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  1. Great news! Could not be any more deserved - love him!
  2. Erotic City being Derby, of course. There must be something in the water if we can turn Paul Jewell into a porn star.
  3. At the moment I can only see him leaving for Everton or United, and fortunately (for us) I think Everton will stick with Ancelotti for at least another season because 1) he's doing an okay job and 2) he'll be bloody expensive to sack this early into his contract. With United, Solksjaer's doing a decent-ish job and trying to build something, so unless they finish outside the top 4, I reckon they'll persist with him. After that point, as has already been mentioned, I'd see United going with someone experienced. Easy to forget how young Rooney is for a manager, he could have half a decade of experience under his belt and he'd be the same age as when Lampard first ventured into management. The big clubs will be watching but I think they'll be more interested to see how he develops over the next year or so before making any moves - see how he does with a pre-season, permanent signings etc. As for Premier League sides further down the ladder, I would hope that Wayne has enough sense to realise that turning Derby from a bottom of the Championship side unable to score, let alone win, into a top flight team would be a much, much bigger achievement than taking over Burnley and returning them into a solid mid-table side (which they already have been).
  4. Sometimes in a relegation battle it does. I can't think of many teams who are bottom, six points from safety, a third of the way into the season manage to dig themselves out of it playing silky football. If you have the players capable of doing that so effectively then it's unlikely you'd ever sink so low. Cocu's approach was slower, more methodical but far less ugly and I just don't think we have the players who are good enough to play that way and we lost all the time. If you have quality throughout the team then you can impose your way of playing on other teams, you don't have to resort to playing it ugly against Wycombe, Boro etc., you can out-football them. We can't. The players aren't good enough. I think if we tried we'd probably lose. I don't want to get relegated trying to play the right way, I'd rather stay in the division doing whatever we have to do to win. Then next season, when relegation isn't looming, we have some new players in and there's less pressure's off, we can try and play the right way. I also don't think we set out to play out-and-out hoofball, a more varied physical game certainly, but it seems like the players just didn't execute what Rooney wanted them to do.
  5. The haunted look of a man who just accidentally walked in on his dad showering.
  6. Devastating news for us and him, he'd worked so hard to get back and was fast becoming easily our best player, but also one of the best players in the division. Can't believe this has happened again in a position that always seems so crucial to how we play. I really hope he's not out for the whole 10 months and he's able to return the same player he was. All the best Krystian!
  7. I think it's easy to forget just how hard players like Rooney work, and how professional they are. At his peak he was tireless, always a team player but had the aggression and bite to succeed in a battle... along with being one of the most technically gifted players this country has produced. I feel like this is really coming across in how his team players, and I really wasn't expecting it but on reflection it makes total sense. I love how black and white he seems to be - you either work hard and fight, or you don't play, 'none of my first eleven are leaving' etc. He speaks in definitive terms, but I absolutely believe him. Even when he commented about the possibility of relegation, he was "100% certain" we'd not get relegated. That's a proper winners mentality and you'd expect the players feed off of that. I was a bit worried because as a player towards the end he seemed laboured, but I suspect that's a combination of his age, playing the way Cocu wanted (and to be fair, the whole team looked lacklustre) and maybe losing that hunger he once had. But in management it's a new start and he has to prove himself all over again, and he strikes me as someone who thrives when he's proving people wrong.
  8. Not sure the new owners are going to approve of their new song
  9. The sunglasses suggest ITK and sharing top secret info... or they're hiding a pair of lying eyes.
  10. Edmunson's coming back from a hernia op so I imagine he won't be match fit for a bit. Baningme might not be thrust in immediately and we'll wait to see how Bird copes first. I'm hoping from some parallels with Thorne's time on loan.
  11. Oh, I though somebody mentioned yesterday he had 18 months left. Could help with the wages if there's no fee then - hopefully we use him more effectively/more than Boro.
  12. I would think we'd have a reasonable chance of signing Edmunson and Baningime permanently come the end of the season. Rangers seem to be covered at CB, and I'm not sure he has a a future there going by their fans' comments, and the Everton lad doesn't seem like he's near enough the first team considering his age, so could be ready for a move away. I reckon Roberts would depend more on a takeover and whether we have the cash, as I think City would want to recoup a decent chunk of the £12m they spent, and his wages demands would be higher. I'd be surprised if Gregory's anything more than a short term fix to get us through the rest of the season, I reckon Rooney would have other targets come the summer, but you never know. We'll just have to see how they do... hopefully really bloody well!
  13. Out of all the players we’ve been linked with he’s easily the most exciting, but I think the other are all necessary, even if they aren’t glamorous.
  14. He has Championship experience, and he’s a good option off the bench or in case Kazim-Richards gets injured. I think it’s a better option than playing the kids up top who would just get bullied. I actually think Roberts is the signing to hopefully get us goals/create chances. The striker is purely back-up.
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