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  1. It will be tough for Lampard to replicate Sarri’s achievements. Sarri did a really good job at Chelsea, in his first and only season, he won the Europa league destroying one of their main rivals 4-1 in the final, only lost on penalties in the efl cup final to a brilliant Man City team and finished third in the premier league behind the eventual champions league winners and the premier league winners respectively. All of this was achieved despite Sarri arriving at Chelsea late , not having much a pre season and struggling to speak much English when he first arrived. In fact he did a fantastic job there listing all that out.
  2. Bang on with the last part. Loans should always be used to complement the current team and system, not to build the team around them like we did with Tomori, Mount and Wilson. It shows poor management and an incredibly shorter sighted view. McClaren got the balance just right with loans.
  3. Tbf I think most people are annoyed by Lampard’s ex teammates, friends, family stirring the pot and saying what a brilliant appointment he would be for Chelsea, completely ignoring our club in the scenario. Ian wright is probably the only one who has mentioned our club in this soap opera. I don’t buy that Lampard didn’t know about all his mates bigging him up for the job like some say, even his wife played the song should I stay or should I go on instagram , it leaves a bitter taste in my mouth and treated our club like a none entity. For all the criticism of Rowett and people calling him a snake, he left and that was it, none of his friends or even his Mrs got involved like Lampard’s.
  4. Set to join Lampard at Chelsea unfortunately. He’s the type of big name who would have been nice as he’d know some bargains in German league, which has proven to be a success as we’ve seen with farke at Norwich and wagnar at Huddersfield
  5. Hi son, tea will be ready at 6.30
  6. Personally think Mel will go for Darren Moore, he probably wants someone who will be here for the long term for stability and who the fans can identify with. That was probably the plan appointing Rowett , although as Birmingham fans would tell you, Rowett wasn’t the most loyal person. I’m not saying it would be the right appointment, but simply who I think Mel will go for.
  7. Chelsea fans think that Lampard created the bounce 🤮
  8. Chelsea fans and as a club are a fickle bunch. They turned against their greatest ever manager Mourinho, it wouldn’t be surprising if they turn against Lampard. For all the Chelsea fans who wanted Sarri out, there were many who really liked him and appreciated what he did. If they don’t start off well, the Sarri in crowd will undoubtedly say it wasn’t all bad under Sarri , the inevitable we told you so and the atmosphere could turn toxic quickly. Roberto Di Matteo was sacked after winning the champions league because Chelsea didn’t start off well the following season, even though Abramovic promised Di Matteo time to build a new team with Hazard leading it. If they don’t start off well, he won’t be afraid to sack Lampard.
  9. At least we’ve got the name of our club back! Or are we going to be called “Frank Lampard’s former Derby County side” from now on?
  10. Might be an unpopular opinion but at least Rowett didn’t get his mates, ex teammates and family members to come out in the media to justify him leaving like Lampard before it’s even confirmed or his Mrs to play songs on Instagram should I stay or should I go. It’s like a soap opera that our great club has gotten tangled in to. I also find it disrespectful of Jody liking posts on twitter telling them to “come home to chelsea, welcome home”.
  11. Meh, we’ve lost far better managers in the past and moved on. I was more upset when we lost Mac on both occasions. Wonder if Frank will get the same criticism McClaren and Rowett did or if fans will be more forgiving just because he’s called Frank Lampard. Lampard will probably be another Thierry Henry and Gary Neville and sacked within 6th months if it doesn’t start well at Chelsea. The reality is we’ve gone from 6th under Rowett, to 6th under Lampard. Yes the football was better but it still wasn’t fantastic as everyone says it was. People seem to remember the great games against West Brom and Man Utd but what about the other games when it was poor to watch? Time to get a man in who will be here for longer term.
  12. Of course, that goes without saying.
  13. Off topic but I find it a bit disgusting how people are putting lots of bets on Enrique to become new Chelsea manager, people should actually research WHY he stepped down as Spain manager, his daughter is rumoured to have cancer and is currently in a coma and Enrique himself is rumoured to not be well either. Enrique had to miss Spain’s last few internationals. I hope both him and his daughter recover quickly, he won’t be becoming Chelsea manager that’s for sure.
  14. One way or another this needs to be sorted out quickly so we can commence with our transfer dealings.
  15. I’ve never seen an Odi team as destructive as this England side, you could argue that any of the top 8 batsman are capable of getting a 200+ strike rate in any given game.
  16. I hope you’re both right, all this chopping and changing of managers is a bad thing. My main concern is the other main candidate for the Chelsea job, Allegri who would have been the choice that made sense, has said he’s taking a year out of football so won’t be going to Chelsea .
  17. Stokies wanted him in the January and a few other prem clubs were interested too! I remember because I made this thread in the January! Funny reading back how Rowett wouldn’t abandon a project half way through
  18. To be fair he did state the “concern” and “if so”, he didn’t say it was a fact and it turned out that Mendy did do his ACL.
  19. Exactly, didn’t Gary Rowett sign a bumper new contract January last year before leaving for stoke in the summer? Contracts don’t mean a lot in football.
  20. We shall see, time will tell. I’d be amazed if Lampard isn’t the new chelsea manager . I expect that the new contract will contain a release clause which Chelsea will gladly pay if they really want him. Let’s face it, who else can they get? Allegri was the main other target and he’s ruled himself out by saying he’s having a sabbatical. Chelsea are getting 60 odd million for Morata leaving and all the money for the Hazard deal, money won’t be an issue there. I’ve seen it too many times in football, x player signs a massive bumper contract before moving to another club so the current club can get the most money possible because he wants to thank the current club and want to help that club in any way they can. Maybe Lampard feels that is the one way he can owe us as a way of almost an apology if he joins chelsea?
  21. Sky Sports are reporting that Lampard would find it impossible to refuse Chelsea when they come in for him. I imagine the new contract offered by us would be to get a greater compo package all round, like we could get 7-8 million in compensation instead of the reported 4 million. We don’t have a lot of money to spend because of ffp so any bit of extra money we can get will be beneficial. Contracts in football don’t mean a great lot
  22. It could be upwards of 25-30 k Derby fans up there, the Derby fans representing the pride of England.
  23. McLovin

    Jayden Bogle

    I think Chelsea can still buy players, they just won’t be able to play them. During Barcelona’s transfer ban they still bought Arda Turan, only he couldn’t play for about 6 months until the transfer ban was over.
  24. Manager :Mac Grant Bogle Keogh Tomori Forsyth Thorne Hughes Mount Ince Martin Wilson That would be a fabulous team to watch. Only downside is that there isn’t a lot of pace in the forward areas
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