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    RadioactiveWaste got a reaction from jono in Nick Blackman despite being sick all week was a real positive for Derby   
    I was really glad Blackman had an ok game. Sickness explains why he ran out of steam so much then. 
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    RadioactiveWaste got a reaction from ck- in Nick Blackman despite being sick all week was a real positive for Derby   
    Odd promising moments but also out the game lots and running out of ideas. In other words, a ginger wig and youd easy have mistaken the two. 
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    RadioactiveWaste reacted to G STAR RAM in The Fawaz Circus 2016   
    You heard wrong. They cheered when Bradley Johnson was taken off.
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    RadioactiveWaste reacted to jono in Bigger and better pitch.   
    Well . It was nice and green and the ball zipped along it .. All good. But it wasn't any bigger ... Outside the touch lines were lush green grass instead of slightly greenish worn tracks but the touch line looked to me to be in exactly the same place !
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    RadioactiveWaste reacted to deano180 in Confidence in football.   
    Great post, 1 in 4 suffer from mental health at some point in there lives (2016 mind statistics), so I would be more surprised if nobody in the squad was not suffering in some degree.
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    RadioactiveWaste reacted to rynny in Confidence in football.   
    Spot on @McLovin, anyone who has played a good amount of games should know what a dip in confidence can do. You start to question yourself, you start to play less instinctively and think more and start to over complicate things in your head. Before you know it everything you try just doesn't come off and you get yourself in a rut.
    Think this has happened with Johnson, you need that 1 game where everything feels right, and I think if Johnson had not been injured against Hull in the 4-0 win he would have finished the season strongly and that first leg would have been completely different.
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    RadioactiveWaste reacted to stoners in The Fawaz Circus 2016   
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    RadioactiveWaste got a reaction from Ted McMinn Football Genius in Lumping it?   
    I just thought if we are gonna hoof, can we at least try to.be good at it? 
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    RadioactiveWaste reacted to Sexydadbod in Confidence in football.   
    I'm a firm believer that players having confidence is the key to success. I think a number of people underestimate its importance, especially those who treated certain players the way they did yesterday.
    Ranieri said in a recent interview that the main reason Leicester won the Premier League is because each and every one of their players had confidence and momentum behind them which gave them the belief they could take on the world.
    I remember even Birmingham City went on a long unbeaten run in the premier league a few years ago under Alex Mcleish because they were full of confidence. To the people who jeered Bradley Johnson yesterday put yourselves in his shoes yesterday, how would have felt if thousands of idiotic people jeered you because you didn't have the best of games?
    You would have felt like absolute cr*ap wouldn't you? Whatever little confidence that Johnson had has been completely shattered now. Ignore the amount that he earns because that's irrelevant as it's not his fault the club are willing to pay him the amount that they do.
    A lack of confidence can even cause the best of players to be poor, I watched the South Africa v Brazil Olympics game the other day and Neymar was awful because he didn't have any confidence as the Brazil fans booed him before the match even started.
    To a more extreme side, we don't know what is going on in a player's private lives. There have been many recent cases of footballers having mental health issues, if you treat someone like **** without knowing what's going on in their private lives it may ruin them , not only as a footballer but as a person, to the extent of making them suicidal.
    You may think that this is very,very extreme but anyone who suffers from mental health issues or knows anyone affected knows that all it takes one trigger.
    I highly doubt that any of our players are suffering from mental health issues but you never know.
    Every player deserves our full support, booing them isn't going to do anyone any good.
    The players deserve our full support through the good times and the bad times especially.
    I live in hope that we can change, then again football fans aren't known for their intelligence.
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    RadioactiveWaste reacted to Gritstone Ram in earley doors   
    Good thing is though Bolton went down last year where as we were playing a team that lost out on automatic promotion by 3 goals. Also we haven't lost Bryson or Hughes.
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    RadioactiveWaste reacted to IlsonDerby in Why did we appoint Nigel Pearson?   
    Defence can't take the heat without Thorne except against a top, top side who we kept a clean sheet against this weekend?
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    RadioactiveWaste reacted to RiddingsRam in Nick Blackman despite being sick all week was a real positive for Derby   
    He was a positive for sure from yesterday's game . The majority of times that we looked dangerous it was down the right through him and Christie. 
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    RadioactiveWaste got a reaction from David in Bradley Johnson   
    Seemed all round, and I think it had a lot to do with hughes coming on. 
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    RadioactiveWaste got a reaction from jono in Derby County v Brighton   
    @Jono id agree with all that except id have reversed the Bryson and Hendrick comments myself, no, neither of them were at their best but I remember bryson making lots of interceptions and moving forward but thought hendrick was having one of those "how much did we turn down?!" Days, all about opinions though. 
    I was glad Blackman had an ok first half. After the first twenty the whole team were off it, so its easier for wide men to drop out of the game than influence it. 
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    RadioactiveWaste got a reaction from Purpleram in Johnny Russell   
    Today Blackman showed he can be just as JR as JR.
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    RadioactiveWaste reacted to Gritstone Ram in Why did we appoint Nigel Pearson?   
    May be he wants Hughes, Martin and Russell to pull their weight a bit more.
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    RadioactiveWaste reacted to Ram a lamb a ding dong in Bradley Johnson   
    100% agree. Great post.
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    RadioactiveWaste reacted to deanoakaram4life in Why did we appoint Nigel Pearson?   
    Unbelievable! Best appointment in years and after 1 game pure negativity! Give it a break please! 
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    RadioactiveWaste reacted to Tony Le Mesmer in Derby County v Brighton   
    The moaning about club / players etc happens at every club but i can certainly understand the frustrations. I'm used to watching footballers who are on about circa 500 quid a week in league 2 / conference and today (whatever the reasons) players who were being paid thousands upon thousands of pounds a week wouldn't have looked out of place playing against Hartlepool in a basement league fixture.
