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  1. FFS it was a friendly All it’s about is away fans to get a weekend on the lash and the teams up to speed. good luck for the season. Was speaking to Derby at SWG3 last night they were blown away with the venue/tunes Good lads
  2. Auctioneers in the city centre Pubs all over Glasgow will be jumping because it’s the start of the holidays Louden tavern outside Ibrox underground tommorow Edit to say there’s a republican March going through the city centre today with loyalists out protesting against it. should be fun 🙂
  3. What’s that on your dogs nose mate ?? 😉
  4. Frightening Its been a heatwave all week and to be pissing down all weekend typical.
  5. Dono mate European game on Thursday but it’ll be strong he was raging after drawing with Blackburn.
  6. Saturday is all about streetrave at SWG3 mate It’ll be absalutely jumping.
  7. 100% go to the Louden tavern across from the ibrox underground Derby fans will be more than welcome and has a massive beer garden even if it’s pissing down it gets covered. Loads of Rangers bars on PRW but get off at kinning park .Grapes,blue star,orange halls,union bar,NN10,viceroy,the district,belrock. If you have kids head for the Wee Rangers club it’s a 2 minute walk to the Derby end and it’s right next to where the away buses park good big bar plays the tunes and brilliant function room downstairs or if you want to see a flute band head for the orange halls cheap drink and a local band will be playing. Enjoy
  8. Some Rangers fans are wanting this pulled for trying to get Gerrard. He came out yesterday saying he’s not motivated with money and fully concentating Rangers winning the league.
  9. Can’t go wrong up sauchiehall street mate. Or if you fancy Rangers boozers with a cracking atmosphere go to the louden,blue star club,orange halls, grapes the union bar wee rangers club or NN10. Personally I’d go to the louden good tunes and a cracker of a beer garden 2 mins from the ground.
  10. Your getting the away corner plus BF5 think it works out at 2500
  11. Get yerself to Streetrave on the Saturday mate party of the year proper tunes hoaching with stunners and 36 hour session 😉
  12. Ref running the line with the union flag..quality.
  13. We’re stealing it when we win the league next year. The plastics stole it from the scousers anyway so it’s all good.
  14. Full line ups on the Streetrave Facebook page Pure oldkool it’s gonna be some weekend.
  15. Anyone coming up for the weekend ? Can point you in the direction of boozers that will have the party tunes on and flute bands if that’s what your after. And if there’s anyone that used to be into proper old skool circa 89 and looking for something on the Saturday night Streetrave are having a 30th birthday party with the likes of adamski and soul 2 soul playing that is going to be unreal. Youll be made more than welcome in any Rangers boozer on paisley road west pity lampard is leaving he got a amazing reception up here the last time All the best
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