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  1. Sheyi Ojo

    Young man who likes the bright lights - Derby, 'Boro or Fulham. Hmm a tough choice.
  2. Which teams do you dislike and why?

    Can't think of any team I hate. I've no reason to hate one. Even Forest as they are just a team from down the road so there's always local rivalry. Used to hate Leeds back in the 70s but teams and clubs change and the original reasons for hating them disappear. Also I think age mellows you
  3. When football banned women

    Perhaps you need a holiday in Brest
  4. Jon Toral

    Agree entirely. Take a like. But please, we aren't American. It's sceptical.
  5. For size of city, are we one of the best supported clubs in England?

    To be exact the Boleyn Ground lay in Upton Park which was split between the two Hams. I lived in East Ham for a few years before moving to posh, leafy Woodford Green when I could afford it (couldn't afford it now)
  6. For size of city, are we one of the best supported clubs in England?

    Agree entirely but to be mega pedantic, Green Street has always historically been the boundary between West Ham and East Ham. And the Boleyn Ground lay in East Ham not West Ham.
  7. Jota

    And if he goes swimming he would be a water otter. Or a kettle as it's also known
  8. v Kidderminster Harriers Match Thread

    Sorry but what does this mean?
  9. Tom Lawrence

    Popped on here to read something about Lawrence and guess what? There's nothing about him. I wish the mods would keep posters on the right thread.
  10. Valentin Rongier

    Sorry but that goatee looks just like his pubic hair. Not I hasten to add that I know what that looks like
  11. Valentin Rongier

    Better than not having a leg to stand on.
  12. Sky Sports Changes

    Cue all the fish jokes again
  13. Jota

    Thought this was a Jota thread
  14. Keogh

    Struggling to identify what the rude word is that requires two asterisks. But agree with what's said
  15. favourite breakfast routine

    I wake up. And for that at my age I am truly grateful

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