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    Carnero reacted to GingerMourinho in Burnley Fans must be in dreamland   
    We are really lucky.
    I mean, we are unbeaten in 14.
    We have won 6 on the trot.
    We have won 10 of the last 14 games.
    We are the form home team.
    We are the form away team.
    We are the top scorers in the division.
    We have the best goal difference in the division.
    We have the top goalscorer in the division.
    We sold our three best players before the season started.
    Then again, we don't play #thederbyway
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    Carnero reacted to WilkoRam in Going Back to Square One   
    How many people were saying Johnson, Shackell and Ince weren't good enough at Christmas? If you were please just link to the post so I can read it and be sure this isn't just knee jerk scapegoating to any players who's currently under performing. Where are all the people who said we should get rid of Martin a month ago? Where are those comments now?
    This is a top group of players for this league. I rate the majority of the squad but they need a manager who will get the best out of them. Don't tell me it's all the players (and which players is subject to change on a month by month basis)
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    Carnero reacted to David in Going Back to Square One   
    Might be alone here but I don't think the signings are that bad, we've just not had a manager/head coach that has got the best out of them. 
    I would stick, one or two would leave I guess but making wholesale changes isn't the answer for me. This squad of players is capable of playing much better football than we've seen.
    Getting the permanent manager/head coach right is the most important item on the to do list. 
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    Carnero reacted to Yani P in Time for Mel Morris to protect Darren Wassall now...   
    I think we might be under estimating how shyte Forest are
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    Carnero reacted to GenBr in Time for Mel Morris to protect Darren Wassall now...   
    I disagree. Watching the highlights we looked a lot better than we did in almost every game under Clement - our players didn't look completely disinterested like they did with Clement and they actually moved about a bit off the ball. Yes the subs were a mistake, but I certainly don't think Wassalls tenure will be more damaging than Clements was - we actually looked quite good for large parts of the game. 
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    Carnero reacted to Ambitious in Time for Mel Morris to protect Darren Wassall now...   
    Wassall has done excellent work over the past seven years to make our academy one of the most exciting in the country and the U21s are showing fruit of that hard work currently by topping the second tier Premier League table. He was held in high esteem by most of the fans, yet less than 10 games in charge of the first team have seen him become vilified - emphasised further over the tactical suicide bomb at Rotherham.
    The timing couldn't be worse. Forest could be a huge nail in the coffin, not just for his first-team managerial career which ship has already sailed, but for his career and reputation at Derby going forward. 
    Wassall needs taking out of the firing line for next week - even if he's not replaced by the next permanent manager of this club. I just can't see him coming back from a loss against Forest in an already heated environment.
    I don't think it's appropriate for Wassall to be the one thrown under the bus and I hope something is done in the next week to ensure that's not the case. 
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    Carnero reacted to CumbrianRam in Get this idiot out now   
    Martin, Thorne and Ince are the only ones who cant be blamed for anything today!
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    Carnero reacted to RamNut in Get this idiot out now   
    don't lets turn this into a keogh bashing ffs.
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    Carnero reacted to wixman1884 in Get this idiot out now   
    It's funny. I don't think our net loss today is too bad - I mean, martin and ince on the scoresheet are huge plusses. 

    I'd liken it to, going to vegas, having a great time, winning $1000000, then leaving it on the bus. 
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    Carnero reacted to CumbrianRam in Get this idiot out now   
    Doubt it, DCFC twitter fans are the pits.
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    Carnero reacted to nottingram in Get this idiot out now   
    I know it will be forgotten, but we really did play so well for 80 minutes. The subs were strange but it's not Wassall's fault those goals went in.
    The reaction to Wassall when he came over to the fans was disgusting, and if Shackell has told Wassall to **** off then he himself can **** off as well. We signed him to stop this happening.
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    Carnero reacted to wixman1884 in Get this idiot out now   
    This thread is fascinating.
    I actually think people's response wouldn't have been as bad if we'd lost 1-0 and the entire performance was dross.
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    Carnero reacted to RIMBAUD in Get this idiot out now   
    If some of the players are as good as they think they are, then they should have the nous to see the game out, imo
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    Carnero reacted to RamNut in Rotherham United vs Derby County   
    Disappointed that ince is not on the left.
    no point finding something that works, only to drop it.
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    Carnero reacted to G-Ram in Karanka   
    He's the perfect fit to continue the good work of the previous models and derby county way.
    Basically a foreign paul clement... Pass the ball, recycle it, dont lose it, dont concede, win 1-0 every game. Look nailed on for promotion then capitulate. Sign him up 
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    Carnero reacted to Ramos in Karanka   
    Yeah i'd definitely take him ASAP if we can. Although if he is potentially leaving because the players desire is in question, then I'm not sure we are the right club for him! 
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    Carnero reacted to jono in Rotherham United vs Derby County   
    Zanzala .. A cracking name for the commentary team to shout when he scores 
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    Carnero reacted to G STAR RAM in 2 Young Guns in the Mix   
    Damned if he does and damned if he doesn't.
    If u21s start getting in the squad now it will be because MM said so.
    If MM stops sanctioning transfer he will be meddling with first team affairs.
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    Carnero reacted to RodleyRam in 2 Young Guns in the Mix   
    Disappoints me how many players were bought in at the expense of giving some of our young lads first team experience. Give me a hungry talented bench of Zanzala, Calero, Bennett, Hanson, Guy and Lowe over Bent, Baird, Warnock, Pearce et al any day of the week. Young players chomping at the bit give so much more energy and competition than a bunch of journeymen. I hope that we see a re-emphasis on youth over the next few months... Mel talks up the academy so much, stop sanctioning transfers of average has beens and give these lads a chance to force their way in!
