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    Carnero reacted to Wolfie20 in Matches suspended   
    If by 'authorities' you mean the Government then I agree but if you're refering to the football authorities without the go-ahead from Government then no, they're well within their rights to refuse to play. 
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    Carnero got a reaction from i-Ram in Matches suspended   
    It might be an unpopular view, but i'm sorry, if the authorities say that it's safe to play behind closed doors and the players then refuse to play, then they shouldn't receive their wages. Can't have it all ways.
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    Carnero reacted to Millenniumram in Matches suspended   
    I was thinking about this when all the comments from the likes of Aguero about being scared came out. It sounds harsh, but it seems in poor taste to me footballers coming out and complaining. I get that they’ll be nervous - we’re all scared about everything at the moment - but there’s essential workers out there who are working without much protection, and potentially endangering themselves to make sure we can all continue to live our lives. All footballers are being asked to do is play a game in a stadium where every single person inside will have tested negative before the game starts. That seems a lot safer to me than the working situation of many others out there - most of whom haven’t been on the news saying how scared they are, despite the fact that they have every reason to be so.
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    Carnero reacted to Tamworthram in Matches suspended   
    I agree. Same applies to everyone else working. Surely you’re in breach of contract if you decide not to go to work when the authorities say it’s safe and your business reopens. You might well feel uncomfortable, especially if you need to use public transport and I would sympathise but, I guess, you can’t have individuals making such decisions, against the medical advice the authorities are basing their decision on, themselves. Maybe very tough but I can’t see an alternative.
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    Carnero got a reaction from Tamworthram in Matches suspended   
    It might be an unpopular view, but i'm sorry, if the authorities say that it's safe to play behind closed doors and the players then refuse to play, then they shouldn't receive their wages. Can't have it all ways.
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    Carnero got a reaction from Millenniumram in Matches suspended   
    It might be an unpopular view, but i'm sorry, if the authorities say that it's safe to play behind closed doors and the players then refuse to play, then they shouldn't receive their wages. Can't have it all ways.
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    Carnero reacted to HuddersRam in Derby Pride (it's a book)   
    So about 14 months ago now, I started a topic called The Pursuit for Pereplotkins. It was more of a hopeful topic about a book I was trying to work out in my head about the past 20 or so years of the club. Fast forward to today and my search for the Latvian never actually began.
    BUT I am a bit too excited to say that over this time, I've been able to worm my way into conversations with 55 others who probably have more of a story to tell than he would. So with that being said, Pride: The Inside Story of Derby County will be published later this year.
    Through constant begging texts and an embarassing stream of emails to media teams across Europe, I've heard from all sorts of former Derby players, coaches and officials who have kindly given up their time to be part of this. From Stefano Eranio, Peter Gadsby, Steve McClaren and Inigo Idiakez through to Will Hughes, Harry Wilson, Johnny Russell and Gary Rowett (and plenty more in between including the finding of an Amigo), I've been lucky enough to be allowed to gaze through the different eras of the club to tell the story of everything that has gone on from the moment Pride Park first opened its doors.
    It'll be available from later this year (I need to actually finish the last few chapters first) but hopefully it'll be of interest to a few of you on here and I'll be able to follow on from some of those who already produce such top content about the club.

    I've set up a Twitter @PrideDCFC too, which I'll be using to share out some feature articles with those who have contributed their time. Because I've discovered 120,000 words isn't nearly enough. 🐏🐏🐏

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    Carnero reacted to Sparkle in Matches suspended   
    Leeds were clear with 4 games to go last season and blew it - no way they should be promoted 
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    Carnero got a reaction from EtoileSportiveDeDerby in Are Derby players deferring wages?   
    It doesn't say that, it says that only players on more than £6k per week will be asked to defer a portion of their wage.
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    Carnero reacted to angieram in Are Derby players deferring wages?   
    I can't read the full article but from what I can see this seems to me that common sense has prevailed and the players that can afford it are taking the biggest hit, most of the rest taking some hit, and maybe a few of the younger players not taking much of a hit (if any.)
    Actually think this is between the club and the players but it's great to see agreement which I suspect is somewhere along the lines that Rooney was advocating a while ago. Well done, DCFC and DCFC players! 
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    Carnero reacted to angieram in Clubs going bust !   
    Yes and Yes. Can't understand the hostility of some fans every time the club does anything that's designed to save money. It's what any business would do. Businesses that make huge profits are cutting costs. Football clubs don't make money at our level - they lose it so I would expect them to be cutting costs wherever they can. 
