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    RadioactiveWaste got a reaction from Chris_Martin in Mel Morris interview on Radio Derby 1pm   
    It's...the.....Derby way.. .... . ..
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    RadioactiveWaste reacted to baiano27 in Mel Morris interview on Radio Derby 1pm   
    That's correct. I've not heard about Keogh. Always thought it was the Bryson deal which triggered demands from other players and the club caved in.
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    RadioactiveWaste reacted to Eddie in Wycombe Consider Legal action (again)   
    I'm not.
    The first step in any American legal dispute is

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    RadioactiveWaste got a reaction from jimtastic56 in The future of Pride Park and Moor Farm?   
    The company that owns PP isn't going into administration, has debts secured against it though. It's financially very messy. And i could be getting stuff wrong on this.
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    RadioactiveWaste reacted to Charlotte Ram in Derby County Admin / Liquidation   
    Check out Chester FC who were given a 25 point penalty by the EFL and went into receivership, they have worked their way back up as a phoenix club
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    RadioactiveWaste got a reaction from Unlucky Alf in Derby County Admin / Liquidation   
    Rangers weren't demoted as punishment, they ceased to be.
    Although Rangers were bust, shut, dead, liqidated, we are the ex-people, things moved very quickly to be "a Rangers football club" out of the ashes and stated where they did becuse the SFA and the lodge didn't really want to believe it wasn't rangers. Given the size of scottish football clubs down the divisions it was probably sensible. The new rangers owned the name, played games at Ibrox, had the same fan base and just decided they were the same club and eventually everyone (except celtic fans) just went along with that.
    Rangers to the SFA are a very different kettle of fish to Derby County to the EFL. In our case, we'd be starting a lot lower down a lot bigger pyramid.
  7. Haha
    RadioactiveWaste reacted to JoetheRam in Derby County Admin / Liquidation   
    Dec: "You're locked in a box for 5 minutes with these 200 snakes and Gary Rowett, your task, should you accept it, is to work out how a stadium which only operates on 23 days a year can be worth £80m.
    Ant: If at any point you wish to exit the challenge, just shout "Rick Parry, I'm in administration, get me out of here" and you will be set free from the box. You will however lose the 12 meals you could have won for camp. If you fail to complete the challenge successfully and survive less than 3 minutes you will also lose a further 9 meals.
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    RadioactiveWaste reacted to kevinhectoring in Derby County Admin / Liquidation   
    But surely MSD has picked the administrator 
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    RadioactiveWaste reacted to GenBr in Derby County Admin / Liquidation   
    I don't want to see us completely disappear, because we'd lose all of our history and we'd have nothing in the way of assets, but if we did phoenix i think it would actually be kind of fun in those lower leagues. Playing teams like Ilkeston would be a good laugh at least
  10. Sad
    RadioactiveWaste reacted to CornwallRam in Derby County Admin / Liquidation   
    I've just had a really upsetting thought.
    Just imagine BBC Radio Derby Sport...the der, de der, de, de, de, de, der, de, der music and then it all being about Burton Albion.💔
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    RadioactiveWaste reacted to RoyMac5 in Mel put us in Administration because......   
    If it was a collapsed takeover should we be a better buy now? Not convinced there's been any real talk yet, just more fakey shakeys
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    RadioactiveWaste got a reaction from Adslegend in Mel Morris interview on Radio Derby 1pm   
    Lets not forget, we are in administration because Mel stopped paying the bills. No other reason. His public explanation is he did that because he can't be rid of the club until he's stopped paying bills because no one will buy it in it's current state.
    Whatever the reasons, the blame all goes to Mel in the end.
    Now, Mel Morris is still a rich man. The bills did not stop being paid because Mel is insovlvant.
    If the entry into adminsitration is the only way to get new ownership in, it really does not say a lot for your stewardship does it.
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    RadioactiveWaste got a reaction from Miggins in Mel Morris interview on Radio Derby 1pm   
    The more I think about it, the less credible it seems the administration can possibly be anything other than Mel is fed of paying and isn't going to do it any more.
  15. COYR
    RadioactiveWaste reacted to Chris_Martin in Mel Morris interview on Radio Derby 1pm   
    Blame Keogh, why not.