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    Carnero reacted to deanoakaram4life in 2 Young Guns in the Mix   
    Calero should have been given the chance last season. He's ripping up the u21's
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    Carnero reacted to Alpha in Mel is not happy (Alan Nixon rumour warning!)   
    Any reason we're giving Mostyn grief in this thread when he's barely uttered a word. 
    RamNut, you've had the chance to ask Mel all the questions bugging you. I'm sure you could still find a way of contacting him? 
    I think Mostyn was quite confrontational over the dressing room incident. Got a little bit warmer in the room. Rammieib wasn't shying away either. 
    Don't think any of us came away accepting going in the dressing room was ok. 
    I'm hoping Daveo gives us permission to just ban people for ***** like this. 
    We were invited for breakfast. We went for breakfast. Some things we accepted, a couple of things we didn't. 
    The main talking point seems to be the manager change and the "we don't want promotion" misquote. 
    The manager thing... well there is a mixed reaction but when we try to back up the reasoning we get called stupid **** like Forum Elite or breakfast club. How many of us have applauded the decision to sack Clement?
    When we explain that nearly all of you were happy with his philosophy for the club in the summer we get ignored as people still continue to misquote "we don't want promotion". When we explain the reasoning behind his philosophy it's the Forum Elite ******** again. 
    Should we have gone down and refused to hear his side of the story? Would that have suited you more? Nah, Mel... let US explain to YOU why you sacked Clement. Stick our fingers in our ears and LaLaLa through it? When Mel said "Clement bought xxx" and xxx is **** should we be calling him a liar?
    I'm sure the forums newest crybaby collective would have gone down there and told him what's what eh? Stood their ground, abused him and return here to a hero's welcome. 
    It's funny because I've seen almost everyone at least disagree with some Mel's decisions still. But if you went to the breakfast and dare to agree with anything he's done then you're on the payroll according to the fine level headed (not like Newcastle at all) mighty Rams fans. 
    Imagine if the team were actually proper **** and the club was in financial trouble. What would the meltdown look like then? 
    Time warp back to 2014 please
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    Carnero reacted to RamNut in Mel is not happy (Alan Nixon rumour warning!)   
    Mostyn looked up from his plate of beans. Mel was staring intently. He felt like a rabbit in the full glare of the headlights. Then Mel spoke directly to him. Softly at first. His tone was calm and reassuring but persistant. Beneath that soft mellow exterior was the physique of a strong, firm and virile younger man. " ooh you're very impressive Mel" he stammered before immediately feeling the hot flush of embarrassment. He felt foolish but Mel smiled kindly and the feeling of anxiety subsided. "More beans Mostyn?" Mel purred. "Oh yes please Mr Morris" he replied, even though he didn't normally care for beans. For some reason at this moment there was nothing he wanted more. "Call me Mel" said Mel, " everyone does....everyone from the tea lady to the.....don't you Doris?". He called across the room to the lady serving the tea. "Yes Mr Morris" she replied." "You see Mostyn, we're all one big happy family here, and we want you to be happy too"." Ooh lovely" said Mostyn as Mel served him another big spoonful. Right there and then Mostyn knew that he wanted to spend the rest of his life supporting Mel in everything that he did. "But you shouldn't have gone in the dressing room" he blurted. Oh for goodness sake,why did he say that? what would Mel do now? Mostyn immediately felt ashamed for fear of offending his host. "I don't regret it Mostyn" said Mel staring back shamelessly and defiantly. He looked suddenly magnificent - both vulnerable and heroic. Impulsive yet decisive. "ooooh Mel" said Mostyn " you seem so......so big compared to me"."Together we can be even bigger" said Mel. "Yes, yes" Mostyn cried, not even noticing that he'd splilled beans all over his trousers.
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    Carnero reacted to Ninos in 2 Young Guns in the Mix   
    Judging by the display by the u21s at the iPro Friday night, not surprised to see Rory say:
    “I think one or two of them have put themselves in the shop window for the first team squad."
    All the players looked good but he must be thinking Zanzala and Calero. I'm of the belief that the sooner we get Zanzala in there the better - he is explosive and could be Derbys next big thing, while Calero has developed into a skilful Butterfield but with Bryson like energy. Stabana very strong too but at just 17 and with Christie in front of him we can afford to wait. 
    The U21s play with an attacking flair, sense of urgency, variety of ideas, and passion. Transfer that energy to the first team, Darren Wassall, and you'd have the ipro rocking. 
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    Carnero got a reaction from EssendonRam in Poll of the Day: Steve McClaren to the end of the season?   
    EX chef.
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    Carnero reacted to jono in Mel is not happy (Alan Nixon rumour warning!)   
    I don't think there is such a thing as a perfect club chairperson. Unless you support a wealthy, money in the bank, premier league trophy winning side that has players queuing at the door to join your club.
    so .. You know what .. i am delighted that MM is our chairman for all his supposed foibles. Yes we are at sixes and sevens at the moment and he probably does get a bit involved in some things that are better left to football people but so what, at least he cares about the club and has put money where his mouth is  ! We are in the top half of our league, we have won some games and there is hope for the future that things will improve. It is hope and ambition that fuel a good club and we have both. 
    Fans are just as bad at micro managing as any interfering chairman. At least ours has given us a stable club and we are not a financial basket case like so many wannabe clubs are these days. 
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