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  1. McLovin

    Premier League 18/19

    And for the fact that they lost against Chelsea away.
  2. McLovin

    Johnson and Ledley

    Shame for both of them. Ledley was one of the first names on the team going into the season and had near enough nailed down the defensive midfield role going into the Reading game. I thought the criticism of him in the games against Reading and Leeds were unfair because he was playing injured in both games. I’d still have him around because he’s the only midfielder we have who can tackle and has good defensive awareness. As for Johnson, I’d keep him around in the squad in some capacity for the rest of the season because he can be used in different roles. I’m not a fan of his though so I’d let him go at the end of the season.
  3. McLovin

    Derby vs Reading Match Thread

    I thought the same. Not many opposition teams will come to pride park this season and have 65% possession. I watched them play against Man Utd too (who were rejuvenated at the time under solskjaer) in the FA cup and they did quite well, having 60% possession at old Trafford. They have some tidy players and have a good style but at times they should mix it up, it became a bit predictable at times for us as their keeper only ever passed to his centre backs.
  4. McLovin

    Kelle Roos

    He’ll get better at reading and timing when to come out the more games he plays.
  5. McLovin

    Kelle Roos

    He’s not going to get there every time, but it’s better than not coming off the line at all. He came way off his line on one occasion on a Reading attack and did very well in intercepting it
  6. McLovin

    Kelle Roos

    Roos impressed me today. I wasn’t his biggest fan a few years ago but his passing his better than Carson’s. Also, unlike Carson, he isn’t afraid to come off his line which is important with the high line Lampard wants to play.
  7. What are you on about? It was a genuine comparison. Joe Gomez used to be very similar to Tomori a few years ago but look at how good he is now. Point is that players shouldn’t be written off at that young age, especially at centre back.
  8. Maybe not for us but I can see him being moved to right back in the future and then slowly moved back to centre back when he matures. I made the David Luiz comparison but he makes the same mistakes Joe Gomez used to, it’s scary how similar they are. Maybe because they have lots of speed , which leads to complacency as they think they can use their pace to recover. I think that like Gomez, Tomori will move to right back whilst he matures and then eventually moves back to centre back as a much improved player(like Gomez). The process will probably take longer than Gomez to mature though, Gomez was relevativly unique in how quick it has taken him to mature.
  9. McLovin

    Derby vs Reading Match Thread

    The first half was definitely but bits of it were similar to Billy in that there was a lot of hoofing to 5ft nothing Marriott and Holmes. I like it when we keep the ball on the floor like we did in the first half an hour rather than resort to pointless hoofing like lower sides in the championship.
  10. McLovin

    Derby vs Reading Match Thread

    I think that’s a fair assessment, they pretty much dominated the ball in the second half but we had chances. Still think we lack a bit of quality and composure in the final third. I wouldn’t say anyone particularly stood out objectively. Roos was probably the one who stood out the most to me though. His passing is a lot better than Carson’s and he isn’t afraid to come off his unlike Carson.
  11. McLovin

    Ashley Cole

    You are correct that Lahm was adaptable. However, he used to play at left back for Bayern and Germany, as Cheron said, Sagnol was Bayern’s right back. Lahm moved to right back in his mid to late twenties before moving into midfield towards the end of his career. Shows what a brilliant player he was that he was world class in every position he played, so much so that we are debating about what his position was!
  12. McLovin

    If you could pick 2 ex-Rams

    Hughes would be perfect on the right hand side of the midfield three in this side. It would have allowed Mount to bomb on and focus primarily on attacking. Pre injured Thorne, Hughes and Mount would have everything you’d want in a midfield.
  13. McLovin

    Kelle Roos

    I hope we extend his contract . Even though he’s tall, he’s very lean, which I like in goalkeepers as that allows them to be more agile.
  14. McLovin

    Ashley Cole

    Why do we have to walk away? Why can’t we walk into the sunset together and live happily ever after?
  15. McLovin

    Ashley Cole

    He was a brilliant player tbf but I think the reason we haven’t really mentioned him is that his time came slightly before the others.

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