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    RadioactiveWaste reacted to RamLad1884 in Sam Rush on Radio Derby tonight   
    Emergency board meeting whether to hire Dougie before one of the premier league top six snap him up 
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    RadioactiveWaste reacted to DcFc Dyycheee in Paul looks ok.   
    Didn't really like the football we played under him and thought sacking him was the right decision, but he always spoke well in interviews and had a bit of class about him, always said it how is was and admitted to the odd mistake he made. 
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    RadioactiveWaste reacted to Will Hughes Hair in Forest sack Freeman   
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    RadioactiveWaste got a reaction from Coconut in WANTED Dead or Alive   
    On a steel horse I ride.....
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    RadioactiveWaste got a reaction from Will Hughes Hair in The Fawaz Circus 2016   
    Can Fawaz just do something completely batsh1t in public? I miss him and feel Mel has been shouldering the eccentric chairman role these past few months. Perhaps sacking doogie for doing an apparently good job and going to the media about gumpen-wisdom philosophy which all staff muff must practice by purifying themselves in the Trent and so on. I feel it's time for the epic return of the east Midlands favorite mental chairman.
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    RadioactiveWaste got a reaction from CumbrianRam in Paul looks ok.   
    Clement wouldn't gain anything right now by giving interviews - his reputation is still high (outside of Derby) and folk seem to think chairman Mel is to blame. Perhaps Mel struggled to get across a series of issues, some subtle or subjective in the interviews following (the cursed "derby way") when the media wants a story, not nuance and truth.
    I'm inclined to think things were not black and white and it's clear from those who've had the chance to meet with him that he puts forward a reasonable case for the move.
    What's muddied it is giving it Wassall with so much season left - at the time i thought it was an until we get out guy lined up, but that's seemingly not the case.
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    RadioactiveWaste got a reaction from MuespachRam in Billy Davies "can't wait" for Billy Davies to return to football management   
    Totally only sort of true, but the man is a toxic little hole. If he'd just carried himself a bit better he would probably get a whole lot better review of actual relative success - Jewell was far far worse as a manager. But, Davies is a manager who's level is championship, style ends up causing friction and has never done anything on a limited budget - "club whoes ambition matches my own" read I want to spend your money. spend your money.
    And Adam "trustworthy" Pearson described him as"smoke and mirrors".
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    RadioactiveWaste reacted to Jourdan in Shackell's reaction to Wassall   
    One small flashpoint and we are bringing Shackell's professionalism and ability to be a team player into question?
    Look at our very own Mel and his dressing room rant, which undermined Clement just as much as Shackell undermined Wassall today.
    Some reactions are combustible, in the heat of battle and in the heat of the moment and as a result of working in a high-pressure, highly competitive and highly emotive environment with big personalities and big egos.
    If it can happen to the chairman, should we be surprised at one of our own players showing visible frustration after such a capitulation?
    It doesn't matter if such things happen behind closed doors or not because they have a habit of trickling out and becoming public knowledge anyway.
    The bottom line is that football is a passionate game. Just like on this very forum - we can't all agree and see eye-to-eye all of the time. We have different characters with differences of opinion and different principles and sometimes even though we want the same, things boil over.
    Personally, I would rather see signs of anger and frustration from Shackell than him looking aloof and disinterested. At least it shows to an extent that he is hurt and that he cares. To me that shows he is taking responsibility and he will be driven to make amends. Not all wrapped up in insincerely trying to placate the fans.
    If Shackell is such a divisive and troublesome figure and this goes as far back as his first spell with us as all of the speculation suggests, why did the club even consider re-signing him?
    If he really is putting poison in Chrissy Martin's spag bol, time will tell. But for me, all the sniping and conjecture seems mostly baseless and unfair.
    Given our end-of-season capitulation under McClaren, fading team spirit and the lack of guts, backbone and togetherness were all issues long before Shackell returned.
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    RadioactiveWaste reacted to MuespachRam in Shackell's reaction to Wassall   
    There have been rumors about him not being a team player the last time we had him.!!
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    RadioactiveWaste reacted to uttoxram75 in Shackell's reaction to Wassall   
    As manager?
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    RadioactiveWaste got a reaction from Chester40 in Rotherham United vs Derby County   
    Not sure I'd start Shacks at left back if I wanted anything other a DCFC fans spontaneous combustion.
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    RadioactiveWaste reacted to EssendonRam in Steve McClaren   
    There's no disputing that Mel dislikes him and regards him as disloyal.
