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  1. Being linked with Southampton and Burnley, according to the BBC Gossip column. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/51537556 May we’re actually in with a sniff of buying him and Burnley are just preparing for their standard £10m bid for one of our players in a season or two’s time?!
  2. Didn’t Cocu know Marcel Blands from PSV and we ended up with Dowell. Contacts aren’t everything...
  3. Bit hard to get too despondent about that. A few months ago we’d have lost 5-0, so it’s good to see we had the fight to keep pushing when 3-0 down. as others have said, with defending like that we’re always going to have a mountain to climb, but a draw would have probably been a fair result. Oh to be a bit more clinical in the final third and we might have won 4-3!
  4. When we signed Rooney I wasn’t expecting to see him play like Pirlo! Drags opposition players out of position and plays some killer balls.
  5. To give it some balance though, he also played left back for Scotland when they lost 3-0 to Kazakhstan... I’m not convinced by Malone and I don’t know if Forsyth has the legs for LB anymore, but I think we’d still be better playing Shinnie in his first choice position, rather than getting him to fill in at LB.
  6. Went for the more creative group. End of the day, we need them to chip in with a decent amount of goals / creating chances. You just have the accept that being in the Championship usually means that type of player will be more mercurial and have their off days - and some will have more off days than others! That doesn’t mean i particularly rate our current crop, but it’s the type of player I’d like us to be in for; I prefer my workhorses in midfield.
  7. About time Shrek was giving an airing on the Beeb again
  8. Surely Cocu should still be able to motivate our players to put a bit of effort in though, even if they are poor.
  9. We obviously saw Brexit (if it ever happens) coming years ago and realised there wouldn’t be much point putting any effort into scouting foreign players until we could recruit internationals when we reach the holy land of the Prem...
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