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  1. Strange yearnings

    v Villa (A) - Predictions

    Villa 2 Us 1 Vydra
  2. Strange yearnings

    Where are you on the UK fat scale?

    25.4. Just scraped into the overweight category but way down on the average for my age. Oh for the days back in the 70s when I was a skeletal 9 stone with a 28 inch waist and a Zapata moustache with shoulder length hair.......
  3. Strange yearnings

    v Cardiff (H) - Predictions (Take 2)

    We 0 them 2
  4. Strange yearnings

    Ghosts, Curses , Jinx etc

    Agree. It's a load of cobblers. And you can add chakras to your list. Mine definitely need rebalancing.
  5. Strange yearnings


    I count myself so fortunate and blessed with my working life. Retired now (sort of) but spent many years working on British aid projects and some funded by the World Bank. Worked all over the world Far East, Middle East, the Caribbean but mainly in Africa. Went to places I would never have normally gone to such as Ethiopia, (the carved churches in Lalibela are unbelievable), Zanzibar, Kuwait. Was banged up ( wrongfully) in Sierra Leone. My area was records and information management and I helped set up a patients registration unit in Banjul (medical records were in a terrible state) and developed a rape support centre in Freetown just after the civil war. Am currently working on a prisoner biometric registration project in Nigeria to help decongest prison populations (inmates can be held in prison for years after their sentence has elapsed because no one can find their records at the prison or the courts or the police). All worthwhile and highly satisfying. Met some wonderful people, including a larger than life Madam Pussy who ran a restaurant near Freetown and the menu, instead of saying Starters or Hors d'oeuvres, said Madam Pussy's Openings! Also drank an alarmingly huge amount of different beers all over the world. Happy times.
  6. Strange yearnings

    Rowett - In or Out? - mk 2

    Having watched Derby for over 60 years I can take all these highs and lows. High expectations, disappointment, success. Been there many times over the years and can't quite work up the same level of excitement now. I just hope that we can somehow come good and clinch promotion this year
  7. Strange yearnings

    Beer Thread

    A 660ml bottle of Guinness Foreign Extra. From Nigeria at 7.5%. Hate Guinness stout, too bitter for me but Foreign Extra is sweet and strong and meant to be chilled. Got used to it working in Africa. Lovely.
  8. Strange yearnings

    National Pecan Day

    It's that Scottish nut for me - Macadamia.
  9. Strange yearnings

    Fun Make a case for the opposite

    Ooh I'm a mugwump on this matter
  10. Strange yearnings

    v Burton (A) - Predictions

    Burton 2 Derby 1 Vydra
  11. Strange yearnings


    Macron has said that he has absolute proof that Assad used chemical weapons. Of course that doesn't fit in with the views of many on here so obviously he's lying
  12. Strange yearnings

    Live games 2017/18

    Don't beat around the bush eddie, say what you really feel.
  13. Strange yearnings


    Thanks GR. Hope we meet up one day. For a few years in the 90s I worked on post-conflict projects after doing my HEAT training (Hostile Environment Awareness Training). Got arrested in Sierra Leone as a spy in 1990. Will be off to Baghdad in the autumn to carry out two weeks training. No doubt Syria will be in the offing. Off to the pub now to watch the Rams
  14. Strange yearnings


    So did I! Well what a small world. Though I was there for only a short period in 1970 and again in 1995, the first on holiday the second on a British aid project. Got hooked on Chateau Musar from the Bekaa valley!
  15. Strange yearnings

    The not invincible Man City discussion

    Here in east London, judging from the shirts of kids knocking a ball around in the park, Barcelona appears to be well supported, after West Ham of course

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