    This happens in football and we have to accept it but the crux is, which someone mentioned previously, is that Derby fans are paying upwards of 30-40 quid to view this stuff. Booing and moaning and hurling abuse won't suddenly make these underperforming players play like Barcelona but such acts give the fans some sense of control over their environment. They cannot control or even influence what happens out there on the pitch so they feel compelled to vent their emotions negatively as if somehow it is justified just because player X is playing badly AND getting handsomely paid for it.
    I do understand it and if someone wants to moan and jeer then it's a free country. So long as it's not racist / homophobic or overtly offensive then it's their choice but ultimately it serves no positive purpose. Players will come to play for Derby, be rubbish and leave. This will continue to happen whether that player is booed or not so there isn't any point IMO. Just do whatever IS in your control and that's supporting the lads when they are playing terribly because if a player IS swinging the lead then by giving your unbiased support regardless then it's YOU that knows you are helping make a difference to DCFC whether that player does or doesn't do.
    Apologies for probably boring everybody but i did a psychological research paper for Uni about this sort of thing combined with my love of lower league football. I went with a mate who is a huge Torquay United fan to most of their away games for a couple of seasons and we were often small in number but loud in voice and i found that by literally shouting and encouraging the Torquay players nearly all game every game, praising failed passes and praising poor play and offering encouragement as well as drumming and singing, over the course of the study and with various statistical packages i found that there was absolutely zero correlation between consistent positive support and player performance and results for those particular groups of players which surprised me. Torquay were relegated. What i do know though through speaking with their players was that they always felt valued, supported and backed even during results like a 4-1 away drubbing at Fleetwood and often i don't believe many players when they leave clubs and say "the fans of X club were brilliant to me" but it was obvious to me they meant every word.
    The only statistical certainty i found about supporting a team over a period of time is that if positive support maintains the status quo at the very worst - negative output from fans reduces performance, productivity, confidence and ultimately reduces the probability of positive results.
    Basically I've taken about 500 words to say, "moan all you want but it ain't helping".
    But you pays your money i guess so each to their own.
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    RadioactiveWaste reacted to jono in Derby County v Brighton   
    Still working through everyone's posts but it's bedtime and there might be a revolt from Mrs jono.
    mixed performance against a good Brighton side that ran and worked for 90 odd minutes.
    wanted a win at home and in a sense I think we have a right to the that expectation at least. Having said that .. New manager, new system lots to learn so not slitting wrists and not wanting to hang anyone out to dry. Tough day at work, honours even.
    Johnson .. Poor so and so. Played out of position and had a poor game. Shame on the those with the ironic applause. He is a ram .. Give the lad a lift 
    Baird .. Did ok in defence but seriously feeble coming forward.
    Shacks .. Well played that man
    Keogh .. Couple of wobbles aside .. Well played
    Christie .. Good performance but needs to be less clumsy in the tackle ..
    Hendrick .. Of all the midfield showed the most drive and intent but needed to be higher up the pitch 
    Bryson .. Craig are you ok ? Did someone switch of the turbo. Looked unfit and off his game to me 
    Blackman .. Started well, thought we had a new man .. But that lasted about 15 minutes plus the occasional flash of effort. Lacked urgency and commitment 
    Bent .. Worked hard on scraps. Effing nearly stole it at the end ..and would that have been amazing 
    Ince .. Hardly touched the ball but like Bent didn't get much service as mids were sitting too deep 
    Carson .. Great snap save and reassuring on crosses .. But get the ball out quicker please Scott !
    Hughes turned us into an attacking team. Head and shoulders above the other mids. What a player. 
    only one real complaint (2 points apart ) .. Brighton just looked hungrier than we did. We just seemed half a yard/half a second slower than them. We didn't win our share of 50/50 balls. The sort of thing that an on song Bryson can do. Or the harrying that JR can do. 
    Anyway .. They stuck at it and we will get better .. COYR
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    RadioactiveWaste reacted to BramcoteRam84 in Why did we appoint Nigel Pearson?   
    Think we need some perspective. It's the first game of the season, in the last 20 years I can count on one hand when we've played well on opening day. Pearson is changing the way we play which will take time, and will upset people including me who loved the 4-3-3 and is a huge Martin fan. Fact is the recent teams to have been promoted have been 4-4-2 or a variant of. Pearson has been brought in to take us to the next level and he will do as he sees fit to ensure that happens and won't care who he upsets in the process. Hopefully he will get it right, however I am concerned about Hughes, best player in championship by a mile, yet not sure he fits with how Pearson wants to play and looked lost when he came on playing wide. He needs to be playing in the Prem.
    Disagree with some people on here about Blackman. Thought he was a major positive today. Him and shackell stood out for me. As for Johnson, poor reaction from the fans...but he was awful!
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    RadioactiveWaste got a reaction from Zag zig in Bradley Johnson   
    I dont.think he wasn't trying. 
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    RadioactiveWaste reacted to Sexydadbod in Derby County v Brighton   
    Fair enough, I guess it depends where you sit really but I've definitely noticed a lot more fans where I sit get restless quicker than they used to. Johnson was getting abuse after only 20 minutes today.
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    RadioactiveWaste reacted to Rev in Derby County v Brighton   
    I'm talking about at the actual game, home/away, regardless of the stand or opposition, you are never more than 4ft from a moaner.
    They're like rats, only more annoying.
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    RadioactiveWaste got a reaction from Rev in Bradley Johnson   
    I dont.think he wasn't trying. 
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