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    Elgin_Ram reacted to Birdyabroad in v Forest (H) - Matchday Thread   
    To be fair, I don’t necessarily agree that the Derby players have been so bad.
    Forest are doing a number here, and rightfully so, as they are playing well based on their game plan.
    We’ve drawn to a team, better suited to the tactics/formation today.
    Let’s move on, it's more important for us to beat Cardiff, as it’s their spot we’re trying to sneak into.
    Special mention to Max Bird today, he’s a real talent, the main man in midfield. Head and shoulders above the other players today, in my humble opinion.
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    Elgin_Ram reacted to MackworthRamIsGod in Philip Cocu   
    Philip Cocu is fast becoming one of my favourite ever Derby managers, during the time I have followed them. Jim Smith is number 1 and it will take a lot to change that.
    I cant think of another manager I've liked more than Cocu, he has had the kitchen sink of bad luck thrown at him and he has dealt with it with utter class.
    I thought Frank was a gentleman and I honestly thought we had a classy manager in him, with all due respect to Frank, he could learn something from Cocu.
    It always puzzled me why Rooney was so keen to work with our Phil, it's very clear why.
    Cocu will manage at the highest level in England if he wishes and I have a feeling it will be with the Rams.
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    Elgin_Ram reacted to BondJovi in Phillip Cocu, Chris Van der Weerden & Twan Scheepers   
    And Kluivert just happens to be the head of Barcelona's academy or something like that.
    It still amazes me that anyone could disrespect Cocu. The guy captained Barcelona and at the point he left had made the most ever appearances for the club as a foreign player!
    We rave about Rooney and quite rightly. We are stupidly lucky.
    Managed by a former Barcelona and Holland captain. With a proven managerial record.
    Captained by a former Man Utd and England captain.
    All this for a team in the second tier. 
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    Elgin_Ram got a reaction from SKRam in Mike te Wierik   
    Sounds like he went on eBay. Bought a Derby County shirt and had to stick a few bids in.
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    Elgin_Ram got a reaction from 48 hours in Mike te Wierik   
    Sounds like he went on eBay. Bought a Derby County shirt and had to stick a few bids in.
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    Elgin_Ram reacted to Inverurie Ram in Phillip Cocu, Chris Van der Weerden & Twan Scheepers   
    Yep going up 2020. First number on Philip Cocu's International shirt is 20 on this video, total team player, check out all his shirt numbers for the Netherlands.
    Our top man knows the importance of team players, the effectiveness of a football team playing as a team and playing to it's strengths.
    I love Philip Cocu, Chris Van der Weerden, Twan Scheepers and everyone else at Derby County Football Club that are working hard to make Derby County a football team that entertains and delivers quality football and makes us fans very proud to be Rams fans.
    D.C.F.C Love, Life & Unity.
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    Elgin_Ram got a reaction from hintonsboots in v Reading (H) - Matchday Thread   
    Lol. Ooooh Mark Wright
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    Elgin_Ram reacted to DerbyRam! in v Reading (H) - Matchday Thread   
    Come on Lawrence!!
    Buck you ideas up and get some shots on target.
    I said you were poo before and you proved me wrong about 5 minutes later. Do it again!!
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    Elgin_Ram reacted to Ellafella in v Reading (H) - Matchday Thread   
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    Elgin_Ram reacted to rynny in Championship provisional restart on June 20th   
    It's not just the goal, it's the whole story, Derby, newly promoted, signing some bloke that no one in this country has ever heard of, playing against the champions, who are on course to win the league again, he dribbled past 6 players and scored against probably the best keeper in the world. To put it in today's context it is like Sheff Utd signing a player from Matlock Town, giving him his debut against Liverpool, at Anfield, him getting the ball, going past Henderson, Matip, Robertson, Van Dijk, Gomes and Alexander-Arnold and scoring against Alisson.
    Add in the fact I was there, as an 11 year old, at my first away game, and to me, you have the greatest goal I have ever seen and nothing will beat it. 
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    Elgin_Ram reacted to Anag Ram in Our Rammie   
    He's ageing backwards - a sort of Benjamin Mutton. 
    I'll get my coat. 
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    Elgin_Ram reacted to Inverurie Ram in EFL clarify the rest of the season   
    It's a good job I had my big lense out today. First exclusive photo of our boys back at training today, looking fit as ever.
    Stay Safe. Stay Fit. Stay Connected.

