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    Carnero reacted to Steve How Hard? in v Luton (h) Matchday Thread   
    Mighty quiet around here after a vital win and best performance in weeks. That result takes the pressure off Mondays game a bit. A draw would be a decent result now. Before anyone crucifies me, I'm not suggesting it's a free hit. 
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    Carnero reacted to Rev in EFL appeal   
    Young uns often miss subtlety.
    Fromage comes experience.
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    Carnero got a reaction from angieram in v Luton (H) - Predictions   
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    Carnero got a reaction from rynny in v Luton (H) - Predictions   
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    Carnero reacted to LeedsCityRam in v Luton (h) Matchday Thread   
    I'd like to see some evidence of Rooney learning lessons today. We dont need to 'match up' with Luton, the focus needs to be on creating chances & getting ahead early. That means we should definitely not be starting with Knight & Shinnie in midfield or with 5 defenders on the pitch. We are likely to have most of the ball & need to be proactive from the off. The longer the game remains goalless, the harder it'll be.
    My ideal line up to start;

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    Carnero reacted to maydrakin in NFL 2021 Season   
    Falcons are coming to the UK this October!
    Playing at Spurs against a team tbc
    The mad thing is that they have an extra away game this season, and this is their “home” game, so in effect they’ll have 7 home and 10 away games this season.
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    Carnero reacted to SouthStandDan in International Rams   
    Just had Chilwell on toast again. But but he's not good enough for Derby....
    Someone's going to take a training session one day and realise Jozwiaks main strength is taking players on.
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    Carnero reacted to Alpha in FSA survey on the use of VAR   
    One of the a few big reasons I don't watch football anymore. I don't know how anyone can like it. 
    It's the worst
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    Carnero reacted to Yani P in New management team required - NOW   
    So another BS apparently baseless story in of all places the Mail and some are quick to want to believe it..just reads as more click bait based an nothing at all by the looks of it.. same as the BS stories when he was playing..none of those stories were ever proven to have any foundation whatsoever yet regularly get quoted as if they were fact..not even shoddy journalism..its worse than that..
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    Carnero reacted to Ramarena in New management team required - NOW   
    Love this line, making it look like key players were sold from under him. 
    When in reality it was Evans, Whittaker, Duane Holmes and Kiade Gordon all of which he rarely played, with Gordon being the outlier because he was just a kid really.
    He also sent Marriott back out on loan as he didn’t want him.
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    Carnero reacted to Tamworthram in EFL appeal   
    I’ve enjoyed (most) of the puns as much as everyone but, something like 8 pages of increasingly desperate attempts is getting a bit tiresome now..
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    Carnero reacted to RedSox in Mel had a dream   
    Hinsdight is such a wonderful gift. 
    With access to the kind of money we had and trusting the recruitment team knew what they were doing, despite my modest intellect and experience of building businesses, I can't say I'd have done any different than to write the cheques based on the recommendations of managers & recruitment teams.
    It's so easy to look back at signings and lay blame at Mel's door.  There is a premise in business that the likes of Richard Branson subscribe to, saying that you empower people to make thier own decisions and learn from any resulting mistakes.  It may well be that this was Mel's error - trusting people to make the right decisions on recruitment and just perhaps, they have let him down.
    It's too easy to blame an exiting owner for past mistakes and without real inside knowledge, none of us can really be certain what happened.  Maybe he was too personally and emotionally tied in to the mission of getting us promotion, to be ruthlessly objective.  I doubt I would be able to avoid being sucked into the dream of my home town club getting to 'the promised land'.  Yes, he made mistakes and that has hurt us all - him included, let's not forget that.
    Of course, for those of you who have never made a mistake in life, have at it!  I can see why you may feel that he's brought this on himself and is the primary cause of our demise.  
    For me, I will always respect what Mel tried to do for the club.  In some areas, we've made massive strides.  In the key 'goal' of promotion, yes we failed.  That's life.  We're still here and in the cliched parlance, we go again (next year).  
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    Carnero reacted to Pearl Ram in Mel had a dream   
    My take on Mel’s tenure.
    Did he want the best for the club ? You bet he did.
    Did he surround himself with the best people to make that happen ? No
    Are we in a better or worse position since he got involved ? Worse.
    Do I hold any grudges or think negatively of him ? No, I would probably been as bad if I was in his position.
    It’s just sad we find ourselves in the position we are in, sad for Mel, sad for us.
    What is it that is paved with good intentions again ? I can’t remember.
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    Carnero reacted to Rev in Bucko to coach the U23s   
    Bucko's been involved in coaching since his early days.
    When he was at Mansfield a lifetime ago, he used to also help coach the under 16's.
    I know, because my mates son was one of those coached. 
    Don't mess about son, you're a defender. Head it, kick it, clear it and let others do their jobs ahead of you was his mantra, as it probably should be as a defensive coach for a small league two sides youth set-up, as an inexperienced coach.
    I don't believe he'd be the same way now, with all that experience behind him, both as a player and a coach.
    The remark about intelligence and communication skills comes across to me as snobbish, frankly.
