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  1. Haha
    RadioactiveWaste got a reaction from richinspain in The Adventures of Chris Hughton and his Merry Men   
    Go on. It's not like they're going to fart on our manager or anything like that.
  2. Haha
    RadioactiveWaste reacted to Tyler Durden in Wayne Rooney   
    I fully expected Rooney to be walking naked through the streets of Derby conducting self flagellation with an assortment of whips and other instruments.
  3. Haha
    RadioactiveWaste got a reaction from cstand in Wayne Rooney   
    If Rosenoir was there, I do hope he was holding a clipboard and making notes and having little chats with Wayne.
  4. Haha
    RadioactiveWaste reacted to StarterForTen in Call me a cynic, but...   
    ... I can't help thinking Moor Farm might be prone to a Covid 19 self-isolation outbreak some time around next Thursday, forcing a postponement or three.
    Though, of course, with so few players in training, it might be difficult to prove any close contacts as they seem to have a pitch each to train on!
    (Dark humour aside; C19 is no laughing matter of course).
  5. Like
    RadioactiveWaste reacted to cosmic in Wayne Rooney   
    That video with Rosenior in the hotel room clearly shows it was an after party - there's a bunch of people, not just those women who got their arses out and tried to blackmail Rooney. I don't think adultery was necessary the proposed crime of the night, but I'll keep my powder dry before I begin to speculate...
    Anyway, I reckon Rooney was being sensible and genuinely fell asleep. Victim of being high profile he gets taken advantage of.
    Still unwelcome media attention for the club, which is the larger argument here, not the morals of a football manager committing adultery.
  6. Haha
    RadioactiveWaste got a reaction from Jourdan in Wayne Rooney   
    If Rosenoir was there, I do hope he was holding a clipboard and making notes and having little chats with Wayne.
  7. Haha
    RadioactiveWaste got a reaction from Ramarena in Wayne Rooney   
    If Rosenoir was there, I do hope he was holding a clipboard and making notes and having little chats with Wayne.
  8. Like
    RadioactiveWaste reacted to Rammy03 in Guess the next news to come out of DCFC   
    This is the tweet
  9. Haha
    RadioactiveWaste got a reaction from hintonsboots in Wayne Rooney   
    If Rosenoir was there, I do hope he was holding a clipboard and making notes and having little chats with Wayne.
  10. Haha
    RadioactiveWaste reacted to Bald Eagle's Barmy Army in Wayne Rooney   
    Could be Liam that farted in Rooney's face
  11. Haha
    RadioactiveWaste reacted to Kernow in Wayne Rooney   
    How Wayne really ended up in the hotel room

  12. Haha
    RadioactiveWaste reacted to i-Ram in Guess the next news to come out of DCFC   
    Morris sacks Rooney today, and appoints McClaren as manager. Morris announces he has got his mojo back, and Mrs Morris is happy he can throw a bit more money at his project. McClaren signs Chris Martin for £3m on a £30k pw 4 year contract from Bristol City. McClaren also signs two good wingers, plus loans two more, to play to the strengths of Martin. Morris sacks McClaren in September, after entering the dressing room in a 0-1 defeat to Millwall. Rowett is appointed manager, and changes to a 721 formation and Martin is loaned to Torquay Utd. Mrs Morris shakes her head and has Morris sectioned.
  13. Haha
    RadioactiveWaste reacted to Anon in Wayne Rooney   
    Another thing I love about this story is Wayne's insistence that he was somehow tricked. Did they tell him they had a 12 pack of sausage rolls in their hotel room?
  14. Haha
    RadioactiveWaste reacted to KBB in Wayne Rooney   
    This is up there with the story of when kolo Toure was on trial at arsenal. Horror tackle in a no tackle small sided game on Henry, then he snapped bergkamp and then went through Wenger and left him needing physio. Wenger still signed him.
  15. Haha
    RadioactiveWaste got a reaction from Rample in The latest from the club via Chris Coles   
    Yes I'm being childish. I'm ok with that.
