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  1. Are you for real? A patched together side consisting of U23s and U18s, missing the majority of our most promising U23 players, who have probably only been playing together properly for a a few days, get “spanked” 2-0 by Chorley and we’re a laughing stock? Slightly hyperbolic response to a game I’m pretty sure most fans had written off as nothing more than a good opportunity to see how the youth get on.
  2. It was rhetorical, not that I'm suggesting we're now lighting up the league playing irresistible football... but before this it was very bad. In fact we were so cack before I don't think any manger was going to come in and transform us into something we're not. We have to start offering more going forward, but it's easier to convert draws into wins than it is losses.
  3. How we were playing immediately before Rooney was made the sole manager?
  4. If you look at the period Rooney was a United player, 2004-17, there really weren't many academy graduates who established themselves in the Premier League top 6 sides. Harry Kane and Marcus Rashford spring to mind, but even then that was towards the tail end. Other than them I can't think of many more who are top, top players. Jack Wilshere could have been if he wasn't destroyed by injuries. I think that was a period where the top sides would almost exclusively spend on players from other clubs and foreign imports. It's only been more recently where there's been a greater emphasis on pro
  5. Yeah, I know what you mean. Unfortunately I think that's down to a combination of a lack of composure, brought on partly by the pressure of the situation we find ourselves in, and poor decision making. There's so many players in the Championship who maybe have the technical ability to play at a higher level, but their decision making is severely lacking - Holmes and Lawrence being prime examples. When two of your main creative outlets seem hell bent on choosing literally any other option besides even the most obvious of passes/shots then you're always going to be in trouble. Which is why
  6. I think Rooney's definitely benefitting from having a genuinely fit Bielik, being able to play a target man and, ironically, not having to shoehorn himself into the side (for the record, I still think he's a good player at this level). That and potentially being able to select Ibe are luxuries Cocu didn't really have, if we can assume CKR wasn't fit enough to start during his time. Having said that, we're clearly playing more directly, with more freedom and getting players in the box. But, most importantly, and having being critical of Cocu's constant chopping-and-changing, Rooney's rotat
  7. I think free speech is misinterpreted a lot of the time, especially in this country. You are free to voice your opinions, whatever they may be, but that doesn't mean you have a right to be accommodated by others who disagree with your stance. So, you can boo taking the knee from your own home, or on the street, but a football club has every right to chuck you out or ban you if you they interpret it as racist, the same as you can be thrown out a pub if you're being offensive towards other customers. Anyway, for anyone claiming the Millwall fans weren't booing because they're racist, they'
  8. Relatively pleased with that line-up, and considering the opposition the changes make a lot of sense - maybe Wazza is more logical than he appears. Would be nice to get a glimpse of Ibe today. He’ll probably be brought on in the 88th minute when we’re 1-0 down. That’s probably being optimistic though.
  9. Doggystyle, while getting mercilessly shafted by none other than himself!
  10. Absolutely, you can't fault his attitude. Watching the Wycombe and Coventry games he was always talking and encouraging everyone around him and that's exactly what we need. This squad isn't lacking in quality, not to the extent where we should be bottom of the table, but when you're in a rut you need grafters, leaders and players with heart who are up for the fight, and CKR is exactly that kind of player. And, in fairness, he isn't exactly lacking in quality himself.
  11. Agreed about Jozwiak, but I’m guessing he’ll be first on if we’re not winning. I think he was going for more height and strength against Wycombe, at least across the back line, so changes were inevitable. Bielik coming in is most likely because he’s looking ready now, more than anything else. As much as everyone, myself included, criticised Cocu for tinkering, it’s fairly essential we rotate considering the number of fixtures this month.
  12. Reading this it seems the case is slightly different from someone making false claims of racism for their own gain. The FA concluded Clattenburg didn't make a racist comment, but Ramires had "acted in good faith" by reporting it. As alluded to in the article, English isn't Ramires' first language either, so it's possible he misheard. My argument being that it's very rare for anyone to completely fabricate racist abuse if they 100% knew it wasn't true. Obviously it's inexcusable to knowingly make these kind of false accusations. The major difference here is Terry was charged by the FA
  13. The problem with Billy's 'us against the world mentality' is the reality was far closer to 'the entire world's against Billy'. He's like a mad, paranoid, red-faced goblin who spends his entire day peering through the curtains/watching CCTV footage because he thinks there's government officials parked outside his house/bunker watching him. As he keeps trying to explain to Gladys, the bemused checkout lady at Kwik-Save, they're trying to steal his thousands of handwritten notebooks containing all of his mind-blowing revolutionary tactics in attempt to stop him becoming the self-proclaimed King o
  14. Break into the stadium during another crowdless match day, throw my season ticket onto the pitch in protest then later insist on receiving a full season's refund.
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