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    Carnero reacted to David in NFL 2020 Season   
    I would put Texans last as it might not have been the draft but who lets Hopkins one of the top 5 receivers in the league leave. Madness.
    Then The Rams just for paying Goff real money still 🤣
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    Carnero reacted to GboroRam in BE CAREFUL!!!   
    Did you have a senior moment Findern?
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    Carnero reacted to rammieib in Are Derby players deferring wages?   
    Under 23’s furloughed - sensible - none of them will be earning that much. We’re a loss making business.
    First team - imagine your contract is ending June 30th - this could be your last three months of pay. I can get why they’re negotiating hard.
    If I was Chris Martin my negotiation would stem around a contract extension.
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    Carnero reacted to uttoxram75 in Daily Mail   
    Rooneys still a big name, online news is all about click bait for advertising revenue and nothing to do with content.
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    Carnero reacted to David in Are Derby players deferring wages?   
    Makes the story more juicy though. 
    I’m sure I posted earlier in the topic I wasn’t a fan of Percy’s original article where it mentioned the staff being furloughed without wages being topped up and a big announcement.
    Now the club are expected to respond to this but are they in a position to?
    Yesterday’s article suggests the club want it agreed before the staff and players wages are due next week.
    Understandable, could the result of this have an effect on the remaining 20% of wages for staff?
    Will an announcement be made once an agreement has been reached?
    All these articles have done is create anger and frustration towards the club which I think is personally unfair, negotiations over wage cuts and deferrals will never be quick and easy, look at Arsenal, who are an interesting case as the media are reporting 3 players have refused whilst only naming Ozil, why not call out the other 2?
    We all react to stories instantly, it’s hard not to, but advert revenue is down, seen it with my own eyes, newspapers are struggling to survive, would imagine a fair few inaccurate and sensationalist stories will be rushed to press for clicks.
    The media love Ozil, and it’s fair to say the Daily Mail have their eyes on us for some bizarre reason. 
    As for the deferrals I think Rooney had it spot on the other week, blanket percentage cuts/deferrals cannot be the answer as some players are not on the contracts others are and might have financial commitments.
    It’s a tricky time for all clubs, especially Football League clubs. Just think the club deserves to be cut some slack and try to remain patient whilst they figure things out. If this is the club I think it is, an announcement will come when they can. 
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    Carnero got a reaction from jimbo jones in NFL 2020 Season   
    ** SNAPS HAND OFF **
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    Carnero reacted to Mucker1884 in Are Derby players deferring wages?   
    This is from individuals isn't it?... not DCFC as a club/business?
    "...funded by Phillip Cocu, directors, first-team coaching staff, players and other staff..." 
    Are we to start poo-poohing charitable donations (and actions) from individuals as being derisory now?
    How does my £18.84 donation to our own dcfcfans food bank thing measure up?  Shall we all compare who donated what, and make fun of the lowest?
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    Carnero reacted to UTFR in Sky interview with Rosenior and Davies   
    Sibley was born in Brum, moved to Burton very young and Supported the Rams all his life.
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    Carnero reacted to Anon in Black and Blue and White   
    We aren't England. We aren't Preston. We aren't Bolton.
    We are Derby and we wear black and white.
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    Carnero reacted to ViewsFromTheMiddle in Derby v Wolves - Matchday Relived   
    Bugs me how there’s no scoreboard.
  22. Haha
    Carnero reacted to G STAR RAM in Telegraph Sport   
    Them two stories are nothing compared to what I accidentally clicked on the other day.
    Bird: I miss football. Stay safe.
    Might not have got this spot on but it was something like that.
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    Carnero got a reaction from David in NFL 2020 Season   
    At least you still have Jared Goff 😂
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    Carnero reacted to Boycie in Forum Meetup | Weekly, starting Saturday 28th March   
    Now that’s a true story.
    I remember taking my lad to his first match, I sat him down and explained things the best I could , I hadn’t fully realised how much swearing there was.
    The match kicked off.
    ”oh ref! You blind bast***”
    ”Clough! You useless cu**!”
    ”Sammon fu** off back to Wigan!”
    My lad had never heard me swear so much.
    sorry @angieram about @sage‘s swearing.
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    Carnero reacted to Archied in Takeaways / Food Deliveries Open   
    Takeaway s are something we have avoided , just feels like other people cooking and dishing up food into containers seems an easy way to spread virus if person has it 
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