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  1. Take us up B4 you Coco. Wham!
  2. I'm not a singer, but do enjoy hearing the South Stand in full voice. Whilst out walking the dog this old song came into my head and it falls beautifully into the mood of the moment. The old Harry Belafonte song morphs very easily into Either " Theres a Hole in Your Bucket, Beee-Elsa, Beee-Elsa" or if Leeds might be paranoid about the spyware thing, the Hole becomes Mole. No effort needed, and I think the South could do good things with that! It'll make make day if it filters through on Saturday. COYR.
  3. Sorry to say it, but we just don’t have the balls!
  4. Nearest I can do, sorry> https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/will-hughes-macho-dressing-room-culture-makes-it-hard-to-open-up-ml7mhr8kx
  5. Nice double page interview with Will in the centrefold of The Times, today
  6. It’s struck me for a couple of months that we have stopped moving forward to receive the ball. When the opposition do move forward, they intercept and we are left dangling the leg. I don’t really know whether this is a confidence issue, but it gets me agitated when it could so easily be addressed. Lamps should not be asking Keogh to play out from the back. As a defender I like him, but playing out under pressure is not his forte.
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