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  1. It’s about time someone within the game called them out on their ********. Sky are like Eastenders, they want to create dramatic stories to get people to watch or click them.
  2. Whilst I don’t disagree with you, shutting ourselves away from this would be naive. Even if there’s absolutely no truth in this , sky are pushing this story hard so there’s no escaping this unfortunately, it appears they’re trying to destabilise us before the game. I even had sky news on this morning, yes sky news not even sky sports news, and they mentioned how Lampard won’t be drawn into or comment on “heavy speculation” linking him with the Chelsea job. Like I said earlier in this thread, nobody outside of the “top 6” premier league clubs matter. If it was up to sky, every other club might as well dissolve their clubs and we should all be good sheep and support the magnificent top 6 clubs, praising them even when we are sleeping.
  3. Tbf I was referring to the broadcast channel sky sports news, not the actual website. Think it was the presenter Mike Wedderburn who mentioned it this morning? First Cech, John Terry and Frank Lampard next, with Chelsea aiming to get their golden generation back together for next season. That’s what brought my attention back to this thread to see if there was any updates or any on social media which is what brought my attention to Di marzio, might have been mike having a bit of fun to stir the pot as he’s been known to do in the past.
  4. Someone’s telling porkies because sky sports’ lead headline this morning was Cech returning to Chelsea as DoF and that Chelsea are keen to get their golden generation back, with John terry and Lampard next 😂
  5. Better in terms of being more competitive
  6. But Sarri has also been linked with Roma all season and if you see Sarri’s body language, he’s probably resigned to going himself, he seems to love it England but he’s left in a difficult position. I’d be majorly shocked if he stayed at Chelsea. Once you lose the fans support, it’s very hard to stay, Chelsea fans for example booed Sarri in the Cardiff game and calling for him to go. Chelsea may have desire for him to stay, but Sarri may not want to stay. There seems to be conflicting reports on Chelsea, on one hand they say they have no desire to change their manager, but on the other hand they say they will make a decision after the Europa league final. If they had no desire to change then why would the Europa league result matter? https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www.telegraph.co.uk/football/2019/05/15/chelsea-decide-maurizio-sarris-future-aftereuropa-league-final/amp/ As Jourdan rightly states above Sarri would be less likely to go to Juve because of his relationship with Napoli so he’d be more likely to move to Roma than them. And I don’t know a lot about Di marzio, but he seems a pretty big deal and sky in England get many stories from him. So if he says that Chelsea want Lampard, I’d say there would be something in it, put it this way, I’d trust him instead of rob Dorset with all due respect to him. Di marzio appears to have major contacts at massive clubs around the world. There’s no smoke without fire. Even if it’s completely wrong, sky sports are running with one of their main headlines today that Chelsea want to bring their golden generation back to the club , with Cech being the first and Terry and Lampard as well , which is bound to be unsettling. I’ve seen people say on this thread to stop talking about it, but what difference will it make if the biggest sports channel are mentioning it as one of their main headlines that Chelsea want him .
  7. Better in terms of more competitive, but now you’re right in saying players individually are better because of the development of tactics, nutrition, sports science etc. You just had to see the Fa cup final as an example between Man City v Watford. These sides are in the same league but it looked like Man City were playing a team from league two. The gap will only widen because of the money.
  8. Which is a shame really, you know better than me, but there’s an argument to suggest that English football was better before the premier league came around as it was more competitive. Sure you have the odd fairytale story like Leicester but that was an anomaly.
  9. Taken from Di marzio’s article, who appears pretty reliable, https://gianlucadimarzio.com/it/inzaghi-news-allenatore-lazio-juventus Chelsea ha già deciso di cambiare, prenderà Lampard- Translates to “Chelsea has already decided to change, will take Lampard”
  10. Sky in Italy reporting that Chelsea will replace Sarri with Lampard at the end of the season, they tend to be pretty reliable , let’s hope on this occasion they’re wrong. Meanwhile sky sports here in England a reporting that Chelsea are keen to get their golden generation, including Lampard back to their club at the end of the season ,with their transfer ban. Cech has already been appointed their Director of football. Typical that this has to come just before our play off final, sky think that the ‘top 6’ premier league clubs are the only ones that exist and it doesn’t matter the consequences of what happens to ‘lesser’ clubs.
  11. I’m by no means Sarri’s biggest fans, as @Jourdan well knows when I criticised his Napoli side last season, but why do many Chelsea fans dislike him so much? They didn’t exactly play brilliant football under conte last season, and they finished outside the champions league places last year. If any Chelsea fan was told they’d finish 3rd in the league, and reach the Europa league and league cup finals they would have taken that at the start of the season, easily. If it’s Sarri ball they’re moaning about, it will take time to implement. It won’t happen overnight, it took time at Napoli as well but when he got it right they were a fabulous team to watch. Just like it will take time for Lampard here, if Chelsea fans think we’ve played good football all season then boy oh boy they would be in for a massive shock.
  12. It’s a no from me thank you very much. A decent player in his prime but he is completely finished now and is useless in a side that wants to play football from the back. Much rather have Tomori. Also many Chelsea fans are saying that he’s a mole in the dressing room and leaks stories out to the English press to undermine Sarri. If we go up, we want a side with good team spirit like Bournemouth did and not someone looking for a last payday.
  13. Erik Durm. Former Dortmund player and played under Klopp, who rated him highly. Capable of playing rb and lb comfortably and would be a free transfer having been released by Huddersfield.
  14. Really sad to see about his mum passing away, he has all of our support. As for his performance on the pitch, I much preferred him in the role he played yesterday. He was lively all night, that’s the type of performance I’d like to see from him more regularly. Makes more and more sense for us to switch to the diamond more permanently as the only pure winger we have got is Jozefzoon and the other forwards prefer playing more centrally. We used it for a bit when Clement was here before Hughes and Bryson got long term injuries so we had no choice but to change formations because we didn’t have many midfielders.
  15. As I said in the preview to the Leeds game, as long as we really go for it and are offensive then we can have no regrets, whether we win or lose. The worst thing would be to feel that we could have played better and didn't give our all. I re-call Joey Barton saying(might have been in his book as I can't seem to find it on the net), that in the 2014 play off final, the Derby players got complacent and thought they were in control as they were dominating the match so didn't play to their full capability, so much so that it started to get to some of the Derby players' heads because they believed they won after the O'Neil red card , which then gave the QPR players motivation to beat us. Hopefully the humbling defeats against Villa will prevent any complacency. Likewise, we don't want a situation where we are absolutely terrified of Villa and have an inferiority complex like we did v Fulham last season in the play off second leg and the first leg v leeds to extent last week. If we give it our absolute all then we can have no complaints or regrets because I think we all know deep down that Villa are the favourites for this game.
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