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    Carnero reacted to SaintRam in NFL 2019 Season   
    Madness. This is his 7th season. 
    So much respect for Luke.
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    Carnero reacted to Mr Tibbs in Fantasy NFL 2019   

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    Carnero reacted to angieram in Bonding with the players   
    Then maybe they could stay behind after if that's not also inconvenient? 
    Maybe the club could arrange for players to visit fans at their seats 15 minutes before kick off? 😄
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    Carnero reacted to RadioactiveWaste in Phillip Cocu, Chris Van der Weerden & Twan Scheepers   
    I got the impression in his post match yesterday that he's starting to settle in and feels the team are starting to "get it".
    Seemed to just have that slightly more relaxed vibe.
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    Carnero reacted to nottingram in Luton Town (H) Match Thread   
    Oh good I see that now we have 7 points from 9 it is performances that are the issue.
    Last week v Birmingham, one of the most entertaining games you’re likely to see. I enjoyed it, but I absolutely do not want to see that every week. Yesterday was one of the most comfortable wins you’re likely to see, totally in control aside for around ten minutes after the second goal when we couldn’t get out. If you ask Cocu which performance he preferred, unless he’s clinically insane I would imagine he would say yesterday.
    Think it’s easily forgotten we have had games like yesterday’s since Mac1. I remember a game against Brighton when we were 3-0 up after about 20 minutes (in 14-15 I think) and proceeded to pass it around for the next hour. 
    People seem to like to pretend it’s a new thing but it isn’t, it’s usually a by product of teams coming with no interest in attacking.
    Just wondering when it is that fans became so spoiled that a comfortable, easy, routine home win became something to boo and moan about when they get home
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    Carnero reacted to ColonelBlimp in Luton Town (H) Match Thread   
    Trying to play it out from the back.
    Trying to keep posession to work openings.
    If the openings are not created then you have to pass back to work it forward again.
    The openings are not created when movement is poor and no options are available to the ball carrier.
    It's down to our MF/F and wide men to give options by creating space.
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    Carnero reacted to angieram in Luton Town (H) Match Thread   
    Whatever illness kept Duane out of the team yesterday,  he's obviously well on the way to recovery! 
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    Carnero got a reaction from angieram in Lawrence and Bennett charged with drink driving   
    Very half hearted attempt from the Lawrence booboys today. Confirmed that, as expected, the social media lynch mob is actually just a tiny minority.
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    Carnero reacted to SuperDerbySuperRams in Graeme Shinnie   
    He was absolutely terrific in the first half. My only worry is that we will struggle to create with him and Bielik in the side at home. 
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    Carnero reacted to SaintRam in Who has your respect?   
    Graeme Shinnie.
    Signed on a free for Frank Lampard; for a team about to let Craig Bryson go - only for a new management team to come in, who can no longer draw the same talent for the squad, and who want a different kind of player than Shinnie.
    Did he sit and wait to get moved on? No. He went to the new manager and said, "what do I need to be better at?" - and put 100% into getting better.
    He played for the U23s for fitness, but did he coast like most of the seniors who've played in those games since I've been watching? No, he was an absolute leader and gave 100% (and showed noticeable improvement from game to game from a technical side).
    He finally gets his chance thanks to injury and illness and is unquestionably man of the match. 
    I have an absurd amount of respect for Graeme Shinnie.
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    Carnero reacted to MACKWORTHRAM in Luton Town (H) Match Thread   
    Our fans are poison mate. Absolute poison.
    The players must hate playing at home. Sometimes there isn't a pass forward, sometimes in football you have to go backwards to come forwards.
    Our fans boo when we go backwards. It's shocking. I hate hearing it. 
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    Carnero reacted to David in Luton Town (H) Match Thread   
    Good to be back in the South stand today, just caught up with the match thread and either I’m going a little deaf or the atmosphere wasn’t as bad as some are suggesting. 
    Also the same 2pm mini meltdowns, I think at this stage I would miss them if they disappeared. Listening to Cocu on the way home, Holmes was ill after the last game which is why he didn’t start today so there you go.
