right way to go about things. It’s a kick in the face. It’s almost saying we aren’t good enough so the only way you will be given an opportunity is through these special programmes because you aren’t otherwise good enough. All we want is equal opportunities, not special treatment or to be treated differently/given preferential treatment because of the colour of our skin. Take away these pathetic positive discrimination programmes and let people get the jobs because they deserve it. I feel the same way about women in men’s football like referees or lineswomen. They should be given the job because they are good enough, not just to appease the masses and don’t let them sink if it’s clear they are out of their depth. Ironically these sort of programmes are fuelling racism I’ve personally found- it’s causing people to be more racist and hatred to us as they are saying what have these “censor word” done to deserve more of an opportunity than us? How about we start from scratch and not judge anyone or give anyone special treatment because of their skin colour- treat everyone the same?
  21. I think he’s saying that they should get their roles on merit rather than a system that borderlines positive discrimination. I’m not saying Michael Johnson doesn’t deserve it, but it shouldn’t take this kind of system to give him the job, they should have been looking at him before. If I was Michael Johnson in that situation I’d tell the FA to Duck off, you didnt approach me before but now you’re approaching me just because I’m black to prove you aren’t racist? It’s almost an admission they’ve been institutionally racist in the past and trying to score brownie points. If they weren’t they would have approached BAME coaches in the past.
  22. Sorry OP but I lost it when you started talking about stressing the players out 😂
  23. Albert Einstein and Isaac Newton allegedly had autism. Try not to let it affect who you are.
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