    And that is exactly the problem.
    It's investing too much emotion into a business decision. I would hope that Mel, upon reflection, has sufficient self-awareness to be embarrassed by his pretensions quite frankly. After the loyalty he has shown both McClaren and Clement, the word should never again come from his lips; more broadly, when has ANY club EVER shown a manager the loyalty Mel appears to expect from them. His position on that is childish to be blunt.
    That doesn't excuse McClaren either. He was bloody minded and stubborn. It was a disgrace to all sides that it reached the level of bitterness it did as, personally, I suspect that arose because both sides actually tried too hard to look after the other; then both felt unappreciated when it fell apart. Many of us fail to recognise that McClaren could have accepted the Newcastle job in January. He could have lied to the Board and said he wasn't interested; he didn't. He told them he had a difficult decision to make. Many of us just assume that was a lie: let's face it, there was a real chance in January that Toon would be passing us as we were promoted.
    Of course, he had serious matters to weigh up. That he considered the Newcastle job a "bigger job" was obvious. It is. I honestly think Derby is growing as a force; Newcastle are potentially in decline. They're indisputably more brutal than most but the likelihood of being murdered by Toon fans is offset by how much love you'd get if you could actually turn them around.
    While I can't see either Mel or Mac backing down sufficiently to work together (we agree in other words), I did wonder about Mel's apparent softening toward McClaren in the interviews after Clement was sacked. I thought the near acknowledgement of error on his part was commendable. I wanted to believe it might have been a smoke signal.
    It wasn't. It was merely regret that we'd embarrassed ourselves over Clement, for no matter what view you take of his sacking, we either got the hire embarrassingly wrong...or we got the fire embarrassingly wrong....or both.
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    RadioactiveWaste reacted to StaffsRam in Karanka   
    Disagree - no mention of puns. Completely misjudged us.
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    RadioactiveWaste reacted to David in Karanka   
    Steve Gibson needs to get in the dressing room and have a word with them all 
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    RadioactiveWaste reacted to G-Ram in Karanka   
    They'll probably put the academy manager in charge as promotion isnt their aim 
    i want to know more about the thread on the lamp 
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    RadioactiveWaste reacted to CWC1983 in Billy Davies "can't wait" for Billy Davies to return to football management   
    Ha ha, send him to Sevco, id love to see that train crash happen. He'd give the media all the soundbites they need.
    Considering Killie binned him off in favour of Lee Clark sums up.his standing in the game at the moment. 
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    RadioactiveWaste got a reaction from nookiebear in Who would you appoint next season?   
    Lets appoint Holloway and watch him still predicting we lose every week..........!
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    RadioactiveWaste got a reaction from ossieram in Who is worse?   
    Look, it's clear Wassall is worse than all of dem.
    He whispered in Mel's ear.
    OK, most of the others murdered millions of people and PolPot was likened to a Liverpool supporters group, but Wassall hasn't got the team playing like a mixture of vintage brazil with germanic defencive efficency added in. Although Clement was better in his dapper suites than adidas.
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    RadioactiveWaste got a reaction from twinkletoes in Who would you appoint next season?   
    Martin O Neill would be quality, but I don't think he'd be up for it. He seems comfortable managing Ireland and unless something drastic happens, he'll be choosing to stay with Ireland or not, and if it's not, he'll either be taking a job he fancies or some well earned rezt with pretty high stock in the game.
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    RadioactiveWaste got a reaction from Shang in Billy Davies "can't wait" for Billy Davies to return to football management   
    Bring him back. Put him in a cage suspended above the south stand.
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    RadioactiveWaste reacted to Dimmu in Steve McClaren   
    Obviously you texted and it didn't work out well. Hope you're not hungry now... But wasn't a keeper if person gets so easily pissed off. Good riddance, I say.
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    RadioactiveWaste reacted to Emjlc02 in Billy Davies "can't wait" for Billy Davies to return to football management   
    It was like watching us under Clement  but he didn't have as good players
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    RadioactiveWaste got a reaction from Ninos in Rotherham United vs Derby County   
    Not sure I'd start Shacks at left back if I wanted anything other a DCFC fans spontaneous combustion.
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    RadioactiveWaste reacted to Anon in Billy Davies "can't wait" for Billy Davies to return to football management   
    The little ******** already shat on us once, I'm not keen on giving him the opportunity to do it again.
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