    I wasn’t in the ground when the teams were read out but Lawrence goal was celebrated just like any other goal, when his name was announced as the goal scorer there was a very very very small number of boo’s which were pretty half hearted and drowned out as others around me clapped and cheered a little louder to drown them out.
    His chant never really caught on, but that’s to be expected, still early days but the humility shown following his goal was pleasing and as others have pointed out looks to be a sign of genuine remorse which is what you want to see.
    If anything I thought Roos took more stick today with the ironic cheers which were far far more vocal and felt like they came from around the full stadium, will do his confidence a world of good. I understand the frustration with his handling, but giving him the same treatment as Sluga following his howler, have a word.
    I’m still trying to figure out if the guy to our left was also being ironic in lambasting Keogh several times, I made eye contact in bewilderment with a couple of fans who were equally confused.
    It wasn’t one player being confused with, but general “Keogh I thought you was the captain, sort this out”, “Come on Keogh you useless bar steward”. Very very weird.
    As for the rest of the game, it was same old, despite winning and being fairly comfortable the minute the ball is passed back audible groans and moans to get it forward, not booing from what I heard which is nothing new so not sure why it’s being talked about so much today unless it hasn’t been as bad recently. 
    Was it a game to tell the grandkids about? No, but we got the job done thanks to the 2 bizarre goals and to be honest Luton offered very little until Izzy Brown came on, even then we wasn’t troubled that much given the quality around him to threaten the 3 points, might have been a different result had he been on the pitch longer and been able to dictate things.
    Thought we created a few decent chances today despite the 2 shots on target stat, Paterson with a great ball into Jozefzoon who couldn’t control and Martin who as a goalscorer had my head in hands when he didn’t take a shot in a great position choosing to pass. 
    To be honest he looked off it all day which was slightly disappointing having been pleasantly surprised with his “comeback”, was hoping to see a vintage Chris Martin performance but wasn’t to be today. 
    Proved me wrong fighting his way back into the team and I’m sure a couple of weeks off will do him a world of good, been a while since he’s had regular football. 
    Finally I know I’m late to the party with this, but I love the posters behind the back of the South Stand which were put up in the summer, first opportunity I have had to see them with my own eyes. 
    Make a great wallpaper for your devices, anyone wants to use the pic I got today here you go...

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    Carnero reacted to wixman1884 in Luton Town (H) Match Thread   
    I know last season has been largely romanticised by some, but I don't think we were looking any more cohesive, especially at this point, and back then we had some world class loanees to rely on too.
    We're far from clicking as a team, but I still think a late play off run is a strong possibility when things start to come together.
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    Carnero reacted to DarkFruitsRam7 in Luton Town (H) Match Thread   
    After hearing his first couple of interviews when he initially joined the club, I said that Cocu is a very dry man. It was said in a light-hearted way, but I meant it really.
    However, after seeing more of him, I’ve come to the conclusion that I was wrong. He might not be as charismatic as Lampard, and he might not crack jokes like Rowett, but he does come to life in a subtle kind of way. His eyes light up quite frequently when he talks about something that he’s passionate about. See the interview above, where he says that he would claim that he shot if he was Lawrence.
    I really like the bloke and he’s the perfect replacement for my desperation to see Keogh succeed. Please make substitutions earlier though😊
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    Carnero reacted to goldstar in Lawrence and Bennett charged with drink driving   
    Have to agree with you there. Although I've been quite vocal about my disgust on what went on, (and I wasn't even sure what the correct punishment should be) it needs to be left alone now at matches. At what point do we feel he has been booed enough? 
    However unjust it feels that footballers seem to be untouchable, and get away with things the average Joe wouldn't whilst still enjoying unending luxuries, we can feel fortunate no one was killed and hope they use this to become better people.
    I have to say I feel sorry for Lawrence. I do have a tendency to be too empathetic sometimes which isn't always a good thing, what he has been through cannot excuse his actions but is more understandable than the other two.
