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    Carnero reacted to Gritty in Reasons why we are where we are .   
    Actually, I was initially dead against Rooney initially and wanted Mac 3.
    But I think Rooney has actually done well (no doubt helped by Mac but he deserves credit himself).
    And so I'm happy with Rooney
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    Carnero reacted to Mostyn6 in Dear Mel, Uncle Mel   
    The club don’t own the club! Mel owns both ergo Mel effectively IS the club 🤷🏻‍♂️ 
    which decision did you disagree with AT the time? 
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    Carnero reacted to G-Ram in Use of substitutions   
    He's right to not change it. We were defending as a unit so why unsettle the side
    Colin can hold up the ball & invite fouls. Also he's excellent in the air and if we conceded a corner or free kick in the last 10 min id rather he was back defending it
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    Carnero reacted to RoyMac5 in Use of substitutions   
    Every single time.
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    Carnero reacted to RoyMac5 in Derby v Bournemouth Match Ratings. Deadline 5pm Wednesday   
    Roos - 8
    Byrne - 8
    Buchanan - 8
    Evans - 8
    Wisdom - 6 
    Clarke - 9
    Bielik - 9
    Shinnie - 8
    Jozwiak - 8
    CKR - 7
    Knight - 7
  6. Haha
    Carnero reacted to Millenniumram in Derby v Bournemouth Match Ratings. Deadline 5pm Wednesday   
    Roos 6
    Byrne 7
    Buchanan 6
    Evans 6
    Wisdom 6
    Clarke 8
    Bielik 9
    Shinnie 7
    Jozwiak 5
    CKR 7
    Knight 7
  7. COYR
    Carnero reacted to sage in Derby v Bournemouth Match Ratings. Deadline 5pm Wednesday   
    No half marks or zeroes, only the players below and in this order
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    Carnero reacted to David in Dear Mel, Uncle Mel   
    I would love Mel to stay, that’s no secret. 6 of the last 7 years have been some of the best years of supporting this club in my life. 
    We could argue all year over decisions that may have cost us, but the reason we are in the Championship still is ultimately down to the players and the management at various times at the club. 
    He’s come under fire recently and it’s been particularly hard to read, I’ve avoided any attempts to “defend” him as it’s pointless task, fans are angry, frustrated, and understandably so. Being the man at the top will always put the target on your head. 
    Knowing how much he cares about the club though, as much as all of us on here, the personal wealth and hours he’s put into running this club, I just think it’s incredibly disrespectful. 
    I don’t know the personal reasons that Sky are reporting why he wants to sell the club, so I would find it hard to sit here and ask him to stay. 
    Let’s be honest, he’s not a young man and with a global pandemic destroying the world we live in, I would not blame him for wanting to walk away with what money he has and spending more time with family and friends.
    Owning a football club is a thankless job, just look at the state of this forum when we lose a game, I’m not that selfish enough to sit here and beg him to stay for more.
    I am truly gutted how his tenure may end, football fans have very short memories and a relegation battle could be his legacy, what he is remembered for, not the 6 years of promotion challenges, doing everything he could to compete with clubs at the top with parachute payments.
    Only now with hindsight strong opinions are being formed, but I don’t recall them at the time, a few grumbles but the majority seemed happy to go along with the signings after the baron spell of dreaming for Shaun Barker type fees.
    The protracted takeover, whatever the delays, whatever was agreed just feels like another kick in the balls for a man that openly admitted he never wanted to solely own the club, but did so as he felt there was no ambition to take this club forward.
    He’s given a lot to this club, and city, whatever his decision is I fully respect it and I hope we can find a conclusion which is best for this club and for Mel personally. 
    I hope when that day comes, we are far away from the bottom 3 as possible and these past few months do not tarnish his legacy. Regardless of your opinions, he does not deserve that. He really doesn’t. 
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    Carnero got a reaction from JoetheRam in Dear Mel, Uncle Mel   
  10. Haha
    Carnero got a reaction from Jourdan in Scott Carson - Signed for Man City on loan   
    Can he play up front?
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    Carnero got a reaction from Steve How Hard? in Dear Mel, Uncle Mel   
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    Carnero got a reaction from LeedsRam1999 in Dear Mel, Uncle Mel   
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    Carnero reacted to Ellafella in Derby County Vs Bournemouth Matchday thread.   
    Don’t believe it was effort ...it was about sharpness and a COVID / interrupted training hangover. Very fine margins in football. 
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    Carnero reacted to Rambalin in Abu Derby County   
    Tells you exactly what you already know but with a added bit of mock shock........like the shiek is not a direct cousin of mansour.... Which is everyone knows but apparently Derby didn't.. I don't think
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    Carnero reacted to IslandExile in George "Bobby Moore" Evans   
    He gets a lot of stick on here but that tackle tonight was a thing of beauty.