  16. Like
    RadioactiveWaste reacted to Ramos in The latest from the club via Chris Coles   
    On the face of it, it does seem so odd that a club that needs money wouldn’t be trying to sell as many season tickets as possible. However as I mentioned on another thread, my two mates who are accountants believe it genuinely is being done so the club has a much clearer understanding game by game of our cash flow. Ie we sell 20,000 season tickets and then come October it’s lockdowns, reduced capacity or empty stadiums and then they have another whole load of admin to do and forecasting to understand what money is and isn’t available cash to the club. They did say I’m sure in the original announcement they will continue to monitor and introduce half season tickets I think pending how the situation pans out. I just think it’s a very cautious strategy and if they can still attract essentially a similar level of attendance as selling season tickets on a game by game basis then it will have paid off (obvs for example if I’d been able to buy my season ticket they would have my money for the Huddersfield and boro games which I can’t actually attend so that’s where they may lose out, although someone is going in my place, but that won’t be the case for everyone) - if stadiums do have to reduce again. Hopefully come October they will be selling second half of the season half season tickets and it will all worked out fine. 
  17. Like
    RadioactiveWaste reacted to rammieib in The latest from the club via Chris Coles   
    The question is not about really having the funds, the club doesn't sit there with £25m in the account.
    The question is more two pronged:
    1) Will Morris continue to subsidise the short fall on a monthly basis where the club has not generated enough cash to continue to be operational.
    2) Will Morris inject money that allows the club to operate beyond free transfers/loans as many fans are genuinely concerned the current team is relegation fodder (even with the trialists signed!)

    Ticket availability is quite rightly a genuine question at the moment. I see such a mad rush next week. There is no reason we can't sell 33,000 seats if we wanted to, I know we won't, but there is no reason why we can't sell tickets yet.
  18. COYR
    RadioactiveWaste reacted to Rammy03 in When support is needed most   
    I am frustrated at the situation that the club is in but I will always support the team. All I ask is for the players and the manager to give everything. It is the owner that is responsible for this mess, not them.
  19. COYR
    RadioactiveWaste reacted to Eatonram in When support is needed most   
    Not surprisingly support increases when a team is doing well, just remember the heady days of 2014 when Pride Park was filled to the rafters...."Since I was young" bouncing off the roof.......
    Ironically we are in a hole, the polar opposite situation and I suppose many supporters will...."stop supporting"
    As a fan base, have we got the metal and love for the RAMS that the club is going to need over the next year or two. We often talk of our fantastic support, well we'll see. I rather suspect it will turn out not to be as solid or loyal as we often believe.
  20. Clap
    RadioactiveWaste reacted to BramcoteRam84 in Wayne Rooney   
    The only serious questions Rooney has to answer here are to Coleen. It’s a matter for them to resolve. Sunday presumably was a day off, therefore his actions on Saturday night have absolutely no bearing on his job as Derby manager. 
    Yes it isn’t great for someone who a similar age to myself (not nearly 40 as being reported!! I’m closer than he is but still have 3 years!!) and has a young family to put himself in that position. My wife would be extremely bothered if I did the same but my work wouldn’t care as it’s in personal time, only time work would care is if it was on a work night and I would be unfit to do my job the next morning. Most employers would be the same, why should this be any different. As for setting an example to the players - he doesn’t play football any more does he so why does it matter what he’s doing on a Saturday night.
    Yes he will get banter but he can quickly turn that if the players are not putting the effort in.
  21. Clap
    RadioactiveWaste reacted to CBRammette in Wayne Rooney   
    Married female on forum view - bye bye Wayne! You dont innocently end up in a £60 (no idea if true or more garbage) hotel room at his age, married with kids and with his access to money. If it was in Manchester, he only lives just outside so presumably could have paid any price quoted to get a car home. Or for another hotel room. If this was Gazza would people be making the same excuses? Or here he goes again, how sad type comments? Presumably he has a management team to spin this and try and make it seem better and this is the best they could do? 
  22. Haha
    RadioactiveWaste reacted to hintonsboots in Guess the next news to come out of DCFC   
    Didn’t he have a black Labrador?
  23. Like
    RadioactiveWaste reacted to Mostyn6 in Wayne Rooney   
    “Lazy” ?? Put down the crack pipe! One thing Rooney never was was lazy! If anything the fact he wasn’t highlighted his declining stamina and fitness. 
    I’ll accept that he definitely lacked discipline and structure, throwing any gameplan away by following the football around the pitch like a playful dog and burning himself out. Lazy - definitely not. Game management “shocking” - yes
  24. Like
    RadioactiveWaste reacted to DarkFruitsRam7 in Wayne Rooney   
    I think you underestimate how much cheating allegedly goes on in professional football. 
  25. Haha
    RadioactiveWaste reacted to DarkFruitsRam7 in Wayne Rooney   
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