    Men are largely expected to bottle emotions, man up and be tough. So to lose the person who often offers a softer side, emotional support and at times the hub of the family causes a multitude of problems.
    I'm quite worried for him, he seems a mixture of this cool exterior but also mentally fragile so whilst at first I didn't care if people booed, seeing his reaction after the goal made me really sad. He looks lost and like he can't handle much more.
    If he does something like last month again I will understand the anger but I think enough is enough now. I abhor drink driving - luckily there were no deaths and so I think people need to take a step back and let it drop. 
    I know, I've amazed myself.
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    Carnero got a reaction from Steve How Hard? in Lawrence and Bennett charged with drink driving   
    Very half hearted attempt from the Lawrence booboys today. Confirmed that, as expected, the social media lynch mob is actually just a tiny minority.
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    Carnero got a reaction from The Orange Pimpernel in Lawrence and Bennett charged with drink driving   
    Very half hearted attempt from the Lawrence booboys today. Confirmed that, as expected, the social media lynch mob is actually just a tiny minority.
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    Carnero got a reaction from David in Lawrence and Bennett charged with drink driving   
    Very half hearted attempt from the Lawrence booboys today. Confirmed that, as expected, the social media lynch mob is actually just a tiny minority.
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    Carnero reacted to BramcoteRam84 in Lawrence and Bennett charged with drink driving   
    Respect and Humility from Lawrence today when he scored. There are those who are angry at everything who want him to burn at the stake for his sins but we need to move on now once the courts have made the ultimate judgement on all of this 
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    Carnero reacted to Millenniumram in Derby's Ultras 🎶   
    If he can orchestrate the fans to understand sometimes a backwards pass is the best option and to not groan all the time, that would be appreciated! Going ducking mad at the people round me today, swear some people think it’s still 1985...
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    Carnero reacted to nottingram in Luton Town (H) Match Thread   
    Is today the day I finally realised that I hate the vast majority of the fans?
    Can’t pinpoint the exact moment however.
    Might have been the first sarcastic cheer for Roos catching a high ball. Or might have been when there was boos for retaining possession. 
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    Carnero reacted to Derby blood in Who has your respect?   
    Why not Cocu and Morris, get over yourself, young adults do make mistakes, we all make mistakes, did Keogh, Lawrence., Bennett kill any one No, did they rape any one No, did they beat any one up No, did they racially abuse any one No, they have been punished, and know they let themselves down and there families down and the club, loved Lawrence celebrations today and you know what I will now forget about it and support them all, why because it's over and much worse things will happened, in fact i loved it when Lawrence scored today. 
  23. Haha
    Carnero reacted to philmycocu in Derby's Ultras 🎶   
    Yeah at the front near the away end, with drummer boy. Songs a bit tame, not a Tired and Weary in sight.
    Prefer @ossieramand his pals in Upper D block.
    "Sober, sober Tom, Sober, sober Tom, Sober, sober Tom, Sober Tommy Lawrence" 🎤 
  24. Haha
    Carnero reacted to Bob The Badger in Derby's Ultras 🎶   
    White shirt?
    Back to the game?
    Annoying as hell?
    Was it Jozefzoon?
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    Carnero reacted to ColonelBlimp in Luton Town (H) Match Thread   
    Shinnie was easily mom.
    Malone was good, Lawrence was good. There were some boos from where i was (east stand upper) but i tried to drown them out with my whooping and hollering.
    Thought we had a really good first half, way better than the slow and ponderous nonsense we've seen prior to the Brum game.
    Second half we stood off a bit until midway through but i have to say, at no point did i see Luton scoring, they were just bang average.
    Roos concerns me, doesn't inspire confidence in the back 4 and Clarke, had a good game but is so one footed it can be an issue.
    Josefzoon did ok i thought but it's that final ball that always seems to be the wrong one.
    All in all, a decent performance.
    If Cocu is telling them to play from the back then why boo? They are trying to implement his instructions so should be encouraged. 
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