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    Carnero reacted to Monty in Derby County Vs Bournemouth Matchday thread.   
    Rooney interviews as a manager much better than he did as a player more insightful somehow 
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    Carnero reacted to Wistaston Ram in Derby County Vs Bournemouth Matchday thread.   
    George Evans, worst player in the league apparently. Pleased for him tonight. UTR.
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    Carnero reacted to DCFC1388 in Abu Derby County   
    I know people are saying the owners have been playing owners for free in terms of decisions but I very much doubt they have made the decisions.
    With them potentially buying us they would have been consulted as any changes would then change what they're buying.
    So Mel would have wanted to sack Cocu, hire McClaren & Rooney - he would have just ran it past the potential new owners too
    Makes sense to me
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    Carnero reacted to DCFC1388 in Abu Derby County   
    We dont need new owners to bring players in, the embargo is due to wages being paid.
    We have paid wages every month previously just not the month we expected the Sheikh to pay. Morris is now finding a way to free up or get that money and I would think if he is getting a loan it will be enough to cover the rest of the seasons wages
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    Carnero reacted to Orphanram in Derby County Vs Bournemouth Matchday thread.   
    Nod for the George Evans selection and George himself, he was very good and that save by Roos.
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    Carnero reacted to JuanFloEvraTheCocu'sNesta in Derby County Vs Bournemouth Matchday thread.   
    Shout out for Roos. Had a good game tonight. 
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    Carnero reacted to Mostyn6 in Dear Mel, Uncle Mel   
    Dear Mel, I hope this post finds you in good spirits. 
    I may have taken you for granted and neglected to show you gratitude and appreciation for your endeavour and dedicated commitment to my club, my second heartbeat, my beloved rollercoaster, Derby County Football Club. 
    In recents weeks, I’ve been facing the real, very real, and very cruel prospect of losing you and you leaving with an undeservedly negative legacy. 
    I have made no secret recently that I’d rather you stay, and secretly hoped this deal would collapse, and by current media reports, it has done so. 
    I attended Breakfast at Moor Farm, I was the bloke who said you shouldn’t have gone into the dressing room, your response, misjudging me, was that I expected you to spend all your money, but keep your mouth shut. You were wrong then and would still be wrong. 
    Many here can testify that my belief has ALWAYS been better plans, better coaching, better decisions, and never spend spend spend. I want players hitting 7/10 performances, not £7million signings. 
    So, let’s put all this talk of selling up behind us eh? Find your mojo, and re-engage that next level superbrain of yours and stick to what you was doing. 
    Most reasonable fans accept that we (you) can’t keep throwing money at the club, and accept that if there’s a period of cutting our cloth accordingly, then so be it, but with someone we know and trust doing it, and in position to enjoy the success when it comes! 
    in summary, please don’t go. 
    There are posters here that will point to their perceived errors they believe you have made, I personally think you’ve made good decisions for a few seasons now, that were great at the time. I will always think sacking McClaren twice ruined feelgood factor but I believe you know this. 
    Right, so what I want you to do is help fix this wages malarkey, help our Wayne fix our league position, then take your place at the head of the table and lead us to stability and success. DONT QUIT!
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    Carnero reacted to RamNut in Derby County Vs Bournemouth Matchday thread.   
    Maybe a few people will be tempted to recognise that he’s actually a decent player.
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    Carnero reacted to Millenniumram in Derby County Vs Bournemouth Matchday thread.   
    Much better than I was expecting to be fair. Not a game of high quality from either side really, but I think we deserve the lead based on our effort and attitude so far. So much better than Saturday, in terms of desire, work rate, and focus. 
    We’re playing the 3 at the back much better than we did under Cocu so far as well. Wing backs are pushed high, and most significantly the centre halves are carrying the ball out toward the half way line as well. Means we’re pushing up the pitch a lot more, and not ending up too deep. That’s the way to play 3 at the back if you don’t want to end up negative. Let’s see whether we keep it up now, or end up dropping too defensive because we have the lead.
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    Carnero reacted to David in Derby County Vs Bournemouth Matchday thread.   
    Defensive formation apparently. Ahem.
    I don’t think we’ve been at our best, but we’ve grown into the game. Deserve to be in the lead, apart from that Solanke chance early on they have offered nothing.
    That Evans tackle at the end of the half, love it, you see so many players lunge in, give a penalty away but stood solid, foot in right time and defused the situation. 
    Could easily have put 3 or 4 away. Need to make more of our chances in the second half, fully expecting to see Jack Wilshere at some point and he’s the kinda player that can come on and control the game.
    Bury them before he gets a chance.
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