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  1. Forget working on tactics and shape, can we spend some time working on controlling the ball? Every first touch is a pass to a Leeds player
  2. Considering form and time between games, I’m not sure we’ll have a tougher run this season. I’d have been happy to come out of it unbeaten so I’m not going to grumble at 7 points out of 9. That we’re disappointed at not taking maximum points is an encouraging sign. Some of the football building up to the goal and immediately after was as good as you’ll see and I think after our performances over the last week we’ve shown ourselves to be genuine contenders. Hopefully there will be plenty of people putting an arm around Bogle’s shoulder. A really poor error but it could happen to anyone and it would be be a shame to see it ruin his development
  3. Surprised to see Forsyth dropped. I’ll admit I’m blinded by his form during Mac1 but I still think he’s the best left back we have at the club Hopeully Bennett bags a goal as it will do wonders for his confidence and Marriott to play the second half to give him a chance to establish himself
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