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  1. Derbyshire Cricket 2017

    Great effort. To only fall 6 short chasing 228 is no mean feat. The signs from this team, t20 wise, are still encouraging.
  2. Nugent has to start

    If you're talking about his c**k, which I can only assume you are, then wouldn't it just create a sundial rather than blocking out the sun completely? Which is actually quite useful, if you wish to know the approximate time of day.
  3. Nugent has to start

    Nugent will start. So too will Martin. And Carson.
  4. Women's Football

    Italia! Italia!
  5. Women's Football

    Dearie me that was terrible from the Italy keeper!
  6. v Kaiserslautern Match Thread

    Not really, its only one game we've likely got Baird, Hanson & Olsson as defensive cover. Should have given the spare place to Elsnik assuming he's available. Hey ho.
  7. 20 To Travel

    Not common knowledge yet but Davies has been transfer listed for wolf whistling at Jason Shackell's mum.
  8. RamsTV

    Hurrah! Just bought & setup my first chromecast!!! Ram TV on the telly is amazeballs!!!!
  9. Women's Football

    Winners likely to be between Germany, England & France. I got 8/1 on England pre tournament. C'mon the Lionesses.
  10. Women's Football

  11. Women's Football

    What channel is it on?
  12. Not in the shop window

    You can add Shackell to that list too. Assuming they're fit, I think we'll end up loaning out Shackell & Blackman before the close of the window. Vydra & Bent will stay as backups to Nugent & Martin. I'd also try to loan out Lowe for the season to try and toughen up his seemingly frail body.
  13. 20 To Travel

    So can Baird
  14. 20 To Travel

    Vydra & Blackman injuries make this a lot easier for Gaz. Roos, Elsnik & Bent will miss out as Bent tweaked his knee in the Port Vale game. No chance whatsoever that Bennett will miss out, he's closer to the first team than Hanson at present.
  15. Jon Toral

    He performed great for Port Vale though

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