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  1. I think you made some valid points for what it’s worth, particularly how at times players are too individualistic. It’s the same with a few of our players like Wilson, Holmes and Lawrence, the main culprits. I think it’s a combination of selfishness as they’ve seen the headlines they’ve gotten when they’ve scored important goals(less so with Holmes) and being encouraged to be like that by the management. I’m not suggesting that Wilson doesn’t want Derby to do wel but Liverpool or other teams are more likely to want him if they see him scoring crackers every week, they may look over his all round him if he’s scoring great goals all the time. I can’t remember who said it but someone mentioned how Jody Morris liked to set up his Chelsea sides to get the best out of special individual players rather than the team collectively and to be fair it worked for him at Chelsea. For me, that sort of method could only work if the players were so much more than their opponents like Loftus cheek , Hudson Odoi and Abraham were in the chelsea youth leagues.
  2. It’s not really conspiracy because it’s true, Liverpool do it with all of their young loan players. I can see why they do it and it’s a tactic other clubs should use in my opinion. They get to see if their loan players are good enough to make it after having a consistent run of games and if they are great for them, if not then sell them on and wish them the best.
  3. Think Martin would work better with Marriott than Waghorn personally. Martin was at his best when he had quick players around him like Russell and ward who would stretch the game and mean they’d be more space for Martin to operate.
  4. I’m not Lawrence’s biggest fan but maybe the dribble dribble dribble problem is because he came through Man Utd’s academy at the same time as when Ronaldo was doing well at Man Utd when he used to dribble all the time so he wants to copy his style? His free kick method is even the same as Ronaldo’s. The same thing happened to fellow Man Utd academy players Lingard, Pogba and Welbeck(a bit older than the other three) before they ironed out their games and realised they were never going to be flying wingers in the Ronaldo style so they turned into players that suited their own strengths, high energy workrate players mostly for Lingard and welbeck. He needs to ask himself deep down what his strengths are instead of what he wants them to be and build a style around that. I don’t blame him particularly for that because we all wanted to copy our favourite football players.
  5. It always makes me worried when I see these sort of threads bumped, makes me think that someone else is after him
  6. Johnson has played well the last few games, but to me it stinks of a player playing for a new contract scenario, you see it all the time in football. We are meant to be building a younger side. Johnson will be on huge wages, we can’t afford to keep giving out new contracts to older players who are on big wages. We need to get rid of the likes of Anya, Bryson, Johnson, Butterfield and Nugent. Not because they’re bad players, but we need to start building a team for the future and they don’t fit. Only give new contracts to those older players who have been consistent and deserve it like Keogh as an example.
  7. Has to be Villa for me, they score goals for fun and are building momentum with Grealish back. If they sure up the defence then they will be my picks to make the play offs and win it. Grealish and Abraham will be very hard to stop.
  8. Only get to the prem for the money but agreed, the prem would be fairly boring after the initial excitement went away. I can’t imagine that Fulham or Huddersfield fans are having a particularly fun time.
  9. Best for all parties.
  10. Anyone who has played GTA knows 🤣 To add context to people who haven’t played. You left a hospital whenever your character died and could go back to attacking people. The punch on Grealish looks like a punch in gta *parental warning for video
  11. The Summer’s going to be massive. Keogh will be our only available fit centre back out of the players currently here next season. He will be 33 at the start of the season. Will be tough and expensive to replace him. One thing you absolutely cannot criticise him on is that his fitness and injury record is very impressive but that is likely to change because of his age. We are going to have to sign at least 2 centre backs in the summer in my opinion to embed them and then we can slowly phase Keogh out because he’s not going to be here forever.
  12. I personally think there’s more important things going on in the world than to be outraged at what happened to Grealish, he’s fine fortunately which is what I’m bothered about. Grealish himself is probably having a right giggle about it now. If you fail to comprehend the difference between understanding why he did it and outright agreeing and urging him to hit Grealish , then that’s not my problem.
  13. I understand why he did it. Does that mean I would do that myself? No. Just because I understand why they did it doesn’t mean I agree with it. I understand why ISIS hate the West, but I disagree with them as an entity. Does that mean I will go and join ISIS? No of course not numpty.
  14. There are a lot of hypocrites in the English media. Neville said that Birmingham as a club should be punishment heavily, did he think that Man Utd should have been heavily punished when Cantona kung foo kicked the fan? Where was all of this outrage when hundreds if not thousands of Liverpool fans (not just one likely drunk fan) conducted a pre meditated attack on the Man City team bus before an important game? That was dismissed as passion. A Celtic fan did something similar as to today when he hit Dida. Was there as much outrage then? No because that was dismissed as passion in the heat of the game. All of these people keep saying that fans coming into the pitch should be stopped but I’ve still yet to see a convincing argument as to how to enforce this. It’s impossible to stop individual incidents. You will always get idiots.
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