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    Carnero got a reaction from RoyMac5 in Barnsley (A) Match Thread   
    I reckon so.
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    Carnero reacted to Van Cone De Head in Barnsley (A) Match Thread   
    Paterson is growing on me rapidly 
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    Carnero reacted to SuperDerbySuperRams in Barnsley (A) Match Thread   
    Were our fans really chanting “Roos caught the ball” when he’s about 10 yards away? Morons the lot of them
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    Carnero reacted to Ambitious in Barnsley (A) Match Thread   
    Huddlestone has been playing very well. My MOTM so far. 
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    Carnero reacted to TigerTedd in Barnsley (A) Match Thread   
    Just caught up. 
    Holier than thou brigade out in force. 
    Debate the team selection on footballing terms all you want, I’m not Lawrence’s biggest fan from a footballing point of view, but take a ducking chill pill guys. If Cocu thinks it’s is the best team selection, most likely to help us win, taking into account all mental and physical considerations, then I’m not going to argue. 
    If we loose, then we can have a moan. But I wouldn’t want us to cut our nose off to spite our face. If we make them sit on the naughty step for the next few months, the only people we’re hurting are ourselves, by not allowing ourselves to play the perceived strongest team. 
    If we loose miserably, then it’s a bad decision. Not because they’ve been naughty boys, but because they’re not the right players for the job. If we win, it’s a good decision. Simple as that really. 
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    Carnero reacted to i-Ram in Barnsley (A) Match Thread   
    Some proper bed-wetting going on in here tonight.  COYR!!!!!
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    Carnero reacted to David in If Lawrence and Bennett play......?   
    After 10 years of working my arse off and been through with this forum I find the accusations pretty disrespectful, clearly from another members follow up to your post I'm not the only one to miss your tongue in cheek. If it was I truly apologise, but being a PR machine for Mel has been a long standing accusation I face and one that I will strongly stand my ground against every time, and have to as it was made clear at the time I must not act as an employee of the club or speak on behalf of them, it's written in the contract.
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    Carnero reacted to DRS94 in Barnsley (A) Match Thread   
    So I’m guessing the only reason they didn’t start Saturday was because they were still hungover 😂
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    Carnero got a reaction from ariotofmyown in Barnsley (A) Match Thread   
    Perhaps this whole "drink driving" story has been one terrible misunderstanding? 😂
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    Carnero reacted to philmycocu in If Lawrence and Bennett play......?   
    Hmmm, interesting 🤔 don't agree with this but will support the team from my sofa
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    Carnero reacted to Boycie in If Lawrence and Bennett play......?   
    This is a massive game for Lawrence, I hope he takes his chance.
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    Carnero reacted to Will Hughes Hair in Champions Youth League - FC Minsk vs Derby County (Wed 2nd Oct 2pm)   
    What an accommodating fellow your dentist is.
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    Carnero reacted to JfR in Barnsley (A) Match Thread   
    Part of me thinks this is a really poor decision, but then there's part of me that can't wait to see the inevitable seethe when Tom scores and does the "fingers in ears" celebration
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    Carnero reacted to Dimmu in Barnsley (A) Match Thread   
    Quite a few are wishing Clarke-Davies partnership at the back. I understand that people wants to see Bielik as DM, but jeez, that CB pairing is rising my heartbeat just thinking of it. They are way too similar, great in the air but slow and not the greatest with the ball. I'd definitely keep the Bielik-Davies as Clarke is making too many errors at the moment and it gives us bit more balanced fit at the back.
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  16. Haha
    Carnero reacted to Mr Tibbs in Fantasy NFL 2019   
    Until this week, where Jared Cook will finally put up a huge score and win me a matchup. 

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    Carnero got a reaction from David in Fantasy NFL 2019   
    Would make a difference to how many more points I've scored than you though!
    Based on the last season and a quarter, until your team sacks the GM they've no hope of glory.
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    Carnero got a reaction from kash_a_ram_a_ding_dong in Jamie Paterson   
    Funny you should say that, I said to my mate on Saturday that Pato was playing like peak Bryson... long may it continue!
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    Carnero reacted to Carl Sagan in Champions Youth League - FC Minsk vs Derby County (Wed 2nd Oct 2pm)   
    Here we go with the young Rams in Europe. Details from the official site.
    FC Minsk vs. Derby County
    - UEFA Youth League - Domestic Champions Path - Round One, First Leg - Wednesday 2nd October - Kick-off: 2pm (4pm local time) - FC Minsk Stadium, Minsk, Belarus TRAVELLING SQUAD
    Goalkeepers: Bradley Foster-Theniger, Harry Halwax Defenders: Jordan Brown, Eiran Cashin, Jaden Charles, Kornell McDonald, Callum Minkley, Harrison Solomon. Midfielders: Connor Dixon, Alex Matthews, Louie Sibley, Liam Thompson. Forwards: Archie Brown, Bartosz Cybulski, Festy Ebosele, Eno Nto, Jack Stretton, Morgan Whittaker, Tyree Wilson. Updates via the academy twitter feed which suggests there's no RamsTV coverage. Come on you young Rams!
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    Carnero reacted to desirelines in What a great forum!   
    I've given up searching #dcfc and #dcfcfans on Twitter recently in favour of using this Forum to read the views of Rams fans. God, Twitter is a hell hole of knee-jerk, uninformed nonsense these days. Not to mention the slew of Leeds and Forest fans currently using those hashtags to gloat. 
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    Carnero reacted to jono in If Lawrence and Bennett play......?   
    Agree with that. Yes, I’ll go silent and put my head in my hands .. but boo ? Nope, not ever. 
    Anyway, I don’t reckon either of them will play until the court case is over. I hope they don’t 
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    Carnero reacted to Bigfella in If Lawrence and Bennett play......?   
    Personally I don’t think you can boo any Derby player and call yourself a supporter.
  23. Haha
    Carnero reacted to King Ramses III in v Forest (A) Carabao Cup Match Thread   
    Anyway, the good thing about going out of the Carabao Cup early is that players are safely tucked up in bed on a Tuesday night and not prone to injuries from those mid week fixtures. Cup runs can often derail your season.....
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    Carnero got a reaction from Ramarena in Barnsley (A) Match Thread   
    Finally get a win and there's so many people suggesting a changed team and everyone moving MOTM Paterson out of the "No.10" position in which he flourished today 😂
    Same team, except possibly Bogle in for one of the left backs.
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    Carnero reacted to cannable in Marcus Maddison   
    I read somewhere that, because of Posh’s method of financial stability, their managers are hired with the brief to score lots of goals to rapidly increase their forwards’ value. This can make some of their strikers look better than they really are. Maddison’s stats suggest he’s the beneficiary of this.  
    Yep, loads of goals and loads of assists, but for a #10 his general play statistics are rank bad. He averages under 20 passes a game and his passing accuracy is in the fifties. Literally, every time he gets the ball he tries to do something with it. 
    So you need a role in the team in which you accept a player is going to give the ball away a gargantuan amount and hope he has the ability to carry his goals and assists into this division. 
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