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    YouRams reacted to Stive Pesley in Nick Blackman   
    So we've signed Blackman? Wouldn't have happened under Nigel Clough
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    YouRams reacted to Penelope Pendrex in Nick Blackman   
    I think this signing makes perfect sense. I've said since the start of the season that we need two more wide-men and I'm surprised we've managed to get 2nd without that.
    Perhaps this signing allows Weimann to be a central striker like he wants to be. We have enough wide players now that he doesn't need to be used out wide where he's clearly not suited.
    I see us primarily sticking with 4-3-3 and then having our main options as this:
    LW - Russell, Camara
    RW - Ince, Blackman
    ST - Martin, Weimann, Bent
    One thing that I take from the above is that we now have serious pace. A frontline of Camara, Weimann, Blackman is extremely quick. Maybe Clement will look to deploy it when we're up against teams that will have a go at us, giving us the opportunity to absorb pressure with our excellent defence and then counter attack. Give the ball to Thorne or Butterfield and then hit a long diagonal to one of our new runners.
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    YouRams got a reaction from dajstrawb in Nick Blackman   
    I will never class myself as an overthinker again, thank you! 
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    YouRams got a reaction from DCFC90 in Nick Blackman   
    I will never class myself as an overthinker again, thank you! 
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    YouRams reacted to Srg in Nick Blackman   
    Is a picture with the guy holding the shirt not enough to convince you or something?
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    YouRams reacted to Animal is a Ram in Nick Blackman   
    For those looking at Blackman's record before this season.
    Wasn't the same being said about Martin? Granted he came for free..
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    YouRams reacted to HeyHudson in Benik Afobe   
    Trouble is, if we sign him we'll only have to go and sign the updated version three days later.
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    YouRams got a reaction from Rampage in Was their second goal offside?   
    Defence just admired both goals either way 
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    YouRams got a reaction from Alpha in Middlesbrough v Derby County   
    If a defender is done for pace and is trying to sway a decision you can see why some do it. But a lot of the time if they played to the whistle they could get in position and make a challenge. It's a gamble that doesn't always pay off, I know what I'd be coaching my players anyway. 
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    YouRams got a reaction from Alpha in Middlesbrough v Derby County   
    It's a bad trait a few of our players have that needs ironing out quickly. One of the first things you learn as a kid is play to the whistle, nothing frustrates me more than seeing them stop waving hands in the air.
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    YouRams reacted to Rev in Middlesbrough v Derby County   
    While at the game, I thought Keogh was immense, particularly that great block he made on the edge of the box.
    However, watching their 1st, why doesn't he step in front of Adomah and block the pass, he had plenty of time to, but instead stands to his side appealing for offside.
    Keogh must have thought he'd be offside regardless, so why wave him through?
    Maybe I'm being harsh, but it doesn't look good on the highlights!
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    YouRams got a reaction from Alpha in Butterfield   
    Great player, his footwork on the ball is incredible. Lost count the amount of times I've thought he's going to lose it and he just dances himself out of trouble. 
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    YouRams got a reaction from Inverurie Ram in Middlesbrough v Derby County   
    Can't blame clement IMO regardless of formation we were sloppy in possession in the second half and got punished. Still a very long way to go, Boro will have some slips along the way let's hope we're still on there tails when they do. 
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    YouRams reacted to TheDeadlySaul in The Wristslasher Thread   
    We've lost every game in 2016 #ClementOut
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    YouRams got a reaction from Ninos in Leeds United v Derby County   
    Id hate to see the stat on how many times Hendrick has given the ball away tonight, that worldy goal is masking a shocker of a performance 
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    YouRams reacted to Carl Sagan in Granty   
    Tonight was the clincher. A keeper has to do the basics well and then the best goalies distinguish themselves by some extraordinary stops.
    Last season Grant's blunders cost us numerous goals at key times. I was overjoyed we brought Carson in and more than a little worried that some were saying Grant should still be number one. After a shaky start for Grant this season, when he came back in he has performed fine as a number 2 replacing the injured main keeper.Not as good as the main keeper but adequate for the short term. Carson may have saved one or both of Brighton's goals but at least Grant was being solid and dependable. But then tonight...
    I thought Grant had stopped the crazy punching habit (often into his own net) but instead he went to punch a freekick he could have caught. If you're going to punch, you go for height and distance - instean he punched it down into the attacker's head. When as a keeper you've made a bad mistake like that, you retreat to your line and rely on your defence to deal with it - instead he chases after the ball out of his own penalty area. I can honestly say I've only ever seen that before in under-10s football when kids still have no idea what they're doing. Keogh saved him with an incredible block. The Leeds player chipped a gentle ball into the six yard area as Grant back-pedalled. He could probably have caught it. At least he could have simply tipped it over the bar, and we'd have regrouped. Instead he patted it down at the feet of a forward for a tap-in.
    Really it was the type of sequence of events that would make anyone think there was a lot of money in the Far East on the game being level at half-time. There are blunders but that was the worst continuous 30 seconds of goalkeeping I've seen.
    If Carson is fit for Boro it's a very east decision indeed for Clement to bring him back. Sorry, Graty, but I really hope Carson is fit for Boro.
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    YouRams reacted to ossieram in Leeds United v Derby County   
    I noticed them laughing and joking as they came out
    Cellino and his brown envelopes
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    YouRams reacted to ossieram in Leeds United v Derby County   
    The substitutions made all the difference tonight.
    The way leeds changed the ref at half time for one that wouldn't book any more of their players was a touch of genius and it showed the way they got the first 7 freekicks of the 2nd half.
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    YouRams reacted to Leicester Ram in Leeds United v Derby County   
    The state of the goals we conceded, it was like we had the defence from the end of last season playing...
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    YouRams reacted to Srg in Leeds United v Derby County   
    No Shackell, no party. 
    Ps Grant is an absolute ******* wankstain. 
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    YouRams got a reaction from bigbadbob in Sky banned from Elland Road   
    Thought she died? 
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    YouRams got a reaction from TomBustler1884 in Sky banned from Elland Road   
    Any tickets left? Won't begrudge paying so much if its not on the box. 
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    YouRams reacted to ossieram in The Fawaz Circus 2015   
    Not bleating, just pointing out that using the word embargoed as an excuse for being crap doesn't wash when you brought it on yourselves. We can spend because we are so much bigger than you and our income p1sses all over little clubs like yours.
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    YouRams reacted to ossieram in Solly March   
    I stay till the end just in case any opposition players need booing.
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    YouRams reacted to SaintRam in Super Paul Clement   
    I do enjoy his interviews. I can't quite find the way to explain why but I think most of you will have seen/heard it. Like on Rams Player when Gibbo came in talking about Ince specifically and PC wanted to talk about the team and the win. It seems like a very normal thing to do, sat here typing this, but most managers let the interviewer carry the conversation. Just a little thing, I guess, but it just adds to how well I think he comes across.
    The amount Clement says "no" (or at least a response that goes against a leading question, or highlights a question as a bit stupid) in his interviews is quite refreshing, in a weird way. 
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