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    Elgin_Ram reacted to DarkFruitsRam7 in Harry on Mel and Frank appointment   
    The last-gasp winner at Reading; beating United at Old Trafford; coming within inches of taking Chelsea to penalties at Stamford Bridge; the comeback at Norwich; a trip to Accrington Stanley; knocking Premier League Southampton out of the FA Cup; the huge wins against QPR, Bristol and West Brom at the end of the season; the greatest night in my Derby-supporting life at Elland Road and a day out at Wembley.
    I don't regret MM's decision one bit.
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    Elgin_Ram reacted to jimbobram in Rosenior and recruitment   
    Only just got round to watching Liam Rosenior talking to sky about how things are going for him, Derby, lockdown etc, and it is an absolute pleasure listening to him. 
    He said part of his role is to work with recruitment, and he alone has looked at over 1000 players since being in lockdown for potential transfer targets. It's going to be really interesting to see how we move in the transfer market over the next few years, and to be honest, im really looking forward to it. I'm sure he, the current scouting team and the club know we aren't going to be making those massive signings now, so those 'little gems' we have been on about will have to be found
    I think Rosenior is a breathe of fresh air at this football club. A real intelligent guy who has experience in all divisions of english football and look forward to seeing some shrewd signings.
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    Elgin_Ram reacted to Squid in Duane Holmes - What a guy.   
    I know this is not entirely football related however Duane was part of a twitch.tv livestream on Call of Duty tonight with Jordan Sinnott’s brother, Mason Mount too and it was an absolutely quality stream.
    Duane was giving away items such as signed tops from himself, signed boots by Rooney, Marriott, Ashley Cole etc.. (I SHOULD OF WON THE COLE BOOTS! You had to guess the song Duane played on the guitar, and first to tweet him wins( I was first and I got the right song, wrong title😭)
    But what you really got to see tonight was how much of a fantastic guy he is, going that extra mile to make viewers happy by randomly giving away items etc, they raised £5000 tonight for Jordan’s charity!
    He even got a signed Keogh top sorted for someone, and mentioned how Keogh is a great guy and is still willing to sign Derby tops.
    I don’t really know the main reason why I wanted to post this but I just think he deserves a special shoutout, he’s done loads for charity during this lockdown and tonight was a brilliant experience for fans to be able to chat with him, have a laugh and a few drinks too..
    He’s got such a fantastic attitude towards the fans, and everyone in general & I hope he sticks around for a long time!
    Link for the Justgiving page for Jordan’s charity: https://www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/sonia-cookson?utm_term=aMVEpqm6M
    When it hits 10K he’s getting an R9 trim by the way☺️
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    Elgin_Ram reacted to Millenniumram in Matches suspended   
    I was thinking about this when all the comments from the likes of Aguero about being scared came out. It sounds harsh, but it seems in poor taste to me footballers coming out and complaining. I get that they’ll be nervous - we’re all scared about everything at the moment - but there’s essential workers out there who are working without much protection, and potentially endangering themselves to make sure we can all continue to live our lives. All footballers are being asked to do is play a game in a stadium where every single person inside will have tested negative before the game starts. That seems a lot safer to me than the working situation of many others out there - most of whom haven’t been on the news saying how scared they are, despite the fact that they have every reason to be so.
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    Elgin_Ram reacted to dabber in Max Bird   
    I always remember Eranio's quote "Spencer, why you kick the ball in the stands Spencer, no players in the stands Spencer!"
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    Elgin_Ram reacted to Gee SCREAMER !! in The Olympiacos B Antiques Roadshow Thread.   
    ok thanks. Hope your well.  careful of the drinking, you'll have too get that celebratory Shipstones from under the stairs soon. After 25 years it's probably got some vintage value.
    Stay safe . I'm actually missing the face to face banter with red dogs I know .  Were all in this crap storm together. Not for the first time.

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    Elgin_Ram reacted to HuddersRam in Derby Pride (it's a book)   
    So about 14 months ago now, I started a topic called The Pursuit for Pereplotkins. It was more of a hopeful topic about a book I was trying to work out in my head about the past 20 or so years of the club. Fast forward to today and my search for the Latvian never actually began.
    BUT I am a bit too excited to say that over this time, I've been able to worm my way into conversations with 55 others who probably have more of a story to tell than he would. So with that being said, Pride: The Inside Story of Derby County will be published later this year.
    Through constant begging texts and an embarassing stream of emails to media teams across Europe, I've heard from all sorts of former Derby players, coaches and officials who have kindly given up their time to be part of this. From Stefano Eranio, Peter Gadsby, Steve McClaren and Inigo Idiakez through to Will Hughes, Harry Wilson, Johnny Russell and Gary Rowett (and plenty more in between including the finding of an Amigo), I've been lucky enough to be allowed to gaze through the different eras of the club to tell the story of everything that has gone on from the moment Pride Park first opened its doors.
    It'll be available from later this year (I need to actually finish the last few chapters first) but hopefully it'll be of interest to a few of you on here and I'll be able to follow on from some of those who already produce such top content about the club.

    I've set up a Twitter @PrideDCFC too, which I'll be using to share out some feature articles with those who have contributed their time. Because I've discovered 120,000 words isn't nearly enough. 🐏🐏🐏

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    Elgin_Ram reacted to Inverurie Ram in Sky interview with Rosenior and Davies   
    Thanks @rynny I really enjoyed that. Another good reason why we are all so privileged to be Derby County supporters.
    D.C.F.C Love, Life & Unity.
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    Elgin_Ram reacted to rynny in Sky interview with Rosenior and Davies   
    A good interview with the pair of them.
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    Elgin_Ram reacted to EtoileSportiveDeDerby in Bradley Johnson   
    With his wife they Also raised a lot of money for Saint Giles special school in Derby. Heart is in the right place it seems.
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    Elgin_Ram reacted to Sean in Bradley Johnson   
    I know he was controversial for some reasons outside his control but was severely underrated as a footballer here, when he was at Derby, and seems to be doing a brilliant job off the pitch at the moment, have a listen to the below;
    Our old Brad is a top lad!
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