    That's what most people from our area sound like, I've never heard or seen Jake interviewed and thought he's anything less than a humble fella, who's as honest as the day is long.
    If he didn't feel like he was a decent coach and able to impact his charges, he'd hold his hands up and go back to the building site.
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    Carnero reacted to Ellafella in Bucko to coach the U23s   
    If you’ve ever had the privilege of speaking to Bucko, you’ll know he is precisely the exact sort of coach/character you need about the place:
    1. An inspirational example of what you can achieve in the game if you apply yourself.
    2. Scored “that goal “ against Dogs & Dirties
    3. loves Derby County
    4. Understands the highs and lows of being a footballer
    5. Totally respected everywhere
    6. Will get the likes of Jordon Ibe ticking again like a mercurial Swiss clock. 
    Absolute no brainer. Pleased to bits he’s here. Suspect Nigel would’ve wanted him at Mansfield if he had a budget. 

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    Carnero reacted to archram in A loveless marriage   
    I so sympathise, Norman. My first game at BB in 1952 - don’t remember anything about it except seeing the flickers of lighters in th gloom. Went with my dad when he could afford to travel and buy tickets. Then we drifted apart, you know how it is, distance, time and finance.
    Tried again when I had 2 sons to initiate ( don’t think they’ll ever forgive me!) and went as often as we could afford. Reignited when I was able to take my 5 grandchildren but it got very expensive as their parents didn’t have the money to pay for them and, of course, you couldn’t possibly go to football without lunch at McDonald’s! And I then turned my partner’s 6 year old son into a Rams fan.
    Then moved away so couldn’t manage tickets and travel very often as the boys always wanted to come and health problems began to play a part.
    Then 5years ago I found myself in a position to have my first season ticket and with an easy train journey from Bristol renewed the love affair! I enjoyed the next few years as, although there were some rubbish times, I was so excited having a season ticket! And before the lockdown I managed to take my great granddaughter to a preseason game. So, I feel I will leave behind at least 8 descendants to love the Rams - I hope this wonderful club does enough to inspire them!
    And now? I wouldn’t have been able to go this season because of ill health but I still bought my season ticket and to begin with I was delighted to have Ramstv. Now it has become a burden as I can’t bring myself not to watch. You can’t demean a love affair that’s lasted almost 70 years, so think we must comfort each other in our twilight years.
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    Carnero reacted to uttoxram75 in Bucko to coach the U23s   
    I agree.
    He was a great example of someone who had to fight like mad to have a professional career, had to constantly fight for his place, never gave up, never moaned, just got on with proving people wrong and putting a shift in whenever called upon.
    He might just have a sound knowledge of what sort of attitude could help a lad to make it. Skil, technical ability, talent, whatever you call it, is not enough, you have to have the mental strength to take the knocks, lose your place, be criticised and be able to fight back, wait for your chance, work on your weaknesses. 
    Jake might not be a great manager but there is no reason why he couldn't be a great coach.
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    Carnero reacted to Olton Ram in EFL appeal   
    Just think that all these puns came from one simple spelling mistake. I'm sure that everyone will be typing more Caerphilly in future.
  19. Haha
    Carnero reacted to Van der MoodHoover in Jordon Ibe   
    Spot on. We're short of central defenders so a ball playing warrior will be invaluable. 
    We are on about Bucko aren't we? 🤣
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    Carnero got a reaction from Carl Sagan in Bucko to coach the U23s   
    Pat Lyons manages the U23s, isn't Bowyer just a coach?
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    Carnero got a reaction from SKRam in Gary Bowyer to take charge of Salford City until the end of the season   
    First time I've ever seen this happen, where a coach joins a different club as temporary manager and then returns to his original job at the end of the season!
    That may change if he does well for them though...
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    Carnero got a reaction from therealhantsram in Gary Bowyer to take charge of Salford City until the end of the season   
    First time I've ever seen this happen, where a coach joins a different club as temporary manager and then returns to his original job at the end of the season!
    That may change if he does well for them though...
  23. Cheers
    Carnero reacted to Waffle in Gary Bowyer to take charge of Salford City until the end of the season   
    Ole was on a temporary loan agreement from Molde. Very Manchester United...
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    Carnero reacted to David in Mental health and footballers   
    It’s the one year anniversary of lockdown, my theory is that a lot of anger and frustration from that is being vented through keyboards. 
    Patience is at an all time low as football, one of our outlets has been taken away whilst at the same time coincides with our worst season for a number of years.
    Context is completely lost, we’re seeing all that anger and frustration spew out.
    Frustrated myself, but I’ve found stepping away from the internet and social media, just taking the dog out can relieve that. Amazing what a bit of fresh air can do.
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    Carnero reacted to Ghost of Clough in New management team required - NOW   
    Year on year improvement under Clough. We finished the 12/13 season 10th with a strike partnership of Theo Robinson and Connor Sammon. You don't think we would have finished higher with Martin and Russell instead? Not forgetting we replaced Roberts with Fozzy and Legzdins with Grant.
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