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  1. Scunthorpe Utd. Derby County can we end this now?
  2. My nearest team. A mug of Bovril in the bar at half time. You don't get that at Chelsea.
  3. It's 50 years since I worked in the local history library in the Wardwick but I recall that the date on the drainpipe at the top said 1611 though there was always debate whether it said 1677. Looked more like the latter to me. Wonder if it's still there. Also of interest is the fact that the black and white half timbered cladding is fake and not original. It was put on in the 1930s. There are (or were) lots of photos of the plain brick pub in the 1920s and earlier. I remeber the pub well from my mod days in the 60s it was one of the pubs where we met up, the others were the Seven Stars and the Dolphin
  4. Oh. It wasn't a compliment.
  5. Do posters really bother about the number of likes they have? Seems a little pathetic. And David, are you using a photo of Jason Statham?
  6. Hmm wonder what Man City, Man Utd, Liverpool or Everton think of that
  7. Er . I haven't indicated I'm surprised. I'm just intrigued from your posts that you appear to think that Martin is some sort of super striker
  8. Is RoyMac5 actually Chris Martin himself? Or just got a bromance going with him
  9. Always rated him when he was with Peterborough. A natural striker
  10. Or Rapper beard My beard It's quite impressive It's sending you a message I'm gonna make your hairy dreams come true My beard You know you want it Now baby it's time to get on it Girl don't be afraid cause I am bringing my beard to you
  11. Unless he meant 'ripey' if the beard smelt a bit high.
  12. Ah. Saw what you did there. Make it Everton then
  13. Which is the odd one out and why? Liverpool, Portsmouth, Blackburn, Scunthorpe, Blackburn, the others contain parts of the body
  14. A few more What did Cecil Chubb the lock millionaire give to the nation in 1918. a) Cheddar Gorge b) Stonehenge c) Peak District National Park. b) what of Thomas Edison is held in the Henry Ford Museum in Detroit. a) cuttings of his pubic hair. b) his eyes. c) his last breath c) how far can a pumping human heart squirt blood. a) 30 feet b) 20 feet. c) 10 feet. a)
  15. What have the following countries in common? Japan, Nepal, Seychelles, South Africa, US Virgin Islands, Indonesia, Cyprus they all drive on the left