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  1. I think we rely on them a lot to provide width anyway, last season we didn’t have any natural wingers apart from Jozefzoon. Wilson, Lawrence , Holmes, Waghorn wanted to cut inside a lot.
  2. I can’t see Martin as a no 10 in a 4-2-3-1. We’d get destroyed against any side with a bit of energy as it would put too much responsibility on the two in midfield. Vydra got criticised a lot as no10 under Rowett because it left the midfield two exposed, Id argue it would be worse with Martin because Martin doesn’t have Vydra’s energy across the pitch or would score the goals Vydra did to warrant playing in that position. Yes he might have better vision than Vydra but we’d be a lot more vulnerable defensively. The Only way to get Martin as a no10 would be in a diamond formation and that would be far better as there would be more men in midfield to help him, with a front two to make runs in behind. Something like this is the only realistic way I could see Martin being successful in. *other players depending on signings Roos Bogle Keogh Davies Malone Shinnie Holmes Dowell Martin Waghorn Marriott
  3. I can’t recall Rosenior criticising Keogh as a player quality wise but him and Keith Andrews did criticise Keogh’s mentality because of his interview before the West Brom home game. Essentially Keogh said that even if they didn’t beat West Brom , it had still been a brilliant season and Rosenior and Andrews criticised Keogh for not having a winner mindset, because he’s subliminally convincing himself that it would have been fine not to beat West Brom and that spreads to the rest of the players, luckily we won that game though . However, I personally got the feeling that some of the players were happy just to be at Wembley unlike Villa who were desperate to win after the previous years’ disappointment. Iirc, Rosenior mentioned that in such a situation at Brighton , it would be deemed a failure by Hughton and the senior players if they didn’t reach at least the play offs at the start of their journey as a team and it was an absolute failure when they had “their peak team” and didn’t go up.
  4. That’s my point. Not got a problem with Martin staying around, if you looked at my posts last season I would have kept him around the squad. My main point was that we should only keep him if we intend to play him and have him around the squad rather than having him on big wages and wasting away, being made to play for the under 23s instead like Anya was.
  5. Really disappointed we have Cocu as our new manager. We should have gone for a Young up and coming BRITISH manager who is up to date with the modern game and is totally not a dinosaur like Sam Allardyce ☺️ Just look at brilliantly Sam Allardyce speaks.
  6. It depends what his wages are as well. I imagine he’d be one of the bigger earners in the squad. We might be looking to cut down on wages I.e like with Johnson
  7. Seems silly to play 4-3-3 looking at some of these teams. The diamond formation like we used against Leeds away would suit the team more
  8. Completely disagree. Look at Martin when he first went into pre season under clement and compare him to when Clement got sacked as an example. For what it’s worth Martin is better when he is bigger as he pushes into defenders more and holds the ball better up top.
  9. This thread comes up every pre season before he ends up ballooning up again
  10. We definitely need another couple of centre backs. We were quite lucky that Tomori and Keogh played as often as they did without either getting injured. I don’t think that will happen again. I think we need to have the approach that Davies will be worse than he was prior to his injury. So the two centre backs I’d sign; one more established centre back(mid to late twenties who is quick) to play alongside Keogh and is good with possession. Then one younger centre back who can fill in from time to time , but isn’t expected to play every game for the time being but will eventually take over from Keogh. I’d like one of the new centre backs to be left footed, it’s not essential but it helps with passing angles and makes us less predictable. Four centre backs is about right. Evans isn’t a centre back, he might be able to do a job in a back three but in a back four he’d get exposed if we planned on playing him there for an extended period for example if Keogh got injured
  11. I’m not touching Reddit soccer again with a bargpole to see their views. They seem to worship Lampard’s feet and many are pooping on Cocu as a manager, laughing at anyone who thinks that Cocu is an upgrade on Lampard. Time will tell but this is one of the reason’s I’m glad that Lampard has gone, I was sick to death of the bumming and overrating of him when he was here . Yes he did a decent job and we have some fantastic memories like Leeds away, but the statistics will show his side scored less than Rowett’s side in the league.
  12. Shay given is staying, it could be him??
  13. Oooooo, the forum has gone all orange 🤗🤗🤗🤗
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