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    RadioactiveWaste reacted to Ghost of Clough in The Price of Football Podcast - Derby County in Administration   
    It stands to reason that Mel (Gellaw 202) is still paying for the stadium in instalments - there's no way we've received all of the £80m since 2018 and spent it. That's £80m for the stadium, £30m turnover in 18/19, £25m turnover in 19/20 and £15m turnover in 20/21, and combined sales since the end of 17/18 of about £15 (£165m total)
    Those outstanding instalments will therefore likely be the club's biggest source of income for the next few months, unless we ask for an advance from the EFL (up to £6m PL funding). Without that money, the club folds, which is in no one's best interests, including MSD.
    For those unsure about which companies have filed for administration, it's the ones circled which are affected.

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    RadioactiveWaste reacted to Rampage in My admiration for Rooney has shot up   
    Rooney is off the scale at the moment. Genuine dude.
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    RadioactiveWaste reacted to Rev in My admiration for Rooney has shot up   
    Maybe, just maybe, he stands at the shoulder of those he's recruited, those he's bought in from the academy, and those players he's inherited from Cocu?
    In short, maybe he's stands with his team, rather than our owner.
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    RadioactiveWaste reacted to Jourdan in My admiration for Rooney has shot up   
    Rooney had to find out the club was entering administration via Sky Sports News.
    Does that suggest that Rooney has a good relationship with the higher ups, with open and ongoing lines of communication and actions that are supportive of the other?
    Why would he willingly commit to spending thousands of pounds every few weeks to get Mel and the board out of a bind?
    Everything points to their treatment of Rooney being so poor that there is not the goodwill or respect present that would compel Rooney to offer up some support.
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    RadioactiveWaste reacted to StarterForTen in 100 days to Save Our Soul   
    I spoke with a friend who is an insolvency lawyer last night, though he has never been a lead Administrator on anything of any size.
    What he did suggest was that many Administrators look for a buyer who will support the administration period over a buyer who offers the biggest purchase pot. In other words, if prospective buyer A offers £10m for the business, but will put £500k a month in per month immediately to cover ongoing running costs shortfalls, that is far more likely to succeed than buyer B who would pay £15m but only at the completion of a successful sale.
    I suppose it is the old 'bird in the hand' analogy playing out with big numbers.
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    RadioactiveWaste reacted to Seth's left foot in Mel Morris interview on Radio Derby 1pm   
    All players ask for more money and didn’t Bryson change his mind about going to Burnley?
    Some fans will slate Keogh for his payout too but I am one of those who think that he was made the scapegoat for ‘that’ night.
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    RadioactiveWaste reacted to BramcoteRam84 in Derby County Admin / Liquidation   
    He tweeted a ram after the game at the weekend but not seen anything from him other than that. Hope he’s ok
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    RadioactiveWaste reacted to Stripperg-ram in Derby County Admin / Liquidation   
    Know this is slightly off topic, but anyone know what’s happened to Ryan Conway on Twitter? He’s been silent for weeks and really liked his take/match day commentary on the club. 
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    RadioactiveWaste reacted to Crewton in Derby County Admin / Liquidation   
    Mind you, I forgot to include Ravanelli in my calculations... 
  25. Clap
    RadioactiveWaste reacted to De22Ram in Mel put us in Administration because......   
    Dont know, maybe not vindictive but...... I like to give people the benefit of the doubt and i tended to lean towards what your saying before! But now, aftering hearing all thats come out! I know its easy to say this when u have no money like i do lol but i think it boils down to this..... mel made a choice, his money or the club! He chose his money, simple as! 
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