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  1. John Percy in today’s paper: The attempt by Steve Gibson, the Middlesbrough owner, to force an independent review of Championship clubs’ finances was rejected yesterday. Following a six-hour meeting in Nottingham, Gibson’s proposal was overturned by the “majority” of the Championship. Gibson is unhappy with the conduct of Derby County, Aston Villa and Sheffield Wednesday, after insisting they could be breaching the profitability and sustainability rules. Gibson is frustrated that Derby owner Mel Morris was allowed to buy then lease back Pride Park to ensure the club recorded a profit in their 2017-18 accounts. At yesterday’s meeting, Gibson raised the prospect of the English Football League appointing accountants to review clubs’ finances. A senior executive present at the meeting, said: “The EFL finance team did such a superb presentation on their processes and policies that everyone realised it was totally unnecessary to question their work. Taking potshots at clubs’ accounts when on-field results go badly, if encouraged, will lead to a free-for-all which will bring the League into disrepute.”
  2. I know I’m opening myself up for being proved wrong in years to come, but I can’t see Wilson ever being a regular in Liverpool’s first XI and at the moment I couldn’t see him being a regular in a lower Prem team either. So on that basis, I think we have half a chance of getting him again on loan. Not sure many Prem teams would want to sign up to Liverpool’s loan deals about them having to play them for the majority of games without getting a financial penalty either. As others have said, I think getting Tomori again has the biggest potential. Only way we’ll have Mount next season is if we get promoted and while my heart’s holding out for that, my head is telling me something different!
  3. Quote from John Percy’s article in the Telegraph: But Derby are said to be operating under a “soft transfer embargo”, which is preventing them from registering Aberdeen captain Graeme Shinnie. The midfielder held talks with Derby last week but cannot sign a pre-contract at this stage, as the club’s accounts are being looked at by the EFL. It’s part of a larger article about how Steve Gibson doesn’t like us, Villa or The Wendies.
  4. Centre midfield for me is the priority - box to box type who can put their foot in on occasion, but also drive forward with the ball. Just think we can potentially be a bit lightweight in that department and its the biggest risk area for a couple of injuries de-railing our season. after that I’d say left back, given 2 of the four are injured and Lowe’s injury record doesn’t inspire confidence if he comes back in Jan and isn’t extended. Maybe an older less offensive player, for those matches when you know we’ll be under the cosh? Though bringing another LB in would surely mean we’d need to somehow offload two of the current group. 5 LBs would be a bit crazy! After that, we could improve in any other area, but that would be an improvement as opposed to a necessary purchase.
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