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  1. Championship promotion rivals watch

    Villa getting soft penalties lately whilst Derby, Cardiff & Brizzle have all had stonewallers turned down in the last couple of games. It's a bloody fix.
  2. Surprised. Embarrassed. Frustrated.

    More like they can bring in champions league quality players on favourable terms due to their links with "super agent" Jorge Mendes. Even Clement would have their squad top of this league.
  3. Good results for us today

    I edited my post you little sh**
  4. Good results for us today

    The irony being that CFITG = HRW = P!
  5. Good results for us today

    What we need is HABITUAL RELENTLESS WINNING. Nothing more, nothing less. Eh @Parsnip? Eh?
  6. Free agents

    Don't think he can sign to play for anyone this season as he was still under contract at the close of the January window.
  7. Bloody Villa

    You're looking over your shoulder at Preston too aren't you! Admit it Parsnip you coward!
  8. Bloody Villa

    Well that's Villa rumbled. We can start wittering about Fulham now... or start respecting Cardiff?
  9. 17/18 Loan Watch

    If nothing else at least there's plenty of goals in these Swindon games!
  10. 17/18 Loan Watch

    Bad start, 0-1 down already! Gordon still suspended?
  11. Mason Bennett Injured

    Massive blow for the lad, really needed to go out and make a real impact to show the club that he's worth us persevering with.
  12. v Leeds (H) - Predictions

    Derby 2-0 Dirty Leeds Vydra
  13. Would it be better to go up in playoffs.

    I understand that, however I believe I was responding to a statement that suggested our lowly 17% success rate was somehow relevant to future play off appearances.
  14. Is the squad better and stronger under Rowett.

    Wisdom was quoted at £2.5m with a potential MAX of £4.5m, so it's more like £11.5m. less incomings of £21m for Ince (£11m), Hughes (£8m, per John Percy & Owen Bradley) & Christie (£2m)
  15. Is the squad better and stronger under Rowett.

    Do you have any workings for this